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Moving From UK to Sweden

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Supporting professionals, students and families moving from UK to Sweden keeps us busy all year round. And no wonder! The country’s world class universities attract growing numbers of undergraduates and researchers each year. The healthy economy attracts growing numbers of entrepreneurs, and start-ups. And the extraordinary landscape puts Sweden on the radar of professionals who are excited to work in the hugely successful IT sector in Stockholm.

Schepens has been helping professionals and students who are moving from UK to Sweden for decades now. We’re always interested to hear from our movers what differences they notice in Swedish culture as they’re settling in to their new life. They talk a good deal about the desire for balance and moderation. This finds its way into everyday life via clear – largely unspoken – rules about how to behave. We asked them what were the unwritten rules they’ve had to learn in order to ‘fit in’?


Here are 4 tips from people who have experienced moving from UK to Sweden:

Bin the Bottled Water

“Swedish citizens have a shared concern about the environment in which they live, which translates into a totally proactive desire to keep neighbourhoods looking and feeling good. Communities work together a good deal to achieve this aim and, whilst it felt a bit overwhelming when I first moved here, I really appreciate it now. City transport works like clockwork, and everything seems to operate amazingly efficiently.”

Respect Personal Space

“If you’re shopping, travelling or working in Sweden, you’ll be expected to respect the personal space of those around you. This sounds simple, but it takes a bit of adjusting to. It means that you don’t carry on loud conversations in the street, the cafe, or on public transport. And if there’s an empty seat next to someone, don’t take it unless there’s absolutely nowhere else to sit.”

Don’t Talk for the Sake of It

“In Britain we tend to feel uncomfortable with silences. Because of that, we fill them up with ‘pleasantries’, or ’small talk’. We all know the game, and don’t expect this talk to be meaningful. In Sweden the culture is quite different. Silences are considered completely acceptable, and small talk is scorned. Conversation is direct, and communication is intended to add value.”

Flashiness isn’t Favoured

“Moderation may sound dull, but it’s all about finding a quality of life that isn’t premised on wealth, and status. This egalitarian approach is know as Jante’s Law and it’s evidenced in public spaces, bars and restaurants. People have fun, and enjoy nights out with friends, but they do it without feeling the need to let everyone else in the bar, or in their social circle, know about what they own or how much they’re worth.”


Navigating Your Way Through The Swedish Job Market

If moving from UK to Sweden sounds appealing, one of your initial priorities will be finding suitable employment. For UK citizens, securing a job offer from a Swedish company is a fundamental step in the process. You can explore the official job shortage list for Sweden in 2022, which can be found at this link. Applying for jobs on this list ensures an optimised route to a Work Permit and Residency Permit.

Navigating Your Way Through The Swedish Job Market

Sweden has a reputation for supporting entrepreneurial endeavours. The existence of a mature supportive ecosystem for businesses and individuals makes Sweden an attractive proposition. Entrepreneurs seeking a residence permit are required to commit to a minimum stay of twelve months within the country. Detailed information about self-employment and residence permits can be found at this link.

Applying for a Swedish Work Permit

Once you’ve secured a promising job offer, the responsibility of obtaining your work permit largely rests with your prospective employer. They will initiate the application process, and you will be contacted via email once your application is in progress. Successful approval of your work permit application also grants you a residence permit, provided your contract exceeds a duration of three months. To familiarise yourself with the steps involved in applying for a work permit, you can refer to this link.

5 Things You Should Know Before Moving From UK to Sweden

Getting excited about moving from UK to Sweden? Wondering how different life in Sweden is from the UK? To whet your appetite, here are 5 tasters of what living in Sweden is like:

Sweden’s Natural Wonders

1. Sweden’s Natural Wonders

Sweden boasts an extraordinary range of unforgettable natural attractions. Here are stunning experiences that open up the beauty of this country in a variety of ways:

  • Start with the Northern Lights, a captivating natural light display that can be witnessed in places like Abisko National Park. It’s a unique opportunity to see colourful lights dancing across the Arctic skies.
  • Moving south, the Stockholm archipelago provides a practical escape with over 30,000 islands to explore. From peaceful boat rides and kayaking to fishing villages and beaches, it’s a haven for water activities.
  • In the heart of Stockholm, the Vasa Museum presents an intriguing piece of history – the well-preserved Vasa warship from the 17th century. It’s an educational and historical visit that offers insights into Sweden’s naval past.
  • For outdoor enthusiasts, the Swedish Lapland offers the Kungsleden trail, perfect for hiking through unspoiled wilderness. In Jukkasjärvi, the Icehotel is a unique stay where you can experience an accommodation made entirely of ice and snow.
  • Lastly, the Göta Canal provides a practical way to enjoy Sweden’s scenic landscapes. Take a boat trip to pass through charming villages, historical sites, and serene countryside.

2. A Sustainable Culture

Sweden is one of the world’s most environmentally conscious nations. Sweden currently holds the Number 5 ranking in the global Environment Performance Index (EPI) but it has its ambitions set on the top spot.

Sweden has boldly set its sights on an ambitious objective: achieving 50% of its energy from renewable sources by 2030, with an even more impressive target of 100% by 2040. If moving from UK to Sweden is something you’re passionate about, embracing a green lifestyle may be an underlying feature of your decision.

3. Sweden Supports Gender Equality

Sweden shines as a nation where everyone can thrive, and women in particular flourish, both professionally and domestically.

In 2017, Sweden secured the top spot in Oxfam’s global Inequality Index. Furthermore, when it comes to the Global Gender Pay Gap, Sweden has consistently ranked no lower than fourth, showcasing its unwavering commitment to gender equality.

The backbone to gender equality in Sweden is its a support for parents. With a generous provision of 480 days of paid parental leave, available until the child turns eight, the country empowers parents to balance family responsibilities. Of these days, 90 are exclusively reserved for fathers. This equitable distribution leaves a substantial 390 days for women to utilise, standing as a remarkable opportunity for them to embrace both motherhood and successful careers.

4. 5 Favourite Swedish Foods

Wondering what you’ll be eating in Sweden? Take a look at 5 of the nation’s favourites:

1. Swedish Meatballs (Köttbullar). These iconic meatballs, typically made from a mix of ground meat (often a blend of pork and beef), are seasoned with spices, formed into small round shapes, and then fried or oven baked. Served with creamy gravy, lingonberry sauce, and often accompanied by mashed potatoes, they are a quintessential comfort food.

1. Swedish Meatballs (Köttbullar)

2. Gravad Lax. Gravad lax is a traditional Swedish dish of salmon that is cured with a blend of salt, sugar, and dill. The salmon is usually thinly sliced and served as an appetiser, often on rye bread with mustard sauce or dill sauce. The curing process gives the fish a delicate texture and a rich, herby flavour.

3. Herring (Sill). Herring holds a special place in Swedish cuisine, enjoyed in various forms such as pickled, marinated, or fried. It’s a common feature on smorgasbords and is typically served with potatoes, sour cream, and chives. The variety of herring preparations offers a mix of sweet, sour, and savoury flavours.


4. Smorgastarta. A smorgastarta, or “sandwich cake,” is a unique Swedish creation that resembles a layered cake but is made from layers of bread, various fillings like smoked salmon, shrimp, eggs, and vegetables, and then frosted with mayonnaise or sour cream. It’s a striking centrepiece at festive gatherings and combines savoury ingredients in a visually appealing way.

5. Cinnamon Buns (Kanelbullar). These aromatic, soft, and fluffy cinnamon buns are a beloved Swedish treat often enjoyed with a cup of coffee or tea. Made with a sweet dough swirled with a mixture of butter, sugar, and cinnamon, they are baked to golden perfection and topped with pearl sugar. Cinnamon buns are a staple of fika, a cherished Swedish coffee break tradition.

5. Fancy a Coffee?

If you can’t get by without your daily coffee, moving from UK to Sweden won’t put a dent in your caffeine intake. Ranked sixth globally in coffee consumption, Swedes enjoy an impressive 8.2kg per person annually. Their Nordic neighbours, Denmark, and Norway, closely vie for the coffee crown at second and fourth positions, attesting to Scandinavia’s coffee devotion.

Nordic coffee drinkers favour drip coffee when having coffee socially, brewed in a filter machine. Espresso-based coffee if popular when you are out and about. Espresso capsules are becoming popular, but the price of the machines has proved prohibitive, when every household already has a filter.

If you would like to know more about acclimatising yourself to Sweden, take a like a Schepens’ Complete Guide – Moving to Sweden From UK.


Moving from UK to Sweden has been part of the Schepens offering for over a century now. As a specialist provider of removals to Sweden, we make weekly runs to locations across the length and breadth of the country. In fact, we spend so much time in Sweden that we’ve opened an office in Jönköping. And because we ship regularly, we’re able to offer affordable prices, flexible scheduling, and full, or part load, shipping.


Here are a few of the questions we’re asked regularly by movers who are moving from UK to Sweden:

Yes, we do! If you need help with packing, our BAR trained professionals will arrive on moving day and pack up your home efficiently. We use sturdy, eco-friendly packing materials to ensure the safety of all your goods on their journey to your new home.

  1. Your move co-ordinator carries out a survey of the goods you’ll be moving to Sweden, online, and provides a free detailed and accurate removals quote.
  2. A personalised removals plan is prepared, and your move to Sweden is scheduled. Your move co-ordinator is available throughout the process to provide help and guidance.
  3. If you decide to use Schepens’ packing service, our BAR trained packing professionals will arrive on moving day to pack up your home, using sturdy, eco-friendly packing materials.
  4. The removals team transport your goods to your new home in Sweden.
  5. Your goods are unloaded, taking every care.

Your goods will be shipped in one of our state-of-the-art removals vehicles which run on air ride suspension and boast an adjustable bearing system, ensuring little or no movement of vehicle content. If you have specialist requirements, such as moving a piano, fine art or antiques, our specialist removals team will provide bespoke packing, handling, and shipping.

If you’re moving from UK to Sweden for a limited period, and you need storage for your furniture and household items back home, Schepens has a number of local self storage facilities:

  • We deliver your container.
  • The team can help you with packing and loading.
  • A detailed inventory of your storage items is provided.
  • Your container is sealed, and then stored within the warehouse.
  • All storage facilities have 24-hour CCTV security.
  • Your storage unit will not be touched, unless you require access.

Your goods will be covered by insurance whilst they’re in transit to Sweden. We can arrange additional Accidental Damage or Extended Liability insurance, if you require it.

The Schepens Team Goes the Extra Mile

“We moved from the UK to Sweden and went with Schepens on the hearty recommendations of an expats in Sweden Facebook group. Schepens met our every expectation, and were prompt, polite, efficient and courteous. Our daughter loved sitting in the truck cab! Thank you so much!!”

Andrew Cuthbert