Living in Berlin

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Living in Berlin

Living in Berlin

For a number of years now Berlin has been one of the most popular weekend break destinations for Brits. But recent stats from the Office for National Statistics show that it’s also one of the most favoured spots for relocation in Germany. 79% of expats move to Berlin for work initially, but the report shows that after living in Berlin for a while, many decide to make a permanent home there.

Schepens has been offering Berlin removals for many decades now, and we have to admit to a great fondness for this vibrant city. We know, first hand, that many of the professionals we’ve moved to Berlin are still living there with their families to this day. We asked some of them what it is about Berlin that makes them want to make their lives there.

1. A Young, Sexy City to Live In

No matter what age you are, I defy anyone to feel old, or drab in Berlin. Yes, it’s got a great and eclectic nightlife but the tangible energy of the city is about more than just that. It’s something to do with the fact that people seem to be able to be who they want to be here, without getting judged or laughed at. So living in Berlin you feel free to try out different versions of yourself – it feels like a very safe city in that way.

2. Berlin is Cheaper Than Many Other European Capitals

The relatively low cost of living is, of course, one of the reasons why this is such a popular spot for a weekend break. And it’s true that a decent meal out is very affordable, and that the veg markets allow you to buy fresh produce at tremendously low prices. Apart from that, though, the accent in Berlin isn’t on spending money; it’s about taking a walk by the Spree, meeting up with friend to fly a kite at Templehof, or just hanging out with the family.

3. History on the Pavements

It took me a while to notice them, but once you do, you start seeing them everywhere. They’re the paving stones with the names of Jewish residents who left their homes never to return in WW2. History is everywhere in Berlin; it’s tangible. You can see the bullet holes in the walls of the Neues Museum, and you can visit the remnants of the Berlin wall. Berliners talk about their city as a place that is still healing – and you can feel that.

4. There are English Speaking Jobs

One of the major pluses of living in a city as popular as Berlin is the growing need for English speakers. There are new bars and restaurants always on the horizon, many targeted at foreigners who’s default language is English. It’s also a very entrepreneurial city; many Brits start off working for someone else, and end up starting their own business.

Schepens Provides Removals to Germany

Schepens is a leading UK provider of removals to Germany, making regular visits to Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and cities across the country. Because we make trips several times a week, we’re able to offer our clients flexible scheduling, and a choice of either part, or full load – dependent on the time they plan to stay in Germany.

Tailored European Removals

Even our most seasoned movers have confessed to us that European removals remain stressful, no matter how many times you do it. Since we began our removals company in the UK, over a century ago, our goal has been stress-free removals. That’s why each move is tailored by professional Move Co-ordinators to reflect the unique requirements of our movers. Once we have a detailed understanding of your needs, we provide a FREE no obligation removals quote to Germany.

Schepens removals services include:

  • Professional Packing Services. If your stomach churns at the thought of packing up your home, let our industry trained professionals do it for you. They’ll pack in hours, label all your boxes, and create a detailed shipping inventory.
  • Insurance. Your goods are insured in transit. Should you require additional Accidental Damage, or Extended Liability, your Move Co-ordinator can arrange cover.
  • Specialist Removals. Should you wish to move a piano, art work or antique to Berlin, Schepens specialist removers can arrange its safe passage. They’ll provide bespoke packaging, handling and shipping.
  • Self Storage. Dependent on the length of your stay in Berlin, you may require storage for your furniture and goods. Schepens has a number of local self storage depots. We provide door-to-door delivery and a secure, climate-controlled environment.
  • Transport. Our dedicated fleet of articulated removals vehicles travels between Germany and the UK on a regular basis. These state-of-the-art vehicles offer the perfect environment for shipped goods. Our fleet runs on air ride suspension, and has an adjustable bearing system. This means that we’re able to guarantee minimum movement of your goods, and discrete partitioning for consignments.

Second-to-None Service From Schepens

We take great pride in the reputation we’ve built for flawless customer service, and we work hard to maintain it. Every Schepens employee is trained to industry standards, and considers themselves a removals professional. This means that they’re confident, proactive problem solvers, efficient team members, and always willing to go the extra mile on behalf of our customers.

“I’ve just heard from Germany that your chaps have been and collected my stuff and are now on their way again. My uncle who is there and let them in asked me to write and tell you that you have a fantastic team! They were very pleasant, efficient, hard working, and took the greatest care in wrapping and loading. It was an impressive operation.”

Best Regards

Schepens are leading UK providers of removals to Berlin. If you’re looking for an experienced company, with a reputation for stress-free removals, call us on 01794 323558