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Furniture Removals to Örebro Örebro is a beautiful city located in central Sweden. It is an economic powerhouse and a historically-significant city packed with culture. Örebro offers residents a high standard of living and is a very family friendly location. It also attracts thousands of migrants from across Europe each year, including many UK expats.

Moving to Örebro can be made easier by using a professional European removals company like Schepens. We are a 4th-generation family-owned business that was established over 100 years ago. We regularly perform furniture removals to Örebro and know this remarkable city well.

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Our company specialises in UK to Sweden removals. We have even built a large office and cargo processing facility in Sweden to streamline our UK to Sweden removals and improve our service delivery.

All removals are performed by talented removers who are trained to British Association of Remover standards. This helps to ensure that your cargo will be moved safely and efficiently to its destination in Örebro.

This article will share some details of our removals process to help you understand what happens when you move with Schepens. We’ll also share a few reasons why Schepens are the leading Örebro removals company.

Furniture Removals to Örebro — Our Process

Schepens is one of the most experienced UK removals companies servicing Örebro. We have been helping clients move to this wonderful city for decades and look forward to helping many more clients in the future.

Our company has created a series of very stringent processes for our removals. They are designed to ensure that all cargo is handled safely and adequately protected for a long distance journey.

All removals are performed in accordance with the standards created by the British Association of Removers standards (BAR). These standards cover many aspects of the removal including the quality of the packing materials used and the number of insurance plans that should be offered to clients. The Schepens process for removals to Örebro includes the following steps:

Step 1 — Initial client meeting

The first step in our removal process is a meeting with one of our move coordinators. This meeting helps our team understand the logistics of your removal. It also gives you a chance to ask questions about the removal and learn more about our company.

The meeting can be carried out over the phone or via email for smaller removals. However, we recommend a face-to-face for larger or complex removals. We may ask to see some of the items that you are moving if they are particularly fragile or difficult to move. This will help us understand any unique preparations that must be made.

Some of the questions that the move coordinator will ask during the meeting include:

  • What date would you like to schedule your removal for?
  • Where will your cargo be delivered to?
  • Which items will be moved?
  • Are there any extremely valuable pieces necessitating the presence of security guards?
  • Do you have any extremely heavy, fragile or unwieldy cargo?
  • Are there access issues for either the destination or pickup location?
  • Would you like a dedicated container or a shared container?
  • Would you like us to pack your cargo for you?
  • Would you like to use the Schepens storage service?

This meeting can last anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour, depending on the nature of your removal.

Stage 2 — Quotation

After we have gathered all of the necessary details from you, one of our move coordinators will create a detailed quote. The quote will clearly identify all of the services that are included, the pickup date, delivery window, cargo itinerary, and total cost. The total cost listed on the quote is our final price — unlike other removals companies, we will not add on any unexpected fees.

Once your move coordinator has all of the information they require, they will prepare a detailed quote. This quote will clearly list the services included in the removal, the delivery window, and the cargo being moved. It will also list the total price for the move. This will be the total cost for a door-to-door removal. Unlike some of our competitors, there are no hidden extras. All quotes for furniture removals to Örebro are 100% free and 100% obligation free.

Stage 3 — Our professional packing service

We offer all clients the use of our optional professional packing service. If you choose this service, our team of experienced removers will pack your cargo for you. This service will save you time and ensure that your possessions are correctly prepared for the move to Örebro.

We will carefully prepare all of your smaller possessions, including cutlery, crockery, paintings, and photographs. Wrapping each item before placing it into a sturdy cardboard box.

Schepens provides all of the packing materials when you use our packing service — including cardboard boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and packing paper.

If you have decided to use our packing service, we will arrange a time to visit your home or business and prepare your cargo. In many cases, we will simply prepare your cargo on day that we are scheduled to pick it up. However, for larger removals we may arrange a time a couple of days in advance of the pickup date.

Stage 4 — Your furniture is prepared and loaded

We will then prepare your furniture and load it onto the removals truck. Our team takes various steps to ensure your possession are adequately protected for the journey to Örebro, including:

  • We will wrap all fragile components in bubble wrap or packing paper
  • Soft surfaces that are prone to being scratched will be covered with plastic or cardboard to protect them during the journey
  • We may partially disassemble some pieces if it improves the safety of your Örebro removal
  • Mirrors and glass tables are covered with thick layers of cardboard to prevent chipping
  • One of our move coordinators will be available to oversee the entire process.

“I just wanted to say thank you for organising our move to Sweden. We are yet to unpack everything but was great to have our things delivered the day after my arrival. A very special thanks to Tomas and Liam who delivered. They worked so hard carrying, sometimes as the rain was pouring down and it was warm and sticky. Both very young men, polite and professional and great advertisers for Schepens. Everyone we’ve been in contact with from Schepens has been very helpful. Best regards from Mona” – London to Sweden

Why Use Schepens for Furniture Removals to Örebro?

There are many reasons for using Schepens for removals to Örebro, including:

We provide affordable UK to Sweden removals

The scale of our business allows us to obtain operational efficiencies that our competitors cannot match. We can also negotiate excellent deals with suppliers. These factors combine to make us one of the most affordable options for Örebro removals.

Our team regularly performs Örebro removals

Schepens performs hundreds of UK to Sweden removals each year. Many of those removals are to Örebro. We know this city and its transit routes well, which improves the efficiency and reliability of our service.

Schepens has an office in Sweden

Our company performs so many removals to Sweden that we decided to open an office there. This makes it easier for clients to obtain customer support and helps us provide a more comprehensive service.

Talented removers trained to a high standard

Our hand-picked removers are friendly, talented and hard working. They enjoy performing Örebro because it is such a beautiful city. They make Örebro removals simple and stress-free for our clients.

Schepens currently move to all the major towns in Sweden, including:

StockholmGothenburgMalmoUppsalaVasteras, Orebro, Karlstad,  LinkopingHelsingborg, JonkopingLundUmeå, Gavle, Boras, Skara, Eskilstuna and Sodertalje.

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