Living in Gothenburg

Living in Gothenburg

Living in Gothenburg

Gothenburg, on Sweden’s west coast, is home to the country’s busiest industrial harbour. And if you’d visited the city a couple of decades ago, that would have been the headline. Over the past 20 years though, Gothenburg has transformed itself from an industry base to a 21st century city that’s a great place to settle in.

As of 2019 there were 210,000 expats living and working in Gothenburg. As Sweden’s second-biggest city there’s plenty of companies with making the city their base, with Volvo being the best known. But are the economic opportunities the only reason to settle there? We asked some of our clients, now with homes in the city, what it’s like living in Gothenburg, day-to-day.

A Laid Back City

Gothenburg isn’t trying to be ‘the best’; it’s just trying to be a great place to live in and to visit. It doesn’t have any of the stress you experience in Stockholm; there’s something very grounded about living here. The people are really open and friendly, and it’s easy to get around the city so you don’t feel lost in an urban sprawl.

Hang Out in Haga

This area of Gothenburg was so run down that lots of the buildings were demolished in the 70s. Now it’s the alternative centre of the city. The cobbled streets are now home to cafes, bars and independent shops. It’s typical Gothenburg; Haga hasn’t been developed for tourism (although tourists visit in their droves), it’s simply evolved to meet the city’s latest needs.

Move to Gothenburg if You Love the Great Outdoors

One of the joys of living in a small city is that you can be in the most stunning natural surroundings in minutes rather than hours. If you love the sea, you can take a boat to one of the islands on the southern archipelago for the day. Or you can take one of the city’s trams to local beaches, about 30 minutes out of the centre. For hikers there are woods and lakes walking distance from your front door. It rains a lot – but it’s just a fact of life and everyone tends to ignore it.

Amsterdam in the North

Gothenburg’s built on marshy ground. As a consequence it has numerous canals running through the city. Taking the Paddan boat tour is a bit touristy but it’s a great way to understand why this maritime city is so important to Sweden, and it gives you an opportunity to explore how many canals there are. Seeing Gothenburg from the water is also simply the best way to appreciate its unique beauty.

Finding a Place to Live is Difficult

Gothenburg’s popularity makes it a really difficult place to rent property. There are simply too many people for too little accommodation. And it’s expensive – although no as expensive as Stockholm. This is a great city to live in, and the transport system is just about able to cope, but it’s badly in need of new, or refurbished, good quality rental property.

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