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Home Removals to Portugal
Portugal remains one of the most popular destinations for migrants from the UK. It’s easy to understand why — it is a beautiful country with friendly people and an exciting culture. Portugal continues to experience rapid economic growth, which also makes it an excellent place to start a business or find employment.


If you are moving to Portugal in the coming year, use an experience UK to Portugal removals company like Schepens. We are a family owned business that began operation over 100 years go. Our company specialises in home removals to Portugal and have helped thousands of people move to this wonderful country over the years.

All of our Portugal residential removals are managed by a skilled move coordinator. Their job is to explain the finer details of the removal and answer any questions that you may have. Your move coordinator can also help you complete customs paperwork and offer advice on life in Portugal. It is their job to make all home removals to Portugal simple for our clients.

This guide will share some useful resources to make your move to Portugal easier. We’ll also explain why Schepens is the best European removals company for Portugal removals.

Why are so people moving to Portugal from the UK?

The number of people from the UK to Portugal continues to increase each year. The most common reasons why people move to Portugal include:

The cost of living is affordable

Portugal is a relatively inexpensive place to live. UK residents find it much cheaper to eat at restaurants, rent a nice home, pay utility bills, and purchase consumer items. There is much less financial stress in Portugal, which is one of the reasons why retirees and students often move there.

Portugal’s economy is growing strongly

Portugal has an advanced industrialised economy with a high GDP per capita. The strongest export industries include motor vehicle parts, clothing, medicines, electronics, wine, paper, and fossil fuel products. The government is very pro-business and makes it as easy as possible for entrepreneurs to launch a new business.

The lifestyle is incredible

Portugal is a beautiful country that offers residents an incredible lifestyle. It is packed with hundreds of incredible cafes, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. The natural beauty of the place is incredible, with pristine beaches and pristine natural parks. It is a wonderful country that you will enjoy.

The Portuguese education system is strong

One of the major factors that encourages families to move to Portugal is the strength of its education system. Although it shares a similar curriculum to schools in the UK, it is organised differently with the following levels:

  • Primary school 1º Ciclo 
This is the first four years of school for a young child. It covers many topics including the Portuguese Language, Mathematics, English, art, physical education, and music.
  • Primary school 2º Ciclo
 This cycle runs for two years and covers the same subjects in more detail along with history, geography, and natural sciences.
  • Primary school 3º Ciclo
 This cycle runs for three years and begins to delve into more advanced topics including foreign languages, natural sciences, physics and chemistry.
  • Secondary education 
The final three years of school involves advanced maths, science, philosophy and foreign languages. Students can also choose electives that make them ready for the workforce. Options include marketing, computing, construction, electronics and music.

Useful Resources For Moving to Portugal

Schepens make Removals to Portugal easy!

Schepens is a leading provider of home removals to Portugal. Our talented team will make your move to Portugal simple and safe. The main reasons to choose Schepens for UK to Portugal Removals include:

We provide affordable home removals to Portugal

Schepens is a very large European removals company with depots across Europe. The large scale of our operations helps us perform removals at a more affordable rate than our competitors. Despite being an affordable option for UK to Portugal removals, we always maintain our very high standards.

All removals are fully insured

Our removals are performed using a highly staff trained staff with all of the appropriate insurances. All removals vehicles are fully insured and only driven by trained professionals. Clients also have many types of cargo insurance to choose from. Your move coordinator will help you find the perfect insurance option for your budget and cargo.

All UK to Portugal removals performed by trained professionals

Our removals are performed by removers trained according to British Association of Removers standards. These strict standards cover everything from the packing materials used through to the procedures for loading removals trucks. By adhering to these standards, we ensure that all removals are performed professionally — with a strong focus on safety and efficiency.

Customs handling

In addition to providing you with updates on the status of the removal, your dedicated move coordinator can help you complete any customs paperwork. This makes moving to Portugal from the UK even simpler!

We offer a professional packing service

Schepens offers all clients moving to Portugal an optional professional packing service. When you choose this service, our removers will packing all of your smaller items for you into sturdy cardboard boxes — ensuring your possessions are adequately protected for the journey to Portugal.

If you would like to learn more about moving to Home Removals to Portugal, contact us today on 01794 323558. We offer obligation-free quotes and free advice!