Moving Furniture Abroad

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Moving Furniture Abroad

A Guide to Moving Furniture Abroad

Whether you’re moving furniture abroad in order to live and work overseas, or because you’ve purchased a holiday home, you need to know it will arrive safely. The last thing you want is to go to all the effort of shipping your furniture, only to discover that you’ll need to buy replacement items anyway.

Schepens Removals is a UK based company that has been shipping furniture abroad for over a century now. Our goal is always to make removals less stressful for our movers, so we’ve put together a guide to moving furniture abroad. We hope it will ensure you are able to do it affordably, without any anxiety along the way.

Start Planning Early

We know that life can throw curve balls but, if you can, start researching your move early. This will allow you to gather quotes from a range of removal companies, read their reviews, and take a look at what’s included in the service they offer. Ideally, you want an established removals company with a reputation for overseas shipping that will provide a detailed and accurate quote free of charge and without obligation.

To Pack or Not to Pack?

It is obviously cheaper to pack your furniture yourself (including disassembling flatpack furniture). However, we always recommend that movers factor in the time that they will need to allot to this task. Many removals companies offer affordable packing services. If you decide to choose this option, it’s advisable to check that the packers on offer are professionals who are trained, and that the materials they use are sturdy and sustainable.

How Much Should I Take?

Another benefit of starting to plan your move early is that it gives you time to carefully assess what to take and what to leave behind. When you’re rushed you tend to pack far more than you need whereas, when you’ve had time to think clearly, you tend to save money by taking only what you actually need.

Here’s a few questions to have in your head when you’re deciding:

  • Can I Get One of These Where I’m Going? There’s lots of piece of furniture that will cost you more to move than it will to buy them new. Test out this equation with anything strictly utilitarian such as bookcases or wardrobes.
  • Will it Fit? Furniture that has to be stored overseas turns out to be very expensive for movers. Work out in advance what will and won’t fit comfortably and store or sell the rest in the UK.
  • Do I Need It? If there’s any doubt in your mind, leave it behind. Find a friend or family member who would take care of it for you. Alternatively, some removals companies have local UK storage facilities.

Specialist Items

Not everyone needs to move a piano, fine art, or priceless antiques overseas but, for movers who do, look for a moving company that has the expertise in-house. This saves you organising a specialist move on top of moving furniture abroad and lowers the cost overall. It should be the case that your specialist move can be integrated with your furniture move.

Flexible Scheduling

One of the reasons for choosing established overseas shipping companies is that they are likely to be making regular runs to your destination and can therefore offer you flexible scheduling. Removals companies that travel to European countries regularly will be familiar with the routes (winter and summer) and can manage the customs regulations as well.

What’s the Transport Like?

This is perhaps the most important question of all. No matter how carefully you have packed your furniture, if it’s being transported in an inappropriate vehicle, it’s likely to arrive damaged at its destination. Look for removal companies with fleets of removal vehicles that are designed for the job. They should have air ride suspension, and an adjustable bearing system as these ensure little to no movement for goods whilst in transit.

“We had a great experience moving back to Stockholm with Schepens! We didn’t have a huge amount of boxes and furniture, so they gave us the option of dropping everything off at their warehouse in the New Forest, which made the move much cheaper and was very appreciated! It was also great to have them manage the customs process for us and ensure everything went through smoothly.”


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