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Moving To/From Sweden

Sweden is a highly successful country known for its pristine natural environment, friendly people, and rich culture. It also has a reputation for being well-governed and for having a strong economy. Sweden attracts thousands of migrants each year, particularly from the UK. Most people come to Sweden to study, work, or retire.


If you are moving to/from Sweden this year, make the process easier by using a company that specialises in Sweden residential removals — like Schepens. Our team of professional removers performs many Sweden removals each year and enjoy visiting this incredible country.

Each removal is managed by one of our skilled move coordinators. They will help you through the entire removals process, ensuring that you have your questions answered and understand what is going on with your cargo. They can also complete any customs paperwork on your behalf and provide you with advice on living in Sweden. They make moving to Sweden simple.

This guide will share some information on moving to/from Sweden. We’ll also explain why Schepens is the #1 choice for UK to Sweden removals.

Tips for moving to/from Sweden

Here are some useful tips for moving to Sweden:

Decide if you need a residency permit

Currently, British citizens have the right to enter Sweden without a VISA. You will only require a valid British passport. As a citizen from a European Economic Area (EEA) country, you will also have the right to study, work and live in Sweden. However, both of these arrangements may change after Brexit occurs on the 29th of March 2019.

After Brexit, UK citizens will probably need to apply for a residency permit if they intend on staying in the country for longer than 90 days. To obtain one, you must be over 18 and have a family member living in Sweden or have the ability to support yourself.

If you want to become a permanent Swedish citizen, you will have to stay in Sweden for at least 3-5 years, plus have an unblemished criminal record and a stable financial situation.

Gather the items you need to prove your identity

You will need to collect proof of identify including your passport, drivers license, marriage certificate, and birth certificate. This will make it easier to apply for permanent residency, rent a property and to register with the Swedish Population Register.

Sign up with the Swedish Population Register

If you intend to stay in Sweden for a long time, you will need to obtain a Swedish ID number (Personnummer) from the government. This ID number helps you access social services, obtain a bank account, rent a property, and perform other types of financial transactions. Any UK citizen who is working, studying, or self-sufficient can obtain an Personnummer.

Find a job

The Swedish economy remains one of the strongest in the EU. It has a low unemployment rate, high GDP per capita, and generous working conditions. It is a fantastic place to find work. The best places to find employment in Sweden are The Swedish Public Employment Service and Employment fairs including CHARM, Handelsdagarna, and Career Days.

Only pack what you really need

Moving internationally does involve a lot of work. Make the process easier by discarding, giving away, or donating any possessions that you rarely use. Have a thorough audit of clothing, books, and other personal items to get rid of items that you haven’t touched in years.

Moving to/from Sweden

Join social and sporting clubs

Swedish people are friendly, but they aren’t particularly outgoing — so you might find it difficult to make new friends. One useful solution is join social and sporting clubs. You will meet new people a lot faster and make some friends.

Useful resources for moving to Sweden

Why Use Schepens for House Removals to Sweden?

Schepens is a leading European removals that handles many Sweden removals each year. The main reasons to choose us include:

Our company is experienced, trustworthy and reliable
Schepens has been going strong for over 100 years. We are a family owned operation with a reputation for honesty and trustworthiness. Our talented ream will move your cargo to Sweden efficiently and safely.

Customer service is our top priority

We attribute the long term success of our company to the excellent customer service that we provide. Each client is treated with great respect and appreciation.

Very affordable Sweden residential removals

Schepens is a large company with the ability to negotiate excellent rates with our suppliers. We pass those savings onto our customers, making us an affordable option for UK to Sweden removals.

Our Sweden residential removals are secure

All of our Sweden removals are performed with a very tight level of security. We use security alarms on our vehicles, electronic inventories, and security-checked staff.

Part load removals are available

Schepens offers clients part load UK to Sweden removals. A part load removal involves multiple clients sharing a cargo container or removal vehicle.

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Schepens currently perform international removals to all the major towns in Sweden, including Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo, Uppsala, Vasteras, Orebro, Linkoping, HelsingborgJonkoping, Norrkoping, Lund, Umeå, Gavle, Boras, Skara and Sodertalje.

With a new depot located in Jönköping we are perfectly positioned to help with the logistics of your move throughout Sweden

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