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Moving to Bergen

Relocating to Bergen

Bergen, Norway’s second-largest city, is a popular choice for UK professionals who find themselves drawn to the Norwegian way of life. Situated amidst stunning fjords and the rugged western coast, the city offers a blend of Norwegian culture, a diverse population, and a lively atmosphere. Moving to Bergen provides the opportunity to experience a unique lifestyle where natural beauty co-exists with a thriving city.

Schepens has a century-long history of providing Bergen removals. Many of our past clients, who initially relocated from the UK for work, have found a permanent home in Norway. We asked them for their advice to help others considering a similar move. Here’s what they had to say:

Don’t worry too much about the language barrier. Most Norwegians speak excellent English, and many companies use it as their working language. I’d still recommend taking some classes – it helps with day-to-day life and shows respect for the culture.

– Emily J., Software Engineer

Bergen is known as the ‘city of rain’, and for good reason! Invest in a quality raincoat and waterproof shoes – they’ll be your best friends. If you love seafood, you’ll be in heaven – Bergen has some of the freshest fish in Norway.

– Dr. Thomas P., Marine Biologist

Getting around Bergen is easy. The Bybanen tram is super convenient, and even areas further out have good bus connections. If you’re a keen cyclist, consider an electric bike – those hills can be tough!

– David M., Renewable Energy Specialist

Check out for apartment listings. Look for a west-facing place if you can – you’ll appreciate the extra sunlight in the evenings. Also, be aware that driving in the city can get expensive due to tolls, especially if you don’t have an electric car.”

– Sarah W, Software Developer

Calculating the Cost of Living in Bergen

Norway’s reputation for a high cost of living is well-deserved. However, a deeper dive into the numbers provides a more accurate picture, especially for those relocating from the UK. Let’s take a detailed look:

Price Comparison Tools.

Websites like Numbeo are fantastic for comparing everyday expenses across cities for analysing Bergen’s costs side-by-side with London for categories like groceries, restaurants, rent, and utilities.

Key Takeaways

While some items like groceries will likely be more expensive in Bergen, other areas like rent can be surprisingly lower. Here’s a quick comparison between Bergen and London on Numbeo:

• Consumer Prices in Bergen are 4.2% higher than in London (without rent).

• Consumer Prices Including Rent in Bergen are 23.8% lower than in London.

• Rent Prices in Bergen are 59.3% lower than in London.

• Restaurant Prices in Bergen are 1.9% higher than in London.

• Groceries Prices in Bergen are 26.5% higher than in London.

• Local Purchasing Power in Bergen is 2.0% lower than in London.

The Wage Factor

Don’t forget the other side of the equation. Norway offers significantly higher salaries. The average monthly disposable income in Norway is £3,310.34 – that’s a substantial 42% increase compared to the UK’s £2,324.88.

These figures are a starting point. Your personal lifestyle choices will naturally affect your monthly expenses.

Finding Your Bergen Home

A comfortable home is essential for moving to Bergen. Norway’s housing market has some unique qualities, so let’s consider what you need to know:

Finding Your Bergen Home

Key Considerations:

  • Prepare for Competition. Demand for housing, especially apartments, can be high in Bergen. Start your search well in advance of your move.
  • Explore Your Options. Apartments are common, but don’t overlook houses or shared living spaces (great for sociable newcomers!).
  • Understand the Rental Process. Expect typical one-year rental contracts, deposits, and sometimes agency fees.

Your Search Toolkit:

  • -This is THE place for Norwegian housing listings. Use powerful filters to narrow down your search and even take virtual tours.
  • – Ideal if you’re open to shared housing, which can be both social and budget-friendly.
  • Go Local – Scan community newspapers and websites for additional listings and insider tips.

More Help:

The Housing Market in Norway offer a comprehensive insight into rental rights, contracts, and practical advice for navigating the system.

Bergen Beyond Work

Bergen offers a vibrant mix of activities and communities, making it easy to connect with others, explore your interests, and build a fulfilling social life outside of work. Here’s a taste of what you can expect:

• Meetup Groups. Find like-minded people through Meetup groups that cater to a wide range of interests, from hiking and Norwegian conversation practice to board games and professional networking.

• Outdoor Enthusiasts. Bergen’s stunning natural surroundings are a playground for adventure. Join local groups for hiking up Mount Fløyen, kayaking in the fjords, or exploring the city’s many parks, such as Byparken – The City Park.

• Music & Culture: Bergen’s boasts a thriving music scene. Catch international acts at USF Verftet, enjoy intimate gigs at the cosy Madam Felle, or experience the renowned Bergen International Festival in May.

• Nightlife: Whether you’re seeking craft beer at Østre, cocktails with a view at Taket, or a lively night out at Landmark, Bergen has options to suit your mood.

Be Prepared – For Bergen’s Weather

Be Prepared – For Bergen’s Weather

Bergen is known as Norway’s “rainy city,” and for good reason. The reason for the plentiful rainfall is the city’s location at the foot of mountains along the western coast. This means moist air from the Atlantic Ocean gets pushed upwards, cools, and dumps rain on the city.

Bergen averages over 200 days of significant rainfall per year, totalling around 90 inches (2250mm). Bergen residents are always prepared for showers, especially during autumn and winter. Don’t let the weather catch you off-guard. Your Bergen essentials include:

  • Waterproof jacket with a hood
  • Sturdy, waterproof shoes
  • Compact, quick-drying umbrella

Thankfully, Bergen has plenty to offer even on rainy days. Cafes, museums, and indoor activities abound. Locals don’t let a little rain stop them – you shouldn’t either!

Moving to Bergen Starts with Schepens

With over a century of Scandinavian removals expertise, Schepens is your trusted partner for a stress-free move to Bergen. Our experience and practical knowledge of Norway, based on frequent trips to its major cities, ensure an efficient and cost-effective removals experience.

Why Choose Schepens for Your Bergen Move?

  • Flexibility to Fit Your Needs. Our weekly Bergen runs mean we can work with your schedule, whether you need a full or part load container.
  • Peace of Mind. Relax knowing your move is in experienced hands. Our removals coordinators offer pre-removals assessments, accurate no obligation removals quotes, and detailed help with those tricky customs forms.
  • Comprehensive Services. From professional packing and secure storage to transportation of fragile items like pianos or artwork, we’ve got you covered.
  • Safe Transit. Your belongings travel in state-of-the-art vehicles designed to minimise movement, ensuring everything arrives in Bergen in perfect condition.

Second-to-None Customer Service

A great personal and professional service all the way by Schepens. Very responsive to a difficult situation for me following death of a close relative in Norway. They guided me through it all. No damage to any of the goods and door-to-door international transport gave me peace of mind. I would have no hesitation in recommending Schepens and their team. Thank you to Chris, Tracey, Dominique and the lads who had to deal with some pretty grim weather in Norway.”


Let us take the stress out of your relocation. Contact Schepens today for a free, no-obligation quote and start planning your move to Bergen – 01794 323558