Moving to France from the UK

Moving to France from the UK | Removals & relocation to France

Moving to France From the UK

Thousands of people are moving to France from the UK each year.  One of the most common reasons for relocating to France is to sample the French culture and enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle

The country is famous for its incredible wine, art, food, music and beautiful natural environment.  This blog post will give you some important information moving to France from the UK.

About France

France is perfectly located in Europe, sharing borders with Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Andorra, Italy, and Monaco. One of the main advantages to relocating to France is the close proximity to other countries — it is the perfect base for exploring all of Europe.

France has a population of approximately 66.3 million people and a total area of 643,801km2 (248,600 sq mi). That is a very similar population level to the United Kingdom (64.5 million people), within a large geographic area. France is famed for it’s beautiful natural environment and for having some of the world’s most important cultural sites.

There are currently 4 ways to relocate to France on a more permanent basis:

  • Temporary residence permit — Valid up to one year.
  • Skills and talents residence card – for people with specific skills that benefit the French economy, available for up to three years
  • Resident card — for people interesting in relocating to France for longer periods, valid for 10 years and conditionally renewable
  • Retired residence permit — useful for people interested in enjoying France during their retirement.  Valid for 10 years and renewable.

In the past 150 years, France has built a strong tradition of welcoming immigrants from around the world.  The French government sees cultural diversity is a crucial part of the country’s continuing success.  The French welcome thousand of UK citizens each year.

Some useful resources for anyone interested in moving to France from the UK:

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Some of the reasons people move to France from the UK include:

Moving to France from the UK for the Culture

France has a rich and diverse culture influenced by many other countries.  Art is valued highly in France and some of the world’s best galleries are in Paris.  Some of the world’s best theatre, concerts and musicals can be enjoyed in France.

Moving to France from the UK for the Food and Wine

The French have a rich culinary history and have been producing the world’s finest food for many decades. Most people only get to enjoy French food during their holidays, but living in France allows you to enjoy it everyday — delicious French bread, French Cheese, croissants, French coffee and crepes. The French are also the world’s leading wine makers and very high quality wines are available for a reasonable price if you live in France.

Moving to France for Better Work Conditions

Workers in France have a 35-hour work week with any additional work being charged at overtime rates.  Workers also benefit from five weeks of paid leave per year and there are 13 bank holidays.  If you are on a low income, the government even helps you pay your rent.France also has a robust social welfare system and a strong education system.

What is The Best Way to Move to France from the UK?

Transporting your own possessions across international borders can be a difficult task. Not only can packing your delicate possessions safely be time consuming, but you run the risk of having an accident during a very long trip through unfamiliar territory. It is for this reason that most people hire an international removals company to help them move to France.

One of the best international removals companies in the UK is Schepens. Some of the advantages of choosing Schepens including:

  • Years of experience handling removals to France
  • A packing service is available, so you can let professional movers pack your possessions appropriately, using sturdy packing materials
  • Schepens has experience dealing with French customs rules and regulations
  • They are fully insured.  All workers, vehicles and your possessions being fully covered during the journey.
  • Professional international removals companies like Schepens has specialist vehicles designed to safely carry delicate items for long distances
  • They use professional movers trained to British Association of Removers standards

If you are interested in moving to France from the UK, call Schepens today on 01794 323558 to discuss your requirements with their friendly staff