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Movers to New Zealand

New Zealand is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful countries on the planet. It is also a very successful country — with a strong economy, excellent schools, modern hospitals, and a diverse multicultural society. For these reasons, New Zealand attracts many migrants from the UK each year.

If you are one of the lucky people moving to this fantastic country, you are probably very excited! However, you might also be daunted by the complex logistics involved when moving internationally. Why not let Schepens help? Our family owned company was established over 100 years ago, making us one of the most experienced and reputable movers to New Zealand

We employ a team of professional removers who are trained to British Association of Removers standards — a very strict standard that covers everything from cargo insurance through to the quality of the packing materials being used. We are a large international removals company and one of most affordable long distance movers to New Zealand from the UK.

This post will take a closer look at New Zealand — identifying the reasons why so many UK citizens move there and offering a few useful online resources to make your move easier. We will also explain why Schepens are the best movers to New Zealand!

Why move to New Zealand?

At first glance, New Zealand seems like an unusual location for a person from the UK to move to. But once you understand what New Zealand has to offer, it all makes sense! The most common reasons why people move to New Zealand from the UK include:

New Zealand offers a great lifestyle

New Zealand is laid back country with a relaxing lifestyle. The people are very friendly and workers enjoy an excellent work/life balance. Because New Zealand has a hospitable climate and beautiful scenery, outdoor activities are very popular. Most cities are only a short drive to the beach or one of the many stunning national parks. You can enjoy some of the best water sports, mountain biking, hiking, and rock climbing in the world!

It is a prosperous nation with many economic opportunities

New Zealand has a successful advanced economy with strong primary production, manufacturing, finance, mining, entertainment and professional services sectors. It is an excellent location to build a successful career or start a new business.

A vibrant and successful multicultural society

New Zealand is a multicultural country that attracts immigrants from many countries. It has embraced multiculturalism very successfully, making a society that is peaceful, egalitarian, and truly diverse. You will be able to sample the best of many cultures, including their food and cultural celebrations.

The weather is glorious!

One of the main reasons to move to New Zealand from the UK is the incredible climate! New Zealand has a moderate climate, which doesn’t have temperature extremes like the UK. Even in winter, you can still trot down to the beach for a swim!

New Zealand is a family friendly destination

New Zealand is one of the safest countries in the world and recently ranked third on the Global Peace Index.  It is packed with family friendly attractions, has great schools and the health system is world class. The environment is also very clean and it is easy to find healthy food — the perfect destination for raising a family.

The schools in New Zealand are excellent

New Zealand has one of the best performing education systems in the OECD. It consistently ranks well in terms of educational outcomes. Similar to the UK, the curriculum has a strong focus on maths, science, languages, and the arts. Parents can choose from a wide variety of both public and private schools for their children.

The education system in New Zealand is split into three sections:

  • Early childhood education (before 5 years of age)
  • Primary and Secondary schools (between 5 to 19)
  • Further education (university and vocational schools)

School is compulsory for children between the ages of 6 and 16 years of age. Receiving an education at a state school is free at for the children of New Zealand residents or permanent citizens.  Some of the best schools in New Zealand include:

Handy Resources For Clients Moving to New Zealand

Here are some helpful resources to help you with the moving process!    

“Your team worked really hard and nothing was too much trouble, they kept smiling and in good spirits even when things were more tricky that first envisaged”.

Why are Schepens the best international movers to New Zealand?

Removal Lorry Movers to New Zealand

Schepens is one of the most experienced and reliable international movers to New Zealand. Our company has been performing international removals to New Zealand for decades and understand the complex logistics that can be involved. We have the skills and knowledge to make these complex international removals seem simple! Other reasons Schepens are the best long distance movers to New Zealand include:

We are affordable long distance movers to New Zealand

Schepens is a very large international removals company that services dozens of countries around the world. We have a large network including numerous storage facilities and a large fleet of specialised removals vehicles. The large size of our company allows us to negotiate excellent discounts with fuel companies and other companies. We pass those discounts on to our valued customers!

The most reliable and professional movers to New Zealand

If your main focus is to find a reliable and professional removal company for New Zealand, look no further than Schepens. We have a proven track record for reliability and will ensure your cargo arrives at its destination on time.

One of the busiest long distance movers to New Zealand

Schepens regularly helps clients move to New Zealand. Because we help so many people move from the UK to New Zealand, we know the logistics of the journey intimately. The frequency of our journeys also means we can offer clients part load removals to New Zealand — a cost-effective option where clients share a cargo container or removals truck.

A highly skilled removal company for New Zealand

Schepens recognises the importance of careful planning when dealing with an international removal. We also understand how crucial it is to only use well trained removers. For this reason, we only use removers who have been trained to British Association of Removers standards — the leading standard for removals.

100% free quotes for removals to New Zealand

Schepens provides all clients with a 100% free quote that clearly details the services being provided. Unlike other long distance movers to New Zealand, the total price on our quotes is all you will ever pay. There are no hidden extras involved.

Schepens helps clients move to every part of New Zealand including Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, Hamilton, Dunedin and Queenstown.

If you require movers to New Zealand this year, choose a reliable and experienced international removals company like Schepens! Contact Schepens today on 01794 323558 to discuss your requirements!