Living and Working in the Netherlands

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Living and Working in the Netherlands

What’s it Like Living and Working in the Netherlands?

As a UK removals company with a passion for European removals, Schepens has a long history of relocating professionals, students, and families to the Netherlands. Sandwiched between Belgium and Germany, with a North Sea coast, it’s one of Europe’s great, flat plains. It’s also one of the oldest seafaring trading nations in Europe, a proud tradition which maintains to this day.

Many of our movers are now living and working in the Netherlands, so we asked them what it’s like to settle there.

1. I’d Live Here for the Snacks Alone

The Dutch aren’t known for their culinary traditions – why not? OK, so many of the snacks I love aren’t that healthy, but I can always jump on a bike to burn off the calories. I knew about stroopwaffels when I arrived, but since then I discovered the delights of bitterballen, Dutch fries with mayonnaise, and the winter treats pepernoten (thank goodness they’re not available all year round!).

2. Work Knows Its Place in the Netherlands

I’ve worked in places where your life shrivels to nothing because of the demands made on you. The Dutch expect you to be focused, competent and personable, and that’s about it. You’ll work 40 hours a week and the rest of the time is yours. Your family is considered important, more important than work, and you’re treated with respect.

3. Bikes are a Religion

I didn’t like cycling before I came to work in Amsterdam. I still don’t like cycling but it’s the best way to get around the city. And cycling makes much more sense in a flat country. My two children cycle everywhere, and so do all their friends so it’s easy for them to hook up and spend time together. Bikes are a bit of a cult here, though, and I’m not that in love with them.

4. Forget Spontaneity

I spent the first few months thinking that I’d spontaneously end up having drinks with colleagues after work. No way. People in the Netherlands are very open, and they’re happy to chat on public transport or in shops, but a coffee needs to be booked in advance (at least a week) if it’s to happen. Now I organise, that works well, and I’ve joined a choir.

Stress-Free European Removals From Schepens

At Schepens we love what we do, and an important part of our work is the removal of stress for movers. If you have a removals company that knows what they’re are doing, there’s no need for the experience to be stressful. We’ve been providing removals to the Netherlands for more than a century; we know the country well, we make weekly runs, and our prices are affordable.

Tailored Removals to the Netherlands

Moving abroad, even for just a few months, requires careful organisation and planning. Why not let Schepens do it for you? Each mover is allocated a move co-ordinator who will create a tailored removals plan, based on your requirements, and work alongside you at every stage of the process.

Schepens removals services include:

  • Free No Obligation Removals Quote. As soon as we have the details of your move, we’ll prove an accurate removals quotation to help with your budgeting.
  • Insurance. Your goods will be covered whilst they’re in transit. If you require additional Extended Liability or Accidental Damage insurance, we can arrange cover.
  • Customs. We’re experienced at dealing with customs matters and know the rules and regulations associated with relocating to the Netherlands.
  • Professional Packing Service. If you wish, you can leave the packing up to our BAR trained packers. They’ll complete the job in hours using sturdy and sustainable packaging.
  • Specialist Removals. We can move pretty much anything to the Netherlands for you. Our specialist team are experienced movers of artworks, antiques, and pianos.
  • Self Storage. Need storage in the UK for furniture or goods? Schepens has a number of local self storage facilities offering a secure, well-managed environment.
  • Transport. Your goods are transported in one of our state-of-the-art removals vehicles which run on air ride suspension and boast an adjustable bearing system, ensuring little or no movement of vehicle content.

Excellent Customer Service

2nd time we have used Schepens now amazing service thanks to Tracey, Chris and the Schepens Team

Transparent throughout service

All Goods are handled with extreme care tagged and labelled nothing was missing or damaged 10/10.

Would use their service again 100%

Many thanks Schepens. Amazing!!!

Terry S.

Moving to the Netherlands? Call Schepens to find out more about the specialist services we can offer to support your move – 01794 323558