How to Move to Norway

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How to Move to Norway

How to Move to Norway

Schepens has been moving families to Norway for over a century now, and we’re familiar with every part of this beautiful country. For many of our customers, though, the prospect is daunting because of the sheer magnitude of the planning in preparation for the move. Our professional Move Co-ordinators support Schepens movers throughout this challenging process, and so they’ve created this ‘How to Move to Norway’ guide.

1. Create a Moving Schedule

Many Schepens customers are moving to Norway to work, so they have a clear deadline for when they need to be moved into their new home. This is an excellent starting point as it allows you to work backwards, providing you with a series of steps you need to take. This will include deadlines for finding a house to rent, packing up your home and shipping your goods to Norway.

Schepens travels to Norway several times a week, which means that we are able to offer our customers a flexible schedule for shipping, and the option of full or part load shipping. Your Move Co-ordinator will advise you on shipping dates to align with the date you want to move. We can also manage all your customs paperwork for you.

2. Professional Packers or Do It Yourself?

High on our list of ‘How to Move to Norway’ tips is the need to decide whether you’ll pack up your home yourself, or get professional packers to do the work for you. If you’re feeling stressed by the process of moving, professional packing services can be a great stress-buster. They’ll pack up your home in hours, label all your boxes, and create a detailed shipping inventory.

If you’re wanting to move specialist items, such as a piano or a much loved antique, or work of art, you’ll need a specialist team to manage the move for you. Schepens will assess the item to be moved, and determine exactly the requirements to ensure its safety and security at every stage of the journey. Our specialist teams provide bespoke packaging, handling and shipping.

3. Budget for Your Move

One of the biggest stresses for our customers relocating to Norway tends to be a fear of costs running out of control. That’s why Schepens offers a FREE no obligation quote that is both accurate and transparent. Every customer works with a Move Co-ordinator to create a detailed removal plan and it’s only when this is complete that we assess the cost of the removal.

Other costs to take into account when planning your removals to Norway budget are:

  • Rent. Landlords in Norway take a much bigger deposit than in the UK. You should budget for at least 6 months rent in advance.
  • Cost of Living. Norway is an expensive country to live in, so it’s a good idea to budget realistically for your first month’s shopping, transport and utilities.
  • Storage. If you’re relocating to Norway for a fixed period of time, you may want to store furniture and goods in a local self storage depot in the UK.

4. Get a Moving Team You Can Rely On

European removals requires highly trained staff who know the country, the roads and the culture in order to be able to support movers comprehensively. Schepens have a very special relationship with all the Scandinavian countries, thanks to the many decades of removals to Norway from the UK we’ve been part of.

Schepens removals teams are trained to industry standards, in order to be best equipped to offer stress-free removals to Norway for our customers. Every single team member is a professional and therefore a proactive problem solver on your behalf. They’ll ensure that your move is as smooth and trouble free as possible, and they won’t hesitate to go the extra mile if necessary.

Schepens Provides Tailored Removals to Norway

Having moved hundreds of families to locations across the length and breadth of Norway, we know that every single move is unique. That’s why we treat every single customer as an individual with specific, non-standard requirements. From your first call through to moving day, you’ll find a very special level of care and attention from Schepens.


“Our container arrived just a few hours before we did and after unpacking everything we are delighted to report that there were absolutely no breakages whatsoever! Thank you so much for packing it so expertly. Your expertise made the whole process very easy for us and we will have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone who needs to move belongings abroad. Thank you once again for all your help.”

Simon Biag

Take a look at the Schepens ‘How to Move to Norway’ guidance. We’re UK leaders in relocating to Norway and European removals. Call us on 01794 323558