Moving to Copenhagen From UK

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Moving to Copenhagen From UK

Looking for Stress-Free Relocation to Copenhagen?

Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen, is experiencing a surge in popularity. In the last two decades alone, its percentage of international residents has soared from 13.9% to 22.9%. And if you’re considering joining this exciting trend, you’re in for a great experience! Copenhagen offers excellent housing, world-class transportation (especially for cyclists), a widespread fluency in English, diverse and welcoming neighbourhoods, an exceptional quality of life, and world-leading safety and cleanliness.

At Schepens Removals, we understand moving to Copenhagen from UK can feel overwhelming. That’s why we’ve created this guide to simplify your relocation. With our expertise in Scandinavian removals, we’ll promise to shoulder the stress. In this blog, we’ll look at the exciting possibilities the city offers, securing your ideal home (even with the challenges!), what to look forward to in your new city and much more.

Voices from Copenhagen – Movers Share Their Experiences

Moving to a new country is an adventure, filled with excitement and challenges. Hear directly from some of the people we’ve relocated to Copenhagen over the years:

Olivia (English, lived in Copenhagen for 2 years) – Winters here are all about ‘hygge’. Think twinkling Christmas markets, outdoor ice skating, and cosy nights in with candles, family and friends. It has a magic the UK somehow misses.

Thomas (English, lived in Copenhagen for 5 years) – Don’t worry about making mistakes early on. From mispronouncing street names to jumping the queue without meaning to, there’s always a new cultural difference waiting to trip you up. It’s humbling, but it keeps things interesting.”

Anna (Danish, returned to Copenhagen 1 year ago) – Danes might seem reserved at first, but they’re incredibly kind. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or strike up a conversation. A little effort goes a long way in building friendships here.

George (English, lived in Copenhagen 18 months) – There’s no way you’d get me on a bike in London, but here it’s completely different. There’s a proper infrastructure for cyclists and you feel safe cycling around the city. I’m a complete convert.

Why Copenhagen? Discover the Allure of Denmark’s Capital

If you’re considering an international move, Copenhagen consistently stands out as a top destination. Here’s why:

Denmark’s strong economy translates to high average salaries (ranked 6th worldwide). Expect a comfortable lifestyle and financial security.

Experience a city where clean air, pristine waterways, and a robust recycling culture are the norm. Copenhagen’s focus on sustainability means a healthier living environment for all.

Feel confident communicating with ease. With a remarkably high percentage of English speakers, you’ll never be lost for words while settling in.

Enjoy peace of mind in one of the world’s safest major cities. Low crime rates, safe infrastructure, and a lack of natural disasters create a secure environment for you and your loved ones.

Embrace the ease and joy of cycling in a city designed for it. Copenhagen’s extensive bike network promotes a healthy, eco-friendly way to get around.

Global surveys consistently rank Copenhagen among the world’s best for overall quality of life. This translates to a balance of high standards of living and personal well-being.

Benefit from world-class healthcare, education, and amenities. Denmark’s strong social system ensures your essential needs are met with excellence.

Understanding Work Visas for Your Move to Copenhagen

Navigating visa requirements is a crucial part of making your move to Copenhagen a success. UK citizens can stay in Copenhagen for up to 90 days without a Visa. If you intend to work in Copenhagen, you’ll need to apply for a Work Visa and Residence permit.

How to Apply for a Danish Work Visa

1. Start with SIRI. The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI) is your official resource. Their online portal guides you through the application process, which can be done by you or your employer.

2. Choose Your Work Visa Scheme. The right scheme depends on your job and salary:

  • Pay Limit Scheme – Designed for high earners (minimum salary of DKK 465,000 annually).
  • Positive List – Ideal for professions in demand in Denmark (e.g., doctors, engineers). Check the updated list on SIRI’s website.
  • Fast Track Scheme – For those with offers from SIRI-certified companies, offering faster processing and flexible permits.

3. Complete the Online Application. SIRI provides step-by-step instructions. Remember, there’s an application fee.

It’s a good idea to start your visa preparations early, as the process can take some time (15-45 days). Gather all necessary documents, including your passport, job offer, and any other requirements specified by SIRI. For the most up-to-date information, guidance, and application procedures, always refer to SIRI’s official website.

Navigating the Copenhagen Housing Market

Finding the perfect place to live in Copenhagen can be one of the most challenging aspects of your move. Be prepared for high prices, potential language barriers, and the need for thorough research to ensure you’re getting a fair deal.

Understanding Rental Terms

In Denmark, rental apartments of all sizes are called “lejebolig.” They can be furnished or unfurnished. Even unfurnished options typically include a functional kitchen with appliances. Your landlord will require proof of legal residency and an employment contract.

Be Prepared for Upfront Costs

Many landlords in Copenhagen ask for significant upfront payments. It’s common to pay three months’ rent in advance plus an additional three months’ rent as a deposit. Be aware that some apartments may come completely unfurnished, adding additional expenses.

Where to Search

Popular websites for finding housing in Copenhagen include:

Don’t overlook the power of Facebook groups and expat communities for leads.

Where to Call Home – Finding Your Perfect Copenhagen Neighbourhood

With your housing search underway, you’ll need to decide which part of Copenhagen best suits your lifestyle and needs. Here’s a taste of some popular choices to guide you:

Finding Your Perfect Copenhagen Neighbourhood

Nørrebro. Nørrebro offers an eclectic mix of cultures, budget-friendly housing, international cuisine, and a central location.

Vesterbro. Looking for a hip, urban vibe? Vesterbro is home to the Meatpacking District, buzzing with hip cafes, bars, and some of Copenhagen’s best nightlife.

Indre By (City Centre). If you want to be at the heart of the action! This is the area with top attractions, shopping, and endless dining options at your doorstep.

Østerbro. A popular choice with families thanks to its many parks. Areas of waterfront, and family-friendly activities.

Valby. Escape the stress of city streets while still being close to the centre. Valby’s residential atmosphere, and a mix of old and new architecture offer a sense of community and a true taste of Danish life.

Why Copenhagen Life is the Good Life

We’ve hinted at it, but let’s take a closer look at why Copenhagen consistently ranks among the world’s best for quality of life. Here’s what makes it special:

Copenhagen sets the standard high when it comes to work/life balance. Offices usually empty before 5pm, employers recognise the value of their employees’ time, and you get a generous five weeks of paid vacation. It’s a place where achieving balance is a priority and that means not taking work home with you, weekends being your own, and family being very much part of the equation.

Music festivals, arts celebrations, culinary adventures, sports events, Copenhagen’s got it all. From the renowned events like Distortion and the Copenhagen Jazz Festival to pop-up arts festivals and spontaneous waterfront gigs, there’s always something exciting going on in this outward looking harbour city.

Why Copenhagen Life is the Good Life

The great outdoors always beckons in Copenhagen. Whether it’s a dip in the harbour after work or evening cycling and walking, there’s always an excuse to be outside in the summer weather. Boating and fishing are popular, and stunning forests, lakes, and fjords are just a short trip away – usually reachable by public transport!

The Cost of Living in Copenhagen

Moving from London to Copenhagen can offer some financial breathing room. Overall, consumer prices (excluding rent) are slightly lower in Copenhagen. The real savings come in housing, with rent prices significantly lower than London’s notoriously high rates. While groceries and dining out might cost a bit more, your higher purchasing power in Copenhagen can offset some of the difference. Let’s break down those numbers in more detail…

Here are the kinds of prices you can expect in Copenhagen:

  • One-way Ticket (Local Transport) – £2.76
  • Monthly Pass for Public Transport – £74.80
  • Meal for 1 at an Inexpensive Restaurant – £17.26
  • 3 Course Meal for 2 at a Mid-Range Restaurant – £92.06
  • Domestic Beer in a Bar (.5 litre) – £6.33
  • Cappuccino in a Café – £5.06
  • Litre of Milk – £1.57
  • Loaf of Bread – £2.76
  • A Dozen Eggs – £3.78
  • 1 Kilo of Chicken Fillets – £9.04
  • 1 Bedroom Apartment in City Centre – £1,406 per month
  • 1 Bedroom Apartment Outside City Centre – £1,050 per month

All prices sourced at Numbeo

Your Stress-Free Copenhagen Move Starts with Schepens

We understand that every international move is unique. That’s why Schepens assigns a dedicated move coordinator to guide you through the process of moving to Copenhagen from UK. They’ll tailor a plan specifically for your needs, ensuring an easy transition to your new Copenhagen home.

Your Stress-Free Copenhagen Move Starts with Schepens

Here’s how Schepens make removals to Copenhagen stress-free:

  • Expert Packing. Our BAR-trained teams handle your belongings with the utmost care, offering flexible packing options from full-service professional packing to specialist item support.
  • Peace of Mind Coverage. Your goods are insured during transit, and we can arrange additional coverage for accidental damage or extended liability, giving you that extra layer of security.
  • Specialized Handling. From delicate pianos to precious artwork, we have the expertise to safely pack, transport, and deliver even the most non-standard items.
  • Flexible Storage. Need a place to store your belongings before or during your move? Schepens offers secure storage facilities with convenient door-to-door service.
  • Safe and Secure Transport. Our state-of-the-art removals vehicles are equipped with air-ride suspension, and adjustable bearing systems to minimise movement, ensuring your belongings arrive in perfect condition.

Second-to-None Customer Service

“They were communicative, friendly, professional and replied very fast. If I ever have to make another international move again (let’s hope not) I will definitely be using Schepens again. I couldn’t recommend them more.”


Let Schepens take the stress out of your Copenhagen relocation. Contact us today for your personalised moving plan – 01794 323558