Furniture Removals to San Francisco

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Furniture Removals to San Francisco

San Francisco is an iconic city that attracts thousands of migrants each year. It is known for its incredible prosperity, beautiful environment, vibrant culture, and famous landmarks. It also has an incredible art and music scene, and a strong economy that is the envy of the rest of the world.

Thousands of people choose to move to San Francisco from the UK each year. If you are one of those people, choose an experienced international removals company like Schepens. We specialise in furniture removals to San Francisco from the UK and have helped thousands of clients make this journey.

All of our removals to USA from the UK are overseen by skilled move coordinators. They guide clients through the removals process — answering questions, providing advice on what to pack, sharing information on life in San Francisco and much more. Your move coordinator can even help you complete any customs paperwork required to move to San Francisco. They make furniture removals to the USA from UK simple!

In this article, we are going to explain the Schepens process for international furniture removals to San Francisco. Afterwards, we’ll explain why Schepens is the leading UK removals firm for the USA.

Our Furniture Removals Process

Schepens is a family owned company, established more than 100 years ago. Over the years, we have continually improved our approach to international removals. We have developed rigorous procedures for our removals — which focus on safety, efficiency, and security.

All of our procedures are backed up by British Association of Removers (BAR) standards. These standards dictate how many contingency plans should be in place, what quality packing materials should be used, and much more. Because we work according to these standards, you can rest assured that our furniture removals to San Francisco are performed professionally. The Schepens furniture removals process includes the following steps:

Stage 1: Initial meeting and quotation

The first step involves a meeting with one of our move coordinators. During this meeting, our move coordinator will ask a series of questions about your removal. It is performed so we can make an accurate furniture removal quote to San Francisco from the UK.

If you are moving a business or have a large home, this meeting is often carried out in person. This allows our move coordinator to inspect your cargo and assess its condition. If the removal is smaller, the meeting may be carried out over the phone or online. Some of the questions that the move coordinator will ask to include:

  • Where in San Francisco will your cargo be headed?
  • When would you like to schedule your furniture removal to San Francisco?
  • What kind of cargo will be moved?
  • Do you have any pieces of furniture that are particularly heavy, large, or fragile?
  • Are there any access issues with the departure or destination locations?
  • Would you like to temporarily store your cargo with Schepens?
  • Would you like us to pack all of your cargo for you?
  • Would you like to use a dedicated load or shared load for delivery?

If you have a complex removal, the move coordinator may ask detailed questions about specific pieces of furniture. This helps us provide an accurate quotation and make any additional preparations for handling your cargo.

The move coordinator will also mention the cargo insurance options that are available. We work with a number of high-quality insurance companies to provide clients with the best cargo insurance plans on the market.

Stage 2: Quote preparation

Once our move coordinator has the details they require, they will create a detailed furniture removal quote to San Francisco. This comprehensive quote will clearly outline the cargo being move, the destination, the pickup date, the delivery window, the additional services being purchased and much more. It will also display the total cost for your removal to San Francisco. Unlike some other companies providing furniture removals to USA from the UK, our total cost is the final price. There are no unexpected extras. When you receive a furniture removal quote to San Francisco, it is 100% free and completely obligation-free.

Stage 3: Our packing process for furniture Removals to San Francisco

Because Schepens is such an experienced company, we understand how cargo must be protected for long international removals. All of our removals use tried-and-tested packing techniques combined with the highest quality packing materials. Some of the steps we take when performing furniture removals to USA from the UK include:

  • Thick layers of plastic and corrugated cardboard are applied to soft or fragile surfaces like soft timbers porcelain, and glass.
  • We identify any particularly fragile items and carefully protect them with bubble wrap
  • Some pieces of furniture may be partially disassembled if it helps to improve the safety or efficiency of your removal to San Francisco
  • You move coordinator will supervise the loading of your cargo to ensure it is done correctly.
  • Upholstered surfaces maybe covered with plastic to protect them against moisture and dust

“I want to thank you for the very good service you offered me and I recommended your company to my friends. Every step of the process was very professionally done and your crew consists of nice and competent people. Thank you very much for everything.”

Why Use Schepens For Furniture Removals to San Francisco?

Schepens is one of the leading USA removalists from the UK. We help many clients move to the United States each year and know the country well. If you are looking for a safe pair of hands to move your cargo — look no further! Some other reasons to use Schepens for furniture removals to USA from the UK include:

The most affordable UK Removals Firm for the USA

Removal Truck Furniture Removals to San Francisco

Schepens is a very large company, moving thousands of tons of cargo internationally each year. The size of our business helps us obtain discounts from fuel suppliers and other third party companies. Those discounts are all passed onto our highly-valued clients, making us one of the most affordable USA Removalists from the UK.

Schepens is a 4th generation family owned company

Our family has been performing removals for well over 100 years! We are very proud of the company that we have built and are committed to being the best removal company to the USA. We treat each client with a tremendous amount of respect and appreciation — we want you to feel like you are dealing with a friendly family!

We regularly perform furniture removals to San Francisco

Our company helps many clients move to San Francisco each year. This has helped us developed strong local knowledge of the city and the logistics of the journey. If you are looking for a knowledgeable furniture removal company to USA from UK, choose Schepens.

100% free furniture removal quote to San Francisco

All prospective clients will receive a 100% free and completely obligation-free removal quote for furniture removals to San Francisco. This quote clearly lists all of the details of the removal, allowing you to easily see the value we provide!

Clients can use our optional packing service

We offer clients an optional professional packing service. When you use this service, we will pack all of your smaller items for you, including cutlery, crockery, and knick knacks. Using this service ensures your cargo is adequately protected for the move to San Francisco.

If you furniture removals to San Francisco this year, choose a professional international removals company like Schepens! Contact Schepens today on 01794 323558 to discuss your requirements with our friendly staff.

We have helped people to move to all areas in America, including: New York City, Washington DC, MiamiDenverTexas, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Chicago.