Moving to Lisbon from UK

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Moving to Lisbon from UK

Lisbon is currently being described as the ‘new Barcelona’ because of its amazing climate, nearby beaches and ancient cobbled streets. The city is one of Europe’s oldest capitals. Before being conquered by the Portuguese in the twelfth century it was under Roman, German and Arab rule. The mix of cultural influences is still evident in the architecture, the food and the music. This cosmopolitan mix makes it a hugely popular tourist destination.

Lisbon is currently the destination of choice for British millenials who recognise the potential of the booming gig economy and appreciate the lower cost of living. Portugal is also a favourite with retirees who enjoy the mediterranean climate and the proximity to the UK. Both groups enjoy the charm of the souk-like old town, the individuality of the shops, and the wonderfully diverse culture and cuisine.

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Choose Schepens for Your Removals to Lisbon

Whether you’re a retiree chasing the sunny weather, or you’re looking for a new start in a vibrant youthful city, having an experienced removals partner can make the process of moving to Lisbon from UK less stressful. Schepens has been providing removals to Portugal for over a century now. We’re a family business, with lots of experience in European removals, and we know Lisbon well.

How do we achieve stress-free, successful European removals to Lisbon? By appointing a dedicated Move Co-ordinator to every client. They will help you to create a detailed ‘Removals Plan’ detailing every deadline you need to hit. They’ll create a detailed quote for you early on, and help you to decide which services you want supporting your move.

Schepens for Lisbon Removals and Storage

At Schepens we know that our movers want their goods and furniture arriving on the day they move into their Lisbon property. We ship to Portugal numerous times each week which means that we can guarantee flexible scheduling to align with your plans. We can also offer a range of transportation options to suit your budget.

Whatever stage of your life you decide to make the move to Portugal, you’ll need to consider what you’ll be taking and leaving behind. Your Move Co-ordinator will ask, early on, whether there are any non-standard items you wish to transport. We are specialists when it comes to moving antiques, artworks and musical instruments. You may also have goods you want to put in storage and we can schedule a door-to-door storage service for you.

Portuguese Residence Permit

At present UK citizens are able to live in Portugal for 3 months in order to find work or set up a business. Once you have a job you have the same rights as Portuguese workers. After 3 months you’ll need to apply for a registration certificate. UK retirees don’t need a visa to settle in Lisbon at the moment, but they do need to register as a tax payer in Portugal.

The Cost of Living in Lisbon

Many people moving to Lisbon from the UK are attracted by the lower cost of living in Portugal. The rent in Lisbon tends to be around half of equivalent properties in London. If you’re looking to buy, a 2 bedroom apartments costs, on average, 150,000 euros. A two bedroomed house in the city costs around 200,000 euros. Eating out in the local tascas can cost as little as 7 euros for seriously good food.

Healthcare in Lisbon

Public healthcare across Portugal doesn’t get a good press. If you’re moving to Lisbon from the UK, private healthcare highly is recommended. Information about healthcare insurance providers in Portugal is now becoming more readily available and banks are a good source of information. The good news is that most healthcare professionals in Lisbon speak fluent English.

A Range of Schepens Services

Many of our clients moving to Portugal have little or no experience of moving abroad. Working with a company experienced in removals to Lisbon helps enormously with the challenges that crop up along the way. We know that your removals requirements will be unique, which is why we create a bespoke removals plan for each client. Your Move Co-ordinator will discuss a range of services with you, including:

  • Packing – This is a cost-effective way to relieve your removals stress. Our BAR trained removals teams provide professional packing, detailed labelling and the creation of a comprehensive inventory. If you would prefer to do your own packing, we’ll provide you with professional packing cartons and materials to help out.
  • Insurance – all removals to Lisbon are fully insured. For extra peace of mind we can offer additional cover such as accidental damage and extended liability.
  • Storage – we have secure, fully managed storage facilities across the UK. We can arrange a door-to-door service for any goods you would like to store.
  • Removals Fleet – Your goods will be shipped in one of our state-of-the-art removals vehicles which maintain a constant temperature and humidity, run on air ride suspension and boast an adjustable bearing system, which ensures little or no movement of vehicle content.

Moving to Lisbon from UK Road TrainSchepens provides a blend of international removals experience with valuable local knowledge. Our removals teams will know your destination well, and be able to offer advice and support. We’re proud of our excellent track record when it comes to removals to Portugal. We know that comes down to highly professional employees with appropriate skills, knowledge and a can-do attitude.

Furniture Removals to Portugal

Schepens organise removals to and from the major towns, cities, and areas in Portugal, including: AlbufeiraAlgarveAlmada, Amadora, Amora, Aveiro, The Azores, Barreiro, Beja, Braga, Braganca, Carvoeiro, Cascais, Castelo Branco, Coimbra, Estoril, Evora, Faro, Fatima, Guarda, Guimarães, Lagos, Leiria, Lisbon, Madeira, Obidos, Parede, Portalegre, Porto, Santarem, Setubal, Sintra, Tomar, Valença Do Minho, Viana do Castelo, Vila Nova De Mil Fontes, Vila Real and Viseu.

Lisbon is one of the most laid-back cities in the world. Make sure your move gets you there ready to chill in the sun. Call us today on 01794 323558 to talk about moving to Lisbon from UK.