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Movers to Bordeaux

Bordeaux is a busy port city in the southwest of France. It is an exciting metropolis, with a population of almost 1.2 million people and a strong economy. Bordeaux sits on the stunning Garonne River and is surrounded by many areas of pristine natural beauty. It is a popular destination for both UK tourists and expats.

If you have decided to move to Bordeaux this year, enlist the services of a professional France removals company like Schepens. We have performed thousands of removals to France over the years, making us one of the most experienced movers to Bordeaux.

All removals to Bordeaux are managed by talented move coordinators. They are highly skilled removers who specialise in removals to France. Your assigned move coordinator will help you through the removals process and answer any questions that you may have. They make furniture removals to France simple for our clients!

This guide will take a closer look at Bordeaux and explain why so many people are moving there. We’ll also share the reasons why Schepens are the leading movers to Bordeaux.

Why move to Bordeaux?

Bordeaux is one of the most beautiful parts of France. It is also a well-known part of the country because of the famous wines and cheeses that come from the region. Other common reasons why people move to Bordeaux include:

Bordeaux has a strong economy and many successful businesses

Bordeaux is a busy port city with many strong industries including tourism, shipping, manufacturing, logistics, transportation, food production and winemaking. There are hundreds of successful small businesses around the city and it is a popular location for some large French corporations. Bordeaux is a great place to find a job or start a business.

Bordeaux has a sophisticated culture

This city is widely recognised as being one of the most important centres of culture within France. It is packed with art galleries, museums, historical sites, and concert halls. It is also an important location for food and wine culture, with many incredible restaurants producing some of France’s best food.

Bordeaux is an incredibly beautiful city

Bordeaux is an architectural delight, with many amazing classical buildings. It is also well designed, with lovely green spaces and pedestrian-friendly streets.

Bordeaux has a high standard of living

Like most parts of France, Bordeaux has a high standard of living with high wages, affordable consumer items and cheap food. Accommodation costs are reasonable in the city outskirts but expect to spend more if you want to live close to the CBD.

The schools in Bordeaux are excellent

France has an excellent education system that delivers outcomes above the OECD average. Schools are well funded and teaching is a respected profession that attracts a lot of talented people. There are many excellent public and private schools located in Bordeaux including:

Useful Resources For Moving to Bordeaux

These articles will help you plan your move to Bordeaux.

A week on from our furniture delivery here in France we have finished unpacking! Everything arrived with no breakages or mishaps. Please pass on our special thanks to Baz and Perry who were simply superb. Kind regards Kit – Chandlers ford, Southampton, to the south of France

Why are Schepens the best movers to Bordeaux? Removal Lorry Movers to Bordeaux

Schepens is a very large removals company with many decades of experience. We help many clients move to Bordeaux each year and know the logistics of this journey well. The main reasons to choose Schepens include:

The most affordable movers to Bordeaux

Schepens is a professional and efficient removals company that handles thousands of tons of cargo each year. The size and efficiency of our operation allows us to offer clients very affordable furniture removals to Bordeaux and other parts of France. Even though we are affordable, we always deliver the world-class service for which we are known.

Schepens regularly performs furniture removals to France

Our team is performing France removals on a weekly basis. The frequency of our journeys to France allows us to offer clients flexible delivery schedules. It also allows clients to have the option of using a part load removal to France, where they share a cargo container or removals vehicle with another client. This option can make your France removal even cheaper.

We are a 4th generation family owned company

Schepens was established more than 100 years ago and has performed thousands of removals. Over the years, we have built a reputation for being reliable and professional. You can trust Schepens to move your cargo efficiently and safely!   

The best customer service in the world

We treat all of the customers with incredible respect and appreciation. If you ask a question or want to make a change, we are immediately available to help.

All furniture removals to Bordeaux receive a 100% free quote

All prospective clients interested in removals to France will receive a 100% free and completely obligation free quote. This quote clearly outlines the items being moved, the additional services purchased, the cargo insurance plan and much more. It also lists the total price for your removals to Bordeaux. Unlike some other movers to Bordeaux, our quote price is final and there are no hidden extras.

Schepens perform removals to and from all major areas of France including: ParisDordogne, Languedoc, Charente, Bordeaux, Limoges, NiceBrittany, The Alps, Perpignan, Montpellier, Normandy, Marseilles, Lille, Loire, Rouen, Nancy, Dijon, Nantes, Brest, Grenoble, Burgundy, Valence, Toulon, Provence and many more.

If you require movers to Bordeaux, contact Schepens today on 01794 323 558 for an obligation-free quote!