Living in Bremen

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Living in Bremen

Living in Bremen

Bremen has the distinction of being named in one of stories written by the Brothers Grimm: The Town Musicians of Bremen. In the folk tale, four animals that have outlived their usefulness to their masters, decide to move to Bremen, live freely and become musicians. For expats the move to Bremen is more likely to be about work, rather than freedom from it. Nevertheless, experiencing a new city can feel like being offered a stimulating, fresh perspective on the world.

Expats now living in Bremen, tell us what it’s like to live and work in a city that is medieval in origin, but decisively 21st century in its aspirations:

Bremen is Good for Your Health

The city encourages you to walk or cycle, rather than take the car. There’s plenty of cycle routes and it’s a really pedestrian-friendly city, so expats living in Bremen find themselves walking to work, and exploring the region by bike at the weekends. On Sunday all the shops close, encouraging outdoor activities instead of spending money. Which is good for your health and your bank balance!

The Schnoor Quarter is Captivating

The Schnoor dates back to the 1400s, making it the oldest part of Bremen. It was originally home to the port workers, and ‘schnoor’ refers to the workshops where ships’ rigging was made. Now this labyrinth of impossibly tiny houses, on crowded cobble alleyways is a popular tourist location, full of shops, cafes and restaurants. Visiting it makes you feel like you’ve dropped into one of those Grimm folk stories.

It Can Be Difficult to Meet People

We hear again and again that it’s a good idea to seek out an expat forum before moving to the city. There’s lots of expats in Bremen, but they tend to exist in work-related pockets, so you need to make contact via social media. If you prefer to take the plunge, rather than relying on expats, invest some time in learning German (if you’re not already fluent). It’s a huge advantage when it comes to finding like-minded people across the city.

Christmas is Amazing

There’s a traditional German Christmas market in Bremen each year. The primary location is the Marketplatz, but it also extends along the banks of the River Weser. You simply can’t avoid feeling Christmassy from from the end of November onwards. Then, the week between Christmas and New Year in Germany everything stops. People really take time out; it feels incredibly special.

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Schepens Provide Removals to Germany

We’re a leading provider of European removals in the UK. For over 100 years the Schepens family has been moving families overseas. We’re now in our fourth generation of providing stress-free removals. We ship regularly to Bremen and all the major towns and cities in Germany. As a consequence we’re able to offer flexible scheduling for clients, and full or part load removals.

Tailored Removals to Bremen

Moving to a European city can be challenging, even if you’re a seasoned traveller. Schepens provides support every step of the way. Our professional move co-ordinators will work with you to create a removals plan based on your specific requirements. Our free no obligation quote will be based on that.


Schepens removal services include:

  • Professional Packing Services. Our BAR trained teams can pack up your home if you wish. If you prefer to pack yourself, we’ll provide robust packaging for you.
  • Insurance. Your goods are insured during transit. If you would like additional cover, such as Accidental Damage, or Extended Liability, we can arrange this.
  • Non-Standard Goods. If you plan to ship valuable works of art, antiques, or a piano, we’ll provide bespoke packaging, shipping and handling.
  • Schepens Storage. Should you need to store furniture or goods locally, Schepens has secure, storage facilities.
  • Secure Transport. Your goods will be shipped in one of our state-of-the-art removals vehicles which run on air ride suspension and boast an adjustable bearing system, which ensures little or no movement of vehicle content.

We Take Customer Service Seriously

Our goal is ‘stress-free removals’, and we demonstrate our commitment to it from your first contact onwards. All our removals teams are trained to the highest UK industry standards, and take pride in their professional qualifications. Clients’ feedback tends to focus on the commitment of Schepens’ employees, their proactive attitude, and their readiness to go the extra mile for clients.

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