Moving to Paris from UK

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Moving to Paris from UK

Schepens Can Help With Your Move to Paris From UK

Known as the ‘City of Light’ (La Ville Lumière), Paris is one of the most visited capital cities in the world and a highly popular place to live in France. British expats have always favoured Paris as a pivotal business hub within Europe; as well as delighting in its rich culture, art, history and endlessly romantic beauty.

Schepens have over a century of experience in European removals and we regularly ship to all major cities in France. Everyone’s moving experience differs – but here are 5 tips that’ll give you a better idea of what moving to Paris is like.


1. Learn French!

Although the number of people speaking English in Paris has certainly increased, clients’ advise to set aside some time to study the language. Start by learning the basics and your experience of moving to France will be heightened; it’ll certainly become more accessible to communicate with locals – both on a business and personal level.

2. Start Job Hunting in Advance

Hearing from our clients’ past experiences of moving to France; the job seeking process in Paris is slow-going and requires patience. It’s not uncommon for the application and job interview process to take up to six months. Start looking for jobs sooner rather than later, ideally even before your move to France.

3. Dress to Impress

Paris is a very elegant city. Dress to impress – especially in business settings where a professional appearance is highly valued. You’ll notice a variety of trend setters, fashion icons and dress styles when the Parisian streets. Don’t feel overawed and dress to your style – but recognise this is a culture that appreciates a good fashion sense.

4. August Time

August is the most tranquil month throughout the year in Paris. The locals enjoy heading south for their vacances. Restaurants, shops and bars close for the month, and at an instance, the city falls peaceful. Spend time snapping photo after photo of the characteristic lanes; wandering around Marais, the Latin Quarter, and even the quieter streets of Il de la Cite.

5. Give Yourself Time & Patience to Adjust

Just like any other major change, moving to France requires time and space to adjust. Don’t be surprised if you’re not completely settled in 3 months – after your move to Paris from the UK. Understand that it may take anywhere from a year to feel entirely comfortable with the neighbourhood, city and language in Paris. The process is certainly something that doesn’t occur overnight.

Bespoke Removals to Paris

Our removals to France team appreciate that moving overseas is a very different challenge to re-locating within the UK. We know that it’s a logistical challenge which is why we always allocate a dedicated Move Co-ordinator to each client. They will help you to schedule, decide on the services you require, and keep you on track.

We know from experience that no two move are the same, that’s why we don’t offer standard removals packages. Instead we ask you to tell us what your requirements are so that we can create a bespoke removals package to suit your needs.

We offer a range of services, including:

• Packing – our BAR trained professional packers can pack up your home, carefully label each box and create a detailed inventory.

• Insurance – your goods will be insured during transit. If you require additional Accidental Damage or Extended Liability cover, we can provide this.

• Non-Standard Goods – if you’re planning to move musical instruments, fragile antiques or fine art to France, we can arrange bespoke packaging and shipping.

• Storage – if you want to store goods or furniture in the UK, Schepens provides secure, local storage facilities. We offer a flexible door-to-door service.

• Removals Vehicles – Your goods will be shipped in one of our state-of-the-art removals vehicles which maintain a constant temperature and humidity, run on air ride suspension and boast an adjustable bearing system, which ensures little or no movement of vehicle content.

Second-to-None Customer Service

We take great pride in our outstanding level of service offered by our professional removals to France teams. Client feedback has evidenced that our service is “first class”, “outstanding and professional” and “warm and friendly”. Every team member knows that Schepens removals ‘go the extra mile’, ‘take the strain out of moving’ and ‘work effectively’ to make moving easier for clients’.

We service all of France

Schepens run removals to and from all major towns, cities and areas of France including: Paris, Dordogne, Languedoc, Charente, Bordeaux, Limoges, Toulouse, Nice, Lyon, Brittany, The Alps, Perpignan, Montpellier, Normandy, Marseilles, Lille, Loire, Rouen, Nancy, Dijon, Nantes, Brest, Grenoble, Burgundy, Valence, Toulon, Provence and many more. We also regularly perform removals to Versailles from the UK.

If you’re planning on moving to Paris from the UK, call Schepens today on 01794 323558. We’ll create a tailored package of services to support you.