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Moving From UK to Norway

Moving From UK to Norway With Schepens

Journeying up the western coast of Norway from Bergen to Kirkenes in the Arctic Circle is currently one of the world’s most popular cruises. The headline attraction is – of course – the magnificent Northern Lights, but along the way there’s so much else. Norway’s towering mountains are on show of course, and the narrow fjords. But there’s also an art deco city of Alesund, an arctic cathedral, the mighty northern maelstrom, and an international film festival in Tromso.


Entry and residency requirements for Norway

There are currently 10,000 Brits living and working in Norway, and plenty of them have been lured by the sheer magnificence of the landscape and the sense of space and opportunity it affords. For others it’s the culture which is attractive, and the love of outdoor sports. Whatever the reason for moving, it’s a huge leap to move to a new country. So how easy is it to adjust to living in Norway?

1. The Winter is a Shock

However prepared you may think you are for the Norwegian winter, your first practical experience of it is likely to take some adjusting to. Expect plenty of snow, especially if you’re living inland, and temperatures as low as -22ºF. Then there’s the lack of daylight. Towns in the Arctic Circle get no daylight for around 6 weeks, whilst Oslo gets just 6 hours in the depths of winter.

2. The Cost of Living is High

The cost of living is shockingly high for expats moving to Norway. Of course, higher wages compensate over time, but expats need to budget carefully when planning their first few months living in their new home. Norwegians are not above slipping over the border into Sweden to buy goods more cheaply, so it’s worth finding out how the locals manage their domestic budgeting.

3. Janteloven

This word refers to the ‘law of Jante’ (which is not an actual law). It refers to a social code, common to the Scandanavian countries, which determines how society functions. Janteloven requires that Norwegian citizens put their society ahead of individual gain. In practice this comes down to the simple practice of resisting boasting about your achievements, or being envious of what others have.

4. Norwegians Spend Their Leisure Time Differently

The history and geography of Norway has determined a cultural emphasis on family, community and outdoor pursuits. In Oslo you’ll find all the urban distractions a Brit would expect, but elsewhere in the country leisure time is specnt at home, with friends, or outdoors. Skiing is the most popular sport in Norway, so learning or participating is a great way to get to know your community.

Schepens Can Support Your Move from the UK to Norway

We’ve been moving families to Norway for over a hundred years now, and we know the country well. We ship regularly to Oslo, and to towns reaching into the Arctic Circle. For this reason we’re able to offer flexible scheduling, and competitive pricing on part or dedicated loads. Our removals teams know the country well, and will be able to offer local advice and guidance.

Tailored Removals to Norway

Moving to another country is a logistical challenge and we know from experience that no two removals are the same. That’s why we assign a dedicated Moving Co-Ordinator to every single client. They will work with you to design a removals package that is founded on your specific requirements. This will draw on our range of services which includes:

  • Packing. Our professional packing team is BAR trained to guarantee the highest standards. They will pack up your home, label your boxes and create a detailed shipping inventory.
  • Insurance. Your goods are covered during transit. Should you require Accidental Damage or Extended Liability insurance for extra peace of mind, we can arrange cover.
  • Non-Standard Goods. If you’re moving valuable, or fragile goods, such as antiques, fine art or musical instruments, we can provide bespoke packaging, shipping and insurance.
  • Storage. If you need to store goods in the UK, Schepens has local storage facilities. We offer a door-to-door service, and a secure, climate-controlled environments for your goods.
  • Transport. Your goods will be shipped in one of our state-of-the-art removals vehicles which maintain a constant temperature and humidity, run on air ride suspension and boast an adjustable bearing system, which ensures little or no movement of vehicle content.

Schepens Removals Goes the Extra Mile

Our bottom line is that we’ll do what is required to achieve a stress-free, successful move for you. All our removals professionals recognise this as a cornerstone of our customer service, and are trained to be proactive problem solvers. We take pride in the level of service we consistently provide, and we’re always looking for ways to minimise the anxieties associated with international removals.

If you’re planning a move to Norway, call Schepens to discover the level of service and support that our removals team can offer you.