Furniture Removals to Dunedin

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Furniture Removals to Dunedin

Dunedin is a very popular location for migrants from the UK. It is the second-largest city in New Zealand, located on the South Island. The city is very prosperous and is known for its incredible sporting culture, picturesque scenery, world-class restaurants, and friendly people.

If you are moving to Dunedin from the UK this year, use a professional removals company like Schepens to make the process easier. We have helped countless clients move to New Zealand and regularly perform furniture removals to Dunedin. 

Our team has the talent, local knowledge, and training necessary to provide you with a safe and efficient international removals service. Because we often perform removals to Dunedin from the UK, we understand the logistics involved. All removers are trained to British Association of Removers (BAR) standards, which helps us ensure the removal is performed professionally.

This article will take a closer look at the Schepens process for furniture removals to Dunedin and explain why we are the best choice for International removals from the UK!

The Schepens Process — Furniture Removals to Dunedin

Schepens is a family owned company that has been in the removals business for over 100 years. We are a highly experienced furniture moving firm from the UK with the right skills and training to tackle removals of any size.

Over the years, we have established a set of strict protocols for our international removals from the UK. These protocols are based upon the standards set out by the British Association of Removers. These standards dictate how various types of cargo should be handled, how cargo should be prepared, which contingency plans should be in place and much more. 

Our protocols are designed to move cargo in the safest and most efficient way possible. They are the reason why Schepens has established a reputation for being one of the most reliable, efficient and secure removals services in the world.

All vehicles and personnel involved with Schepens removals are fully insured. We use state-of-the-art security technology to keep your cargo safe and all removers are security checked. We offer clients a range of cargo insurance policies to choose from.

Here is some more information about how we handle furniture removals to Dunedin.

Stage #1 — The quotation process

Our removals process starts with an initial meeting and quotation. The meeting will be carried out by one of our talented move coordinators. They have the experience and skills necessary to accurately quote furniture removals to Dunedin.

For small removals, this meeting can be carried out over the phone or via email. Larger removals may require a face-to-face meeting so our move coordinator can inspect your furniture and possessions. This will help them accurately estimate the time and cost of the removal. Some of the questions that our move coordinators usually ask include:

  • When would you like to schedule your furniture removals to Dunedin?
  • What date would you like to schedule the removal for?
  • Are there any access issues which may impede the removers?
  • Roughly how much cargo is being moved?
  • Is any of the furniture extremely heavy, fragile or difficult to move
  • Would you like a dedicated container or a shared container for your removal?
  • Would you like to use the Schepens professional packing service?
  • Do you require cargo storage?
  • Which cargo insurance plan would you like to use?

Most consultations take between 10 and 30 minutes. After the consultation has been performed, your move coordinator will begin creating a custom quote. Our quotes are highly-detailed but easy to understand.  Our quotes are also 100% free and 100% obligation free!

The Schepens professional packing service

When you are moving internationally, it is important to ensure your cargo is adequately protected for the journey. You can accomplish this goal by using our professional packing service.

When you use this service, our experienced removers will pack all of your possessions for you. Helping you save time and ensuring your fragile items are protected for the journey.

You can relax and focus on spending time with your family while we pack your possessions for you. We supply all packing materials including bubble wrap, plastic tape, cardboard boxes, plastic sheeting and packing paper.

The Schepens furniture packing process

Schepens has created specific procedures for the preparation of glasses, crockery, cutlery, mirrors, and various pieces of furniture. These procedures are efficient and ensure your possessions are protected for the journey. We only use high-quality packing materials, including 200 grade packing boxes. Some of the steps that we take to protect your furniture include:

  • We place moving blankets, cardboard and/or plastic on surfaces that are vulnerable to scratches, like soft timbers. 
  • We disassemble some pieces of furniture to improve the safety and efficiency of the move
  • Some delicate objects like porcelain or glass handles may be temporarily removed from your furniture to reduce the risk of breakage
  • Extremely fragile items are covered with thick layers of bubble wrap and plastic
  • Upholstered may be covered with plastic to protect them from moisture.

The entire process is managed by your dedicated move coordinator. They will ensure your furniture is correctly packed and loaded onto the removals truck.

“Thank you again for all your work, the delivery went perfectly and all items are accounted for. I would also like to add that Sara and I have both said on numerous occasions that Schepens is probably one of the best organised and professionally operated companies we have ever come across. We continue to be impressed!”.

Why Use Schepens for Furniture Removals to New Zealand?

Schepens has the right combination of experience, skills, and local knowledge to make furniture removals to New Zealand from UK simple. Our team focuses on making the entire experience stress-free for our clients. 

Removal Lorry Furniture Removals to Dunedin

Affordable furniture removals to New Zealand from UK

We are one of the largest international removal companies, with many depots and storage facilities around the world. The size of our operation helps us obtain discounts from our suppliers and helps us achieve excellent operational efficiencies. We pass those savings onto you, our highly valued clients!

We often perform removals to Dunedin from the UK

Our company performs removals to Dunedin on a regular basis. This means we can offer clients a wide variety of scheduling options for their removal. It also means we can offer clients part load removals to Dunedin from the UK.

Professional international removals from the UK

Our uniformed removers are highly skilled and experienced, they have helped countless people move to New Zealand over the years and know the journey well.

The expertise of our staff is what makes Schepens the best furniture moving firm from the UK to NZ.

Other than Dunedin, Schepens also offer international removals from the UK to: AucklandWellington, Christchurch, Hamilton, Napier-Hastings, Tauranga, Palmerston North, Rotorua, New Plymouth and Gisborne.

If you are in search of Furniture Removals to Dunedin this year, make sure you choose an experienced international removals company like Schepens! Contact Schepens today on 01794 323558 to discuss your requirements with our friendly staff.