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Stockholm – A Great Place to Live and Work

What’s not to love about a city that is made up of one third water, one third green space and one third beautifully designed architecture? Stockholm is unique in being home to 25% of the Swedish population, dispersed across 14 islands where the freshwater Lake Mälaren flows into the sea. If you’re a professional or student seeking a dynamic and aspirational city to work and live in, a move to Stockholm could be the answer.

Whether you’re taking a walk through the cobbled streets of Gamla Stan, in the Old Town, relaxing in Kungsträdgården, the park in the heart of the city, or escaping the city to the vast, island nature reserve of Djurgården, Stockholm’s unique island geography is an amazing place to work or study.

The city isn’t just a feast for the eyes – it’s a hub of innovation with a deep commitment to sustainability. This progressive spirit attracts ambitious individuals from around the globe. Companies born in Stockholm, like Spotify and H&M, are now international powerhouses, and its thriving tech sector constantly pushes boundaries.

Schepens Removals has been part of the Scandinavian moving scene for over a century. We’ve seen Stockholm evolve, and we know what makes it tick. If you’re ready to build a life in a city that blends history with cutting-edge cool, let us handle the logistics of you Stockholm removals while you start your adventure.

The Stockholm Vibe

Stockholm isn’t just a city, it’s a feeling. You can cycle down cobbled streets past centuries-old buildings and find yourself at a pop-up market showcasing the work of independent designers, makers, and artists by the water; there’s a creative energy here that’s impossible to resist.

Neighbourhoods like Södermalm and Vasastan are characterised by a mix of vintage shops, independent galleries, and lively bars that don’t feel touristy, and never seem to be overcrowded. There are parks to be found right across the city, and there’s always a quiet waterfront spot just minutes away.

The Stockholm Vibe

Making Your Stockholm Move – The Essentials

You’ve got the dream, now let’s talk logistics! Moving to a new country always comes with practicalities. Here’s a guide of the key things you need to know about the cost of living, finding a home, visas, and healthcare in Stockholm.


Let’s break it down:

• The Win – Rent in Stockholm is, on average, 50% less than in London. This makes a huge difference to your monthly budget!

• The Trade-off – Groceries are slightly more expensive in Stockholm. However, smart shopping (using local markets, discount chains) and focusing on Swedish staples helps control costs.

•  Smart Budgeting – With lower restaurant and entertainment costs, there’s room for enjoying the city without breaking the bank. Stockholm offers endless free activities, from parks and museums to stunning walks along the waterfront.

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EU Citizens: Enjoy the right to live and work in Sweden without additional permits. Non-EU Citizens (including UK) must secure a residence permit before moving. This generally requires either:

  • A Secured Job Offer: Your employer will initiate much of the application process.
  • Acceptance to a Swedish University: Your university will guide you through the student visa application.

Important: The Swedish Migration Agency (Migrationsverket) is your official resource. They provide step-by-step guides, application forms, and current processing times.



Finding a place to live in a foreign city is both exciting and scary. Luckily, Stockholm’s rental market, while competitive, offers both flexibility and high living standards.

Renting is the norm for newcomers, offering freedom without long-term commitment. Plus, thanks to Sweden’s strong rent control, you won’t face the wild price swings of cities like London.

Expect well-maintained apartments with modern amenities like kitchens and fast internet – essentials for settling in quickly. Central heating is standard, so no worries about the famously chilly winters!

Popular Neighbourhoods:

  • Södermalm Hipster heaven filled with cafes, vintage shops, and an upbeat atmosphere.
  • Östermalm Very central, perfect for walkable commutes and proximity to beautiful parks.
  • Vasastan Leafy and relaxed, with charming streets and easy access to the city centre.

Start your housing search early! Popular Stockholm rentals go quickly. Websites like Bostad Direkt and Housing Anywhere are good starting points.


Sweden has a high-quality public healthcare system. Once you obtain a residence permit and register with the Swedish Tax Agency, you can access heavily subsidised healthcare.

Some overseas professionals opt for additional private insurance, especially during the period before gaining public healthcare access. This can offer faster treatment times for non-urgent matters.


You can absolutely get by in Stockholm with just English. Swedes learn it from early on in school, and you’ll find English spoken widely. But here’s why picking up some Swedish can make your move to Stockholm even richer:

  • Connect on a Deeper Level. Even stumbling through simple phrases shows effort and a willingness to engage with Swedish culture. It breaks the ice, sparks laughter, and opens doors to genuine friendships.
  • Unlock Career Opportunities. While many workplaces operate in English, knowing Swedish expands your professional possibilities. You’ll understand all company communications, build stronger client relationships, and position yourself for promotions.
  • Go Beyond the Surface. Tourist Stockholm is one thing, but to truly immerse yourself in the local rhythm, you need the language. Overhear conversations, understand humour, and engage in discussions that reveal the true heart of Swedish life.

Learning Swedish – It’s Easier Than You Think

Don’t be intimidated! Stockholm offers resources to help you:

  • SFI (Swedish for Immigrants) Government-funded language classes for newcomers.
  • Language Schools – Immersive courses to fit your schedule.
  • Language Exchange Partners – Find native Swedes eager to practice their English while helping you with Swedish.
  • Apps and Online Courses – Start building a foundation from the comfort of your home.


Schepens isn’t just another removals company; we’re specialists when it comes to navigating your move to Stockholm. For over a century, families, professionals, and students have trusted us to make their Swedish relocation stress-free.

Why Choose Schepens?

Expertise – Our knowledge and experience of Swedish removals and UK-Sweden routes ensures a smooth process, saving you time and stress.

Affordability and Flexibility – Our weekly runs to Stockholm and our Jönköping depot mean competitive prices and schedule options to fit your needs.

Personalised Support – Your dedicated move coordinator offers guidance every step of the way, making your relocation as effortless as possible.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation removals quote and let’s start planning your move to Stockholm