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Planning for Home Removals to Southampton

Feeling anxious about your move to Southampton? That’s perfectly natural. Packing up your home and transporting it somewhere else is a stressful thing to do. Why so stressful? Because you’re not just transporting your physical home; you’re also transporting your psychological home too. All your internal mapping is about to change. This means you’re saying goodbye to lots of people and places that mean a lot to you, as well as moving towards an exciting new future.

Schepens has been moving families to Southampton for over a century now, and we do all we can to reduce the anxieties that cluster around the process of moving. We can’t eradicate stress entirely, but we can offer support along the way by providing broad shoulders to help bear the burden of organising, planning and managing moving day. Here’s a few of the ways that we help movers planning for home removals to Southampton.

1. A Friendly Service

Many of our movers tell us that from their first call to Schepens onwards, they felt they were in a safe hands. That’s what we like to hear. All our employees are here to help and support movers in whatever way they can. So tell us what’s stressing you out about your move, and we’ll see if we can help. Often, just having someone at the other end of the phone, who knows removals to Southampton like the back of their hand is enough to allay those fears.

2. A Southampton Moving Company

Schepens is a family-run, 4th generation Southampton moving company. We’re local to the city and so are our removals teams. So, if you need to know about local resources, or you want to know about the tastiest places to eat, we can help. We’ll also advise you on the best days and times to schedule your move in order to avoid local traffic snags. And we’ll ensure there’s a parking spot at your new home for unloading.

3. Free No Obligation Quote

All removals companies offer this – but most provide a ‘ball-park figure’. Schepens goes one step further. A Move-Co-ordinator will work with you to develop a removals plan which is unique to your specific requirements. It’s this detailed plan that forms the basis of our FREE no obligation quote. We want you to feel secure that you can plan your budget around the figure we quote, and there won’t be any nasty surprises along the way.

4. Professional Packing Service

Many of our home removals to Southampton customers are happy to pack up their own homes, and have the time to devote to it. We support them by providing professional quality packing materials. If you feel that you can’t commit the time or energy to doing your own packing, take advantage of our professional packing service. The Schepens team will do the job in hours, label all your boxes, and create a detailed inventory.

5. Specialist Removals

If your planning includes piano removals to Southampton, moving a valuable piece of fine art, or relocating fragile antiques, we’ll handle it. Our specialist teams will assess the process and specialist equipment required to make the move safely. We’ll provide bespoke packaging, manage the moving operation, and ship your item in one of our state-of-the-art vehicles.

6. Self Storage in Southampton

Schepens provides both removals and storage in Southampton. We discovered that more and more of our movers were looking for self storage in Southampton as part of their move. And so we now have local self storage facilities we can offer. We provide door-to-door delivery, and a fully secured and climate-controlled environment for your stored items.

7. Second-to-None Removals Vehicles

Our fleet of vehicles guarantee safe and secure transport for your home in transit. Your goods will be transported in one of our state-of-the-art removals vehicles which maintain a constant temperature and humidity, run on air ride suspension and boast an adjustable bearing system, which ensures little or no movement of vehicle content.

8. We Go The Extra Mile

Every member of the Schepens’ removals team takes pride in the reputation we’ve built for excellent customer service. We’re all invested, and we’re prepared to go the extra mile to provide a stress-free removals service. Our employees are industry trained professionals who are proactive problem solvers, providing friendly specialist support from your first phone call through to the successful completion of your move.

“Your help and support has been outstanding. We have been fortunate enough to meet some wonderful people like yourselves who have gone that extra mile to help us. We just wanted you to know how much we appreciated it.”

If you’re planning a move to Southampton, call our friendly moving team today to find out how Schepens can provide stress-free removals – 02380 070071