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Moving to Southampton

Moving to Southampton – Exploring Life on England’s South Coast

When it comes to choosing a new place to call home in the UK, the picturesque towns and cities along the south coast are often at the top of the list. And one city that consistently shines in this category is Southampton. In fact, it’s not just us saying this – the city’s popularity is backed by research. According to a recent study by Which?, Southampton ranks among the most sought-after coastal towns to buy a home in Great Britain.

What makes Southampton so special? Let’s take a closer look.

Situated along the stunning southern coastline, Southampton is a vibrant, dynamic city by the sea. It’s not just any coastal city; it’s a bustling international port, home to a globally renowned university, and the economic heart of Hampshire.

This unique blend of qualities makes Southampton an irresistible destination for professionals and commuters alike. Commuting between Southampton and London’s Waterloo station takes just 90 minutes, making it a dream for those who work in the capital but desire a more relaxed coastal lifestyle.

Steeped in history, Southampton has been a hub for international trade for over eight centuries. The city’s iconic landmark, the Bargate, still proudly stands as a testament to its rich heritage. The echoes of centuries of global commerce seem to resonate through every corner of 21st-century Southampton.

But what truly sets Southampton apart is its ability to reinvent itself time and time again. The city has continually evolved to meet the demands of the modern world. The result? A vibrant, diverse, and energy-filled city that celebrates its past while embracing the future.

If you’re considering a move to Southampton, you’re in good hands. Schepens is the local removals experts with over a century of experience in providing stress-free relocations, whether it’s within the city, across the nation, or around the globe. We know Southampton inside out and take immense pride in sharing our local knowledge with professionals, students, and families who are contemplating a move to this wonderful city.

Southampton Snapshot

  • Population: 952,000
  • Average Age: 34
  • Average Salary: £37,837
  • Average House Price: £247,649
  • Average House Rent: £1379 per month
  • Main Train Stations: Southampton Central (SOU), Swaythling (SWG), Redbridge (RDB)
  • Closest Airport: Southampton (SOU) Airport

Where Exactly is Southampton?

Southampton is situated on the South Coast of England and serves as a major gateway to the English Channel. It’s the largest city in Hampshire, making it the economic hub of the county.

One of Southampton’s most distinctive features is its coastal location. The city is situated along the shores of the Solent, a narrow strait that separates the Isle of Wight from the English mainland. This position on the coast provides residents and visitors with stunning views of the sea, as well as providing access to plenty of water-based activities.

Where Exactly is Southampton?

Southampton is known for its bustling ports and harbours. The Port of Southampton is one of the busiest and most important in the UK, handling a wide range of cargo and serving as a major embarkation point for cruise ships heading to various destinations around the world.

Proximity to Other Cities:

  • To the east, Portsmouth, another historic coastal city, is approximately 20 miles away.
  • To the north, Winchester, the county town of Hampshire, is about 13 miles from Southampton.
  • To the west, the beautiful New Forest National Park is within easy reach, offering a contrast to the urban landscape of the city.

How Safe is Southampton?

Southampton’s safety profile is a mix of positive and concerning aspects. While some areas in the city are known for their safety, others present higher crime rates. The Coxford, Redbridge, and Millbrook policing area, including Lordshill, and Regent Park to the west of the city centre, have the highest recorded crimes in Southampton.

To address these challenges, Southampton City Council has initiated a Safe City Strategy, which runs from 2017 to 2027. This strategy aims to create a safer and more independent environment for residents, workers, and visitors.

The collaborative effort involves several key stakeholders, including Hampshire Fire and Rescue, Southampton Clinical Commissioning Group, and law enforcement agencies, to reduce crime rates, combat antisocial behaviour, address substance abuse issues, protect vulnerable populations, and curb youth crime.

Best Places to Live in Southampton

Each of these locations in Southampton offers a unique living experience, catering to various lifestyles and preferences, from the modern and vibrant atmosphere of Ocean Village to the tranquil family-friendly surroundings of Bitterne Park, the academic environment of Highfield, and the upscale suburban charm of Bassett.

Ocean Village (Central)

1. Ocean Village (Central)

Ocean Village is an attractive waterfront district, offering a unique blend of modern living with stunning views of the marina and the Solent. It’s known for its upscale apartments, excellent dining options, and a vibrant social scene. With a range of amenities, including shops, bars, and leisure facilities, it’s perfect for those seeking a contemporary urban lifestyle with a touch of luxury.

Average house price: £271, 268 (Zoopla)

2. Bitterne Park (North East)

Bitterne Park is a popular residential area known for its green spaces, including the beautiful Riverside Park and access to the Itchen River. It offers a quieter, more suburban living experience while still being conveniently close to the city centre. This area is known for its sense of community, schools, and recreational opportunities.

Average house price: £287,420 (Rightmove)

Highfield (North)

3. Highfield (North)

Highfield is known for its leafy, residential streets and its proximity to the prestigious University of Southampton, which adds energy to the area. It is is well-connected to the city centre and offers a mix of attractive period properties. Highfield is a preferred choice for academics, students, and professionals due to its educational facilities, cultural diversity, and well-maintained housing options.

Average house price: £271,306 (Zoopla)

4. Bassett (North West)

Bassett is an affluent and leafy suburb characterized by spacious, upscale homes and ample green spaces. The area is home to Southampton Common, a large park perfect for outdoor activities and relaxation. With a variety of well-regarded schools, including the coveted King Edward VI School, Bassett is a prime location for families seeking quality education and a peaceful environment.

Bassett (North West)

Average house price: £341,874 (Rightmove)

Transport Links in Southampton

Southampton has an extensive and well-connected transportation network, making it a convenient city for residents, commuters, and travellers. Here are the main transport links in Southampton:

Roads and Highways:

M27 Motorway: Southampton is connected to the M27 motorway, which links the city to Portsmouth to the east and Bournemouth and the Dorset coast to the west. It provides easy access to major road networks, including the M3, A3, and M25 for travel to London and other parts of the country.

Rail Services:

Southampton Central Station: This is the primary railway station in the city and a major transport hub on the South Coast. It offers direct services to London Waterloo, Bournemouth, and many other destinations. The efficient train services make commuting to London and other nearby cities convenient, with a journey time of approximately 90 minutes to London.

Bus Services:

Bluestar and FirstGroup: These are the primary bus service providers in Southampton, offering an extensive network of routes that connect the city with its surrounding areas.

Ports and Ferries:

Port of Southampton: As one of the UK’s busiest ports, Southampton is well-connected to the Isle of Wight and other international destinations through a range of ferry services. It’s a significant gateway for cruise ships and cargo transport.

Air Travel:

Southampton Airport: Located just a short distance from the city centre, Southampton Airport provides domestic and international flights, making it a convenient choice for air travel. The airport connects Southampton to numerous European cities.

Don’t Miss This in Southampton

Southampton offers a unique attractions catering to a wide range of interests. Here are five different types of attractions that you should definitely visit:

  • Maritime Heritage. The SeaCity Museum is a treasure trove of Southampton’s maritime history. It’s a must-visit attraction for those interested in the city’s seafaring past and its connection to the Titanic. The museum houses an interactive Titanic exhibition, which provides insight into the tragic voyage, as well as offering exhibits on Southampton’s role as a major port.
  • Historic Landmarks. The Tudor House and Garden is a beautifully preserved 15th-property that offers an evocative glimpse into Southampton’s history. Visitors can explore the timber-framed building, period rooms, and a walled garden. It’s a unique opportunity to step back in time and experience the city’s Tudor heritage.
  • Nature and Wildlife. Mayflower Park is one of Southampton’s remarkable network of green spaces. It’s a perfect place for relaxation and enjoying views of the waterfront. The park is also home to an array of wildlife, and it’s an ideal spot for birdwatching and peaceful walks along the riverside.
  • Cultural Events. Southampton hosts various Music Festivals and Cultural Events throughout the year. Common People Southampton, Let’s Rock Southampton, and Seaside in the Square are just a few examples. These events celebrate music, art, and culture, providing residents and visitors with a taste of the city’s vibrant creative scene.
  • Shopping and Dining. Westquay Shopping Centre is one of the largest shopping centres in the region. It offers a unique shopping experience with a wide range of high-street and luxury brands. Additionally, it features a variety of restaurants and dining options, making it a one-stop destination for shopping, entertainment, and dining in the heart of the city.

Moving to Southampton? Schepens Can Help

If you’re considering moving to Southampton and you have found your new home, Schepens can help with your removals to Southampton. With over 100 years’ experience in removals, our family-led business can guarantee a stress-free move to your new home.

Our move co-ordinators will project manage your move for you, providing packing services – should you require them – and ensuring safe transit for all your goods. Schepens also provides local storage facilities to support your move.

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