How to Relocate to Sweden

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How to Relocate to Sweden

A Concise Guide for Stress-Free Removals to Sweden

The Schepens family has been helping families relocating to Sweden for over 100 years now. Four generations on, it sometimes feels like we know this beautiful country as well as our home in the UK. We continue to offer weekly runs for returning families, professionals moving to Sweden for work, or students studying there. If you’re wondering how to relocate to Sweden, read on for Schepens’ concise guide.

What’s It Like Living and Working in Sweden?

Schepens specialises in helping individuals relocate to Sweden. Over the past decade, Sweden in particular, has become a popular choice with people from the UK for living, working, or studying overseas, and it’s not hard to understand why.

For individuals living on a small, overcrowded island, the sheer size and space on offer in Sweden is attractive in itself. Its population is just a fifth of the UK’s and yet it’s almost twice the size. Much of the country is covered in forest and a good proportion of its northerly region is completely unpopulated. Sweden may not be an island, but with 3,000 km of coastline and 100,000 lakes, water is certainly a defining feature of its landscape.

If you’re planning a relocation to Sweden, you may be wondering about the culture of Sweden, and how it differs from the UK. To find out, we asked some Schepens movers who have successfully relocated to Sweden:

Swedish Cities Are Good To Look At and Live In

“Swedish citizens have a shared concern about the environment in which they live, which translates into a totally proactive desire to keep neighbourhoods looking and feeling good. Communities work together a good deal to achieve this aim and, whilst it felt a bit overwhelming when I first moved here, I really appreciate it now. City transport works like clockwork, and everything seems to operate amazingly efficiently.”

Healthy Work/Life Balance

“The Swedish workplaces I’ve encountered are imbued with an atmosphere of trust and support. The recruitment process is incredibly thorough, but that leads to an assumption that you can do your job without being micromanaged. Remote working is always up for negotiation, as is flexible working. The aim is to provide the right conditions to allow employees to bring the best of themselves to work each day.”

Swedes Have a Healthy Lifestyle

“Weekends are all about getting outside with friends or family, and participating in ice hockey, hiking or whatever your sport of choice is. Sweden is a stunning country and when the weekend arrives, we pack up the car and head out to explore. I know it’s a cliché to comment on the space in Sweden, but you really do feel like your lungs are expanding with all the extra air you breathe in.”

Finding a Job in Sweden

When considering how to relocate to Sweden, the first task will be to find a job. UK citizens need a job offer from a Swedish company in order to move to Sweden to live. You’ll need details of the salary on offer and type of contract. Sweden is renowned for the support it offers to entrepreneurs, so businesses as well as individuals are considering relocation. In order to get a residence permit businesses are required to commit to remaining in the country for at least twelve months.

Finding a Job in Sweden

Applying for a Swedish Work Permit

Once you have a job offer, your employer will do much of the work to secure your work permit for you.

They will make the initial application, and only once it is being processed will you be contacted by email. If your work permit application is successful, and your contract is for more than 3 months, you will automatically receive a residence permit at the same time.

Finding Accommodation Sweden

Finding Accommodation

When looking for a rental property in Sweden, it’s likely that you’ll start your search before leaving the UK. Start as soon as you can, because finding somewhere to live in Sweden can be quite challenging. Websites and apps like Hemnet, Blocket, and Airbnb can be valuable resources for finding apartments or houses for rent.

Renting a property in Sweden is a straightforward process that offers two primary options:

  • Short-Term Rentals. Arranging short-term rentals is simple. All you need is a copy of your passport, and in some cases, proof of income might be required. The rental costs for these properties are generally on a par with long-term rentals, making them a convenient choice for temporary stays.
  • Long-Term Rentals. Finding a long-term rental managed directly by the landlord is the ideal scenario, though these are relatively uncommon. In most cases, you’ll come across second-hand rentals or sublets, which often come with an additional premium. If you’re fortunate enough to secure a first-hand contract, you will need a Swedish Identity Number (issued automatically to employees), an employment contract, and proof of income.

Healthcare and Insurance

Sweden is globally recognised for its healthcare system, and as a resident, you’ll have access to high-quality medical services. You’ll need to register with the local health authorities to obtain a Swedish personal identity number (Personnummer), which is essential for accessing healthcare and other public services.

Healthcare is largely publicly funded in Sweden. There are small fees for services such as doctor’s visits, hospital stays, and prescription medications. These fees are capped, though, to ensure that healthcare is accessible and affordable to everyone. If you want extra peace of mind it’s worth enquiring about private healthcare insurance options.

Education and Childcare

If you have children, you’ll need contact your local municipality to register for free elementary and secondary school. Sweden offers high-quality, free education for children up to the age of 18, with a focus on individual development and creativity. If you are looking for schools that teach the same curriculum as the UK, there are numerous international schools offering an English-speaking education.

Banking and Finances

Opening a bank account in Sweden is relatively straightforward, and it’s essential for managing your finances and day-to-day transactions. Compare different banks to find the one that suits your needs best. Sweden is a largely cashless society, so be prepared to use your phone or card in preference to cash in most shops, cafes and restaurants.

Banking and Finances

Learning Swedish

If you’re wondering how to relocate to Sweden if you dont speak Swedish, you can relax. English is taught from an early age in Swedish schools, so most people you encounter will speak excellent English. If, however you’re planning to live and work in Sweden for any length of time, you’ll find it very helpful to start to learn the Swedish language. It will improve your chances of making friends, understanding the culture, and enjoying your time there.

Schepens Know How to Relocate to Sweden

Schepens has been relocating movers to Sweden for over a century. Our runs to Sweden are so established that we even have a depot in Jönköping. This means that we can provide movers with flexible scheduling, affordable costs, and part or dedicated shipping for your goods.

Tailored Removals to Sweden

Tailored Removals to Sweden

Every Schepens mover is allocated an experienced move co-ordinator, because we believe that having specialist support from someone who knows Sweden well is important. They will be available throughout your move to provide advice and offer guidance if you need it.

Schepens’ removals to Sweden services include:

  • Pre-Move Assessment. We offer an online or face-to-face assessment, whichever suits you best. It gives us the opportunity to understand your move and suggest any services that may be of relevance. Once complete we provide a no-obligation removals quote to help with your budgeting.
  • In-Transit Insurance. Your goods will be insured throughout the journey from the UK to Sweden. If you require additional Accidental Damage, or Extended Liability insurance, your move co-ordinator can arrange it for you.
  • Customs Paperwork. We have a detailed understanding of the Swedish customs regulations which means that we are happy to fill in your paperwork for you.
  • Professional Packing Service. Our professional packing team will pack up your home in hours, label your boxes, and create a detailed shipping inventory. We use sturdy, sustainable packing materials.
  • Specialist Removals. If you’re moving a piano, an artwork or valuable antiques, our specialist team can provide bespoke packaging, handling, and shipping.
  • Self Storage in UK. If you need to store goods or furniture in the UK, Schepens has local storage facilities. We provide a door-to-door service and a secure environment.
  • Transport. Your goods will be shipped in one of our state-of-the-art removals vehicles which run on air ride suspension and boast an adjustable bearing system, which ensures little or no movement of vehicle content.

Second-to-None Customer Service

“We couldn’t be more satisfied with our move! Being from the UK to a European destination could potentially have been trickier but has been absolutely faultless. Everything has been done to perfection. All the staff from the offices, packaging to the delivery has been impeccable. Highly recommended Schepens Removal!”

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So, now you know how to relocate to Sweden. When planning your move, call Schepens to find out about the range of services we can support you with – 01794 323558