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Moving Company in Southampton

Shipbuilding was the major trade in the city of Southampton when Schepens first began its removals business – in fact the Schepens family were probably amongst the crowds watching as the Titanic sailed from the port in 1912! For over one hundred years Schepens has been a removals company in Southampton and during that time we have helped thousands of businesses and families to relocate successfully.

It’s become something of a cliché to say that moving home is one of the most stressful activities we encounter in our lives, but the staff at Schepens would concur that packing up all your household goods and moving them to another location causes huge anxiety, even for experienced and organised movers. That’s why we make the reduction of stress one of our top goals when working with clients on the process of moving. Once a moving date is set, we begin to help with the planning of the move, and we ensure that at every step we offer support and advice, drawing on the generations of experience that have made us the company we are today.

Four Steps to a Successful Move by Schepens, Expert Moving Company in Southampton

Step 1 – Choose your moving company in Southampton carefully. You want to be sure that they know the location well, see challenges in advance, and start solving potential problems before moving day. The last thing you want is to arrive at your new home to find that permission should have been sought in advance for parking, or that on-road parking is prohibited.

Step 2 – An established moving company in Southampton will have a fleet of vehicles, designed to transport goods safely, and maintained to an excellent standard. Schepens staff are proud of our state-of-the-art vehicles and we feature them in all our advertising. Make sure that you have an absolute trust in the mode of transport being offered.

Step 3 – Don’t be afraid to ask whether the removals staff are trained to BAR standards. This qualification ensures that all removals are conducted to a rigorous set of professional standards ensuring efficiency, proficiency, and customer-centred service. Staff trained to these standards are required to undergo regular inspections and are encouraged to take pride in the service they offer to their clients.

Step 4 – After your first meeting with your potential moving company in Southampton, you should feel reassured that your mover has listened carefully to your needs, and understood your concerns. An experienced removals company understands that every single move is unique in terms of the challenges it presents, and it’s the attention to detail which defines an experienced removals professional.

Successful Removals to Southampton are Built on Professional Packing

removal lorry moving company in southamptonAsk any of the Schepens staff what the greatest source of anxiety is for clients anticipating a move, and they will tell you it’s fear of breakages, damage to valuable furniture, or loss of irreplaceable items. For some people this means that they would prefer to supervise and manage every aspect of the packing process themselves, but for a growing number of our clients the preferred option is to talk through their concerns, and hand over the process to professional packers who can guarantee a seamless and immaculate service.

Key to professional packing is the treatment of each item, however large or small, as if it were your own. We have moved grand pianos into top floor apartments, and transported fragile glassware across the world; in each case, we know that it’s not just an object that we’re handling, but the investment of love and attention which families or business have added to it, sometimes over generations. A home’s contents are never just ‘stuff’; they’re the glue that binds the household together. Schepens staff are trained to pack efficiently and fast, using 200 grade boxes which provide a secure environment for all your household goods in transit. Once assembled and taped, our packing boxes are strong enough to take the weight of someone standing on them, ensuring that they can be stacked without fear of damage to their contents.

Glassware – For this most fragile of materials we provide cushioning materials at the top and the bottom of the box. Heavier items are placed at the bottom of the box and each one is wrapped individually. Key to the secure transport of glassware is ensuring that there is a minimum of movement within the box once packing is complete.

Packing Household China – As with glassware, we provide a cushioning at the top and the bottom of the box and place the heaviest items first. Each item is wrapped individually to guard against breakage, and the scoring of china as a result of stacking. Empty space in the box is filled with scrunched packing paper and all boxes are tested prior to loading to ensure that there is only minimal movement potential.

Packing Books, Records and Magazines – Whilst these seem to be easier items to pack, there is always the temptation to over-fill, creating the potential for bents covers and spines. We carefully place the items without jamming them in to every available space, and we make sure that we have the right size of box for the job.

Packing Liquids, Wines and Spirits – For some clients this is their ‘jewel in the crown’ and a huge source of anxiety when it comes to removals. We use 200 grade, sturdy boxes, with dividers meaning that each bottle can be packed individually (with extra padding if necessary) and be kept absolutely separate from all the other bottles. Paper wadding is used to restrict the movement of bottles in transit.

Taping and Labelling – the most professional packing in the world is of little use if the boxes are clumsily taped, or labelled incorrectly. We take care to secure each box with tape as soon as it is packed, and we label the boxes as we go, using clear descriptors which will make sense to our client once they arrive at their new destination.

Schepens – Experience a Moving Company in Southampton With a History

We are a company that has never stopped learning about the successful process of removals, from one generation to the next. How do we know when we’ve done a good job? When a day fraught with potential problems for a family has passed without a hitch and we leave them energised and ready to begin their lives in their new home.

We have helped people to move to all areas around Southampton including: Locks Heath, Hamble, Park Gate, Romsey, Warsash, Hedge End and West End

If you are moving to this great city this year, use the best moving company in Southhampton — Schepens! For removals and storage in and around Southampton call us today on 02380 070071. All quotes are 100% free and 100% obligation-free!