Germany Resources


Moving abroad can be a stressful event, especially when you don’t know that much about the place you are moving to. To aid this, we have produced a Guide to moving to and Living in Germany, written by English expat in Germany Ian Jamieson. You will see we have got tips on a range of topics, from education to employment:

Banking in Germany
Contains adivce about banking and finance in Germany, residence registration, bank accounts, taxation and property taxation.

Driving in Germany
Contains advice about vehicle registration, winter driving, low emission zones, insuring your car in Germany, traffic laws.

Household Issues in Germany
Advice on utility accounts, insurance, electricity, oil and gas, stove heating, water, telephone and internet.

Education in Germany
Contains info about kindergarten, secondary education, vocational education and training, higher education and international schools.

Employment in Germany
Info about employment contracts, management culture and health insurance.

German Holidays
A short guide to holidays and celebrations in Germany, such as Oktoberfest and of course, Christmas.