Furniture Relocation to New Zealand

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Furniture Relocation to New Zealand

New Zealand has a lot going for it! It is a young country with a pristine natural environment and incredible landscape. It also has a highly successful economy, rich culture, and friendly people. New Zealand continues to attract thousands of migrants each year — particularly from the UK.

If you are heading to New Zealand this year, make the moving process easier by hiring a professional international removals company like Schepens. Our company specialises in furniture relocation to New Zealand and helps many clients move to this amazing country each year.

Our team of skilled removers will remove the stress that people normally associate with big moves. They have performed countless international removals to New Zealand and understand how to make long distance removals go off without a hitch.

This guide will explain how Schepens handles furniture removals to New Zealand. We’ll also share a few reasons why Schepens is the best choice for furniture relocation to New Zealand.

Interested in moving to New Zealand? Choose Schepens! Contact Schepens today on 01794 323558 to discuss your requirements.

The Schepens Furniture Removals Process

Schepens is one of the UK’s oldest removals companies. We are a family owned company that was established over 100 years ago. Over the years, we have constantly refined and developed our process for handling international removals. We can handle the logistics of very complex removals and know how to safely move cargo over very long distances.

All of our international removals processes have been designed with a strong focus on reliability and safety. We aways do our very best to ensure that your cargo arrives on time and in one piece.

Schepens employs talented move coordinators to answer your questions and keep you informed about the progress of your move to New Zealand. We also use removers who are trained to British Association of Remover standards — the leading European standard for the removals industry. We supplement this training with very strict internal training procedures, ensuring that your cargo is correctly prepared and packed.

Our furniture removals to New Zealand include the following steps:

Initial client meeting and quotation process

It all begins with a meeting between one of our move coordinators and the client. This meeting can be performed over the phone or via the Internet for smaller removals. Larger removals often benefit from a face to face meeting so our move coordinator can assess the cargo and ask more detailed questions.

The objective of this initial consultation is for our move coordinator to gather the details he or she needs to provide the client with an accurate quote. They will ask a number of questions about the removal, including:

  • When would you like to schedule your furniture removal to New Zealand?
  • What is the nature of the cargo?
  • Do your the departure or destination locations have access issues which may prevent with our removers doing their job?
  • Would you like to put any cargo into storage at one of our depots?
  • When would you like to schedule your New Zealand removal?
  • Would you like to use the Schepens professional packing service?
  • Are any of the items being moved particularly fragile or heavy?
  • Which cargo insurance plan would you prefer to use?

Our move coordinator may ask to inspect some items. This will help them determine if any special precautions need to be taken to safely move specific items.

After the meeting, our move coordinator will prepare a written quote. Our quotes are highly detailed, 100% free, and completely obligation free. They contain all of the information you need including the cargo itinerary, delivery window, pickup date, insurance plan selected, and the total price. Our total price is a door-to-door figure — there are no unexpected additional costs when you choose Schepens.

Using the Schepens professional packing service

We provide an optional professional packing service, where our talented removers pack your smaller items for you. This service can save you a great deal of time and ensures that your possessions are adequately protected or the journey to New Zealand.

If you have decided to use our professional packing service, our move coordinator will arrange a suitable time to pack your cargo. For smaller removals, this can occur on the pickup date. Larger removals may require additional time.

We will supply all of the packing materials when you choose this service, including packing tape, bubble wrap, packing cardboard, moving boxes, packing paper, and moving blankets.

Our furniture packing process

Our company has developed strict processes for processing and packing furniture. Each process is backed up by the standards set out by the British Association of Removers. Unlike some other removals companies, we will take the time to ensure your cargo is safe and secure — we won’t just throw it into the truck! Some of the steps we take to keep your possessions safe during the removal include:

  • We apply thick layers of bubble wrap and packing paper to fragile items to keep them safe
  • Any pieces of furniture with surfaces that are easily scratched will be covered with bubble wrap, packing paper, or moving blankets
  • Mirrors are carefully wrapped with bubble wrap and plastic
  • We disassemble some pieces of furniture if it improves the efficiency or safety of the removal
  • Plastic wrap is taped onto any upholstered furniture to protect it from dust and moisture

One of our move coordinators will be watching over the entire process, ensuring it all goes as planned.

Why Choose Schepens for Furniture Removals to New Zealand?
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Schepens is a professional international furniture removals company with years of experience. We specialise in furniture relocation to New Zealand and would love to help you move to this spectacular country! Other reasons to choose Schepens for New Zealand removals include:

Affordable furniture removals to New Zealand

Schepens is one of the largest removals companies in the world. The scale of our operation helps us move cargo very efficiently, cutting costs. Our large size also means we can negotiate great rates with our suppliers. These factors combine to make us the most affordable provider of international removals to New Zealand from the UK.

We provide incredible customer support

Schepens is a family owned company with an excellent reputation. Our team aims to uphold that reputation by providing excellent customer service. We do whatever it takes to ensure our removals to New Zealand are simple and stress-free for all clients.

Schepens regularly performs furniture removals to New Zealand

We regularly perform international removals to New Zealand and know the journey well. Our team also has excellent knowledge of the transit routes within the country, helping to improve the efficiency of our service.

All furniture removals to New Zealand are perform by professionals

Our company is very careful about the employees we hire. They are hand-picked removers with the right personality and work-ethic to deliver an exceptional experience. They are also trained to British Association of Removers standards, which ensures your removal will go as planned.

We provide furniture removal and relocation services to all regions of New Zealand, including:

Schepens helps clients move to every part of New Zealand including Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, Hamilton, Dunedin and Queenstown.

If you are interested in Furniture Relocation to New Zealand— choose Schepens! Contact Schepens today on 01794 323558 to discuss your requirements.