Furniture Removals to Madrid from UK

Furniture Removals to Madrid from UK | Madrid Removals | European Furniture Removals to SpainFurniture Removals to Madrid from UK

Madrid is one of the most well-known cities in Spain. Famous for its architecture, vibrant culture, and delicious food, the city attracts millions of tourists each year. It is also a popular destination for migrants from the UK who love the sunny weather, friendly people, and relaxed way of life.

If you are making the move to Madrid from the UK, choose an experienced Madrid removals company like Schepens. We have performed countless furniture removals to Madrid from the UK and know the city well. 

Our removals are managed by skilled move coordinators. They will ensure your removal is performed efficiently, professionally, and safely. All removers are trained to British Association of Removers (BAR) standards — which means you can rest assured, knowing that trained professionals are handling your cargo.

In this article, we will explain the Schepens removals process. Afterwards, we’ll explain why Schepens is the best provider of removals to Madrid from the UK.

With a new office located in Malaga we are perfectly positioned to help with the logistics of your move throughout Spain

Schepens was established over 100 years ago. Over the years, we have created a rigorous set of procedures for packing and moving cargo. These procedures cover everything from how cargo should be boxed up through to the contingency plans that should be in place.

All of our procedures are based on the standards established by the British Association of Removers — the industry’s #1 standard for removals. We are a dedicated company with a focus on performing removals to Madrid safely, efficiently and reliably. The Schepens furniture removals process includes the following steps:

Stage 1: Initial client meeting and quotation

The first step in our removals process is a meeting between the client and one of our move coordinators. This meeting is performed so we can obtain all of the details of the move and provide you with an accurate quote.

For smaller removals to Spain, we can perform the meeting over the phone or via the Internet. Larger removals may require an in-person meeting so the move coordinator has a chance to inspect your cargo. Most meetings take between 20 to 40 minutes. Some of the questions asked during the meeting include:

  • Where in Madrid will your cargo be going to?
  • When would you like to schedule your removal to Spain?
  • How much cargo do you have?
  • Do you have any furniture that is extremely heavy, fragile or difficult to move?
  • Are there any access issues involved with the destination or departure locations?
  • Would you like to use our storage service?
  • Which cargo plan would you like to use?
  • Would you like to use the Schepens professional packing service?
  • Would you prefer to use a dedicated load or shared load service to Madrid?

The move coordinator may ask to inspect or see photos of certain items to correctly determine their condition and size. Schepens offers clients a choice of many different insurance options. Each option will be clearly explained by your move coordinator.   

Stage 2: Quote preparation

The Schepens move coordinator will then create a quote based on the information they have received. Our removals quotes are very detailed but easy to understand. Each quote clearly outlines the cargo being moved, the insurance cargo options, the delivery window of your removal and any additional services you have purchased. 

The quote also lists a total price for the removal. Unlike some other European removals companies, there are no hidden extras. All removals are 100% free and completely obligation-free.

Stage 3: Our European furniture removals packing process

Schepens uses a range packing techniques that have been tried-and-tested over many years. Each technique allows us to pack your cargo efficiently while maintaining very high safety standards. We only use high-quality packing materials including thick corrugated cardboard, packing blankets and high-quality boxes. Some of the steps we take when packing furniture include:

  • Our removers cover any particularly fragile pieces with bubble wrap and corrugated cardboard
  • Some soft or fragile surfaces like surfaces like soft timbers and glass are covered.
  • Some pieces may be disassembled if it improves the safety of the cargo or efficiency of the removal
  • Upholstered surfaces may be covered in plastic if your cargo is going into storage
  • The move coordinator is present to watch the entire process, ensuring your removal goes off without a hitch.

“Thank you again for all your work, the delivery went perfectly and all items are accounted for. I would also like to add that Sara and I have both said on numerous occasions that Schepens is probably one of the best organised and professionally operated companies we have ever come across. We continue to be impressed!”

Why Choose Schepens For Furniture Removals to Madrid from UK? 

Schepens has the right skills, experience, and equipment to make furniture removals to Madrid simple! We also have extremely talented staff who are a pleasure to work with. The main reasons to choose Schepens for removals to Spain include:

Our family owned company has over 100 years experience

Removal Lorry Furniture Removals to Madrid from UK

Schepens is a 4th generation, family owned enterprise that began over 100 years ago. We have much more experience than most of our competitors. You can rest assured, knowing your cargo is in safe hands!

Schepens delivers world class customer service

We believe that the long term success of our company depends on the quality of our customer service. That’s why all of our clients are treated with immense respect and compassion. You won’t find better customer service!

We regularly perform Madrid removals

Our team regularly perform removals to Spain and often visit Madrid. Our removers have developed excellent local knowledge, which helps to improve the safety of our removals. Because we perform so many Madrid removals, we can offer our clients part load removals — where they share a cargo container with other clients. This option can make your removal much cheaper.

Optional packing service for furniture removals to Madrid from UK

All Madrid removals have the option of using our professional packing service. Our talented removers will pack your cargo for you, ensuring it is adequately protected during the journey. Because they are experienced professionals, they understand exactly how fragile items should be packed. Their skill helps to make our furniture removals to Madrid from UK safe!

Schepens organises removals to and from all the major towns, cities and areas in Spain, including: Alicante, Almeria, Avila, Costa Dorada, Costa Da Luz, Costa Del Sol, Costa Brava, Cordoba, Cuenca, Barcelona, Burgos, El Escorial, Gijón, Granada, Gibraltar, Guadix, Madrid, Malaga, Marbella, Merida, Poblet, Ronda, Salamanca, Salobrena, Segovia, Seville, Tarragona, Toledo, Torreivieja, Valencia and Vigo

Please visit our Spain Resources page for all the best info for moving to and living in Spain.

Schepens have the expertise and local knowledge to make furniture removals to Madrid from UK simple and stress-free! For more information, contact our highly experienced move coordinators on 01794 323558.

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