Moving to Brussels From the UK

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Moving to Brussels From the UK

A couple of decades ago, Brussels had a reputation for being a city full of bureaucrats. Nothing could be further from the contemporary image it shows to the world. This vibrant, cosmopolitan city is a popular destination for British expats because of its proximity to the UK, its relationship to the rest of Europe, its culture and its multiculturalism.

As host city to NATO and the EU Parliament, Brussels is a great locations for Brits looking to work in Europe. It’s home to numerous multinational companies and a predominantly young workforce hungry for experience. Clients who have relocated to Brussels tell us it’s a great city to meet people from across the world, and that there’s a terrific energy that comes from living in a cultural and parliamentary European hub.


Applying for a Residency Permit

EU citizens don’t need a visa if you’re moving to Brussels from the UK, but you will need to register with the local Town Hall in order to start the process of applying for a Residency Permit. You’ll be required to present your documentation, and this will be followed by a house visit to check you do indeed live where you say you do. Your Residency Permit provides you with a ‘national number’ which allows you to apply for health insurance.

Belgian Healthcare Insurance

Registering for Belgian healthcare insurance can take between three and six months, so it’s a good idea to use your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) as a bridge. The insurance service provides you with reimbursements on payments for medical expenses (around 30%), and there are specialist English speaking providers. There is a six month period before you’ll qualify for reimbursements, even after you have insurance, so this needs to be factored in.

Looking For Somewhere to Live in Brussels

Most expats rent, in the first instance, so they can get the lay of the land and decide where they want to live. Your landlord will usually ask for a two month deposit and it will be kept in a joint account which will need both your signatures to retrieve it. You’ll be required to take out fire and flood insurance before the landlord hands over the keys.

Schooling in Brussels

If you’re planning to stay in Brussels for a while, and your children are primary school age, you’ll probably want to enrol them in a local school. This is a great way to integrate with your local community, and your child will learn a second language. For shorter stays, or older children, there are a number of international schools offering the UK curriculum, taught in English.

Schepens Works With Families Moving to Brussels From the UK

Schepens has been moving families to Brussels for over 100 years now, and we know the city well. We’re a family-run business that treats every client as a unique individual, and our goal has always been to reduce the stress and anxiety of moving. With this in mind, we allocate a dedicated Move Co-ordinator to each client, who will manage your quote, develop your moving schedule, and support you every step of the way.

We know that every move is unique, which is why we create a bespoke moving package for clients, based on their specific requirements. Schepens ships regularly to Brussels which makes scheduling your move easy, and we’re able to offer dedicated, or part-use containers, dependent on your needs. We have an extensive range of professional moving services for you to choose from, including:

  • Packing – our BAR trained professional packing team will pack your home, label all your boxes, and create a detailed inventory.
  • Insurance – your goods are covered by insurance whilst they’re in transit. Should you wish to take out additional policies such as Accidental Damage, or Extended Liability, we can arrange cover.
  • Storage – should you need storage in the UK, Schepens has local fully managed facilities. We can arrange for a door-to-door service.
  • Non-Standard Items – if you have any particularly valuable items, artworks, antiques or musical instruments, we can arrange bespoke packing, transit and insurance.
  • Removals Fleet – Your goods will be shipped in one of our state-of-the-art removals vehicles which run on air ride suspension and boast an adjustable bearing system, which ensures little or no movement of vehicle content.

moving to brussels from ukWe Go the Extra Mile For Movers

We take great pride the service we offer to our clients. Feedback from clients on our removals teams includes comments on the way they proactively solve problems, their willingness to go the extra mile, and their detailed knowledge of the removals destination. We invest in the professional training of our teams and we’re always delighted to hear that they make a real difference to the moving process for clients.

We perform residential removals to many parts of Belgium including; Antwerp, Ghent, Charleloi, Liege, Brussels, Bruges, Schaerbeek, Namur, Anderlecht and Leuven.

If you are planning a move to Brussels, and you’d like to know more about how our professional removals team can support you, call us today on 01794 323558.