Moving to Australia Checklist

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Moving to Australia Checklist

Moving to Australia Checklist

Australia has always been considered part of the extended family by the UK, which makes it a popular choice for expats. On average, 30,000 Brits each year decide to make their home there; twice as many as move to Spain each year. In 2019 there were 1.2 million expats living across this vast and beautiful country.

There are many reasons for the popularity of Australia as an expat destination: the climate, lack of language barriers, strong economy. Schepens has been helping families with removals to Australia for over a century now, and we thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to visit regularly. Given the popularity, we’ve asked our Move Co-ordinators to create a ‘Moving to Australia Checklist’ to help with preparing for removals to Australia.

1. Prepare for Change

Moving is stressful, so be aware that you’ll feel anxious as you prepare to move; it’s normal. You’re not just picking up your home and moving it somewhere else, you’re also shifting your world from one hemisphere to another. The best way to deal with change is to see it as a step into the unknown; don’t be afraid to ask for practical and emotional support where you need it.

2. Organise Your Documentation

Key to any Moving to Australia Checklist is your documentation. So start preparing paper copies, and organising them in files, early on. Lists are key to this process. Start with a list of every document you think you’ll need, then keep adding to it as necessary. Apply for copies where you don’t have the original and tick them off your list.

3. Opening a Bank Account

It’s a good idea to do this before you move, so that you can get up and running immediately. Most large Australian banks have an expat service that allows you to do just this. You’ll be able to organise your account online up to a year before you move. All you need to do this, for a basic account, is your passport and visa details, your moving date and your destination.

4. Organise Your Packing Schedule

Shipping to Australia takes 5-6 weeks, so you’ll need to schedule carefully to ensure your furniture and goods arrive when you need them. If you’re planning to pack yourself, make yourself a room-by-room plan. Or, get the professionals to do it for you. Schepens packing teams are industry trained. They’ll pack your house in hours, label your boxes and create a detailed shipping inventory.

5. Driving in Australia

Most expats source a car once they’re in Australia. If, however, you wish to take your car with you, take a look at the costs involved as you’re budgeting for your move. You’ll need to take into account shipping your car, quarantine clearance, customs duty, and Goods & Services Tax. Your UK Driving License is good for 3 months whilst you apply for an Australian license.

6. Removals to Australia

Look for a moving company that’s got a track record for international removals. You want to be sure that they’re specialists, and will support you every step of the way. Most removals companies offer a FREE no obligation quote. Make sure that your receive an accurate estimate of costs for budgeting. At Schepens, we work with customers to create a detailed removals plan before the quote is provided, so accuracy is assured.

7. Specialist Removals

If you’re making Australia your home, it’s likely that you have some valuable items you want to take with you. Over the years we’ve moved pianos, works of art and antiques for our customers. Ensure that these non-standard items are assessed and planned for as part of the move. Schepens specialist removals team provides bespoke packaging, handling and shipping.

8. Finding Somewhere to Live

Trying to find somewhere to live on the other side of the world can be challenging. Many expats rely on friends or family already out there to help. Otherwise you could work with a professional relocation professional who’ll use your criteria to provide online viewings for you. Rentals will require every piece of documentation you can imagine – and more – so be prepared.

9. Secure Shipping

You want to be sure that your goods are safe in transit, and that they’ll arrive in the same condition they left you. Schepens insures all goods during transit, and additional Extended Liability, or Accidental Damage cover can be arranged. Our fleet of removals vehicles are state-of-the-art and alarmed, ensuring the perfect conditions for transportation.

10. Excellent Customer Service

Should this be on your checklist? Absolutely. Check out the reviews of your removals company to make sure they have a good reputation. Do they train all their staff? Are they helpful and friendly? Do the provide stress-free removals? Are they willing to go the extra mile on their customers’ behalf? If any removals company is offering less than the above, they’re not the people to trust your move to Australia with.

“Your help and support has been outstanding. We have been fortunate enough to meet some wonderful people like yourselves who have gone that extra mile to help us. Your help and support has been outstanding and we just wanted you to know how much we appreciated it.”

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