Living in The Hague

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Living in the Hague

Living in The Hague

The Hague is a medium sized, affluent city in the Netherlands, conveniently located on the beach. It’s home to the International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Tribunal and the International Court of Justice. Which makes it an expat hub with a distinctly diplomatic flavour. Add into the mix a large, international student population and you start to understand the unique cultural mix which distinguishes this stately city.

Schepens has been providing removals to the Hague  for professionals, students and families for over a century now. We take delight in our regular trips to the Netherlands and enjoy the diversity of experience its cities offer. In order to find out what living in The Hague is like, we asked some clients who are now resident there. Here’s what they told us:

1. A City With Massive Lungs

Before moving to The Hague I had little sense of what the city would be like. I didn’t even know it was on the coast!! I certainly didn’t imagine that I’d be taking a morning stroll in the Haagse Bos, or along the beach. The Hague is a city of green spaces. My favourite is the Palace Gardens, right in the centre of the city. It’s full of fountains, shade and peaceful spots for a picnic.

2. Don’t Believe what You Hear About The Hague Being Dull

I don’t know where the myth about The Hague being dull started, but it’s simply not true. It’s certainly affluent, and the expat community tends to be largely diplomats, but the city itself is vibrant. There’s a huge student population, thanks to Leiden University, so there’s plenty going on in terms of nightlife. This city’s attractions may need hunting out, but they’re certainly there.

3. A Drink on the Beach After Work

Living in The Hague feels utterly unique, largely because it’s on the North Sea. It took me a while to get used to the idea that I could finish work and then stroll down to Sheveningen beach for a drink and a bite to eat. It’s busy throughout the year, and beautiful in all the seasons. I don’t surf, but watching the surfers from the local surfing school is enough to make me want to learn!

4. A City You Can Navigate Easily

The Hague is the 3rd largest city in the Netherlands, but that only amounts to a population of just over half a million people. And it has a great transport infrastructure so getting around is really quick and efficient. You’re an hour away from Amsterdam and 2 hours from Brussels by car. Just a word of warning, though, The Hague is an expensive place to live, so I wouldn’t advise moving here unless you already have a job offer.

Schepens Provides Removals to the Netherlands

We’re a 4th generation, family-run business that has been providing removals to and from the major towns and cities of the Netherlands for over 100 years. Because we travel weekly to Northern Europe we’re able to offer our clients flexible scheduling for shipping and removals, and we provide either part or full load shipping containers.

Tailored Removals to The Hague

Many of the families we’ve moved to The Hague have been seasoned travellers but, nevertheless, each move brings its own distinct challenges. That’s why Schepens don’t offer ‘standard packages’. Instead we allocate a professional Move Co-ordinator to each client. They’ll help you to create a tailored plan, based on your specific requirements. Once this is complete, we’ll use it as the basis of your FREE no obligation quote.

Schepens’ removals services include:

  • Professional Packing. Our industry trained removals teams offer a range of services, from packing up your home, to labelling boxes, to creating a detailed shipping inventory.
  • Insurance. Your goods will be insured during transit. Should you require additional Accidental damage or Extended Liability cover, your Move Co-Ordinator will arrange it.
  • Non-Standard Items. Need to move a piano to the Hague? Or a valuable artwork? Schepens provides bespoke packaging, handling and shipping.
  • Self Storage. If you need to store furniture or household items in the UK, Schepens has a number of local storage facilities. We provide door-to-door service, and a secure, climate-controlled environment.
  • Transport. Your goods will be shipped in one of our state-of-the-art removals vehicles which maintain a constant temperature and humidity, run on air ride suspension and boast an adjustable bearing system, which ensures little or no movement of vehicle content.

Stress-Free European Removals

As a leading provider of European removals in the UK, we take pride in the reputation we’ve built for offering a stress-free service to movers. This is thanks to the high standard of work provided by our removals teams. Every single employee is trained to industry standards, which means they’re skilled and knowledgeable problem solvers, as well as being prepared, wherever necessary, to go the extra mile.

“We have been fortunate enough to meet some wonderful people like yourselves who have gone that extra mile to help us. Your help and support has been outstanding and we just wanted you to know how much we appreciated it.”

Wondering what living in The Hague is like? Schepens asks clients now settled in the city. For more info on our European removals call 01794 323558