A Guide To Moving To France

Moving abroad is a step that thousands of Brits make every year. Of those, a significant proportion choose to move across the Channel to France. Life in France can be markedly different from the UK; because of this, we have created this guide, written by Francophile and freelance journalist Maggie Wakefield, to moving to and living in France.


Education in France
Info about nursey, primary and secondary schooling in France
Finding Work in France
Info about job centres, private employment agencies and contracts
French Traditions and Celebrations
Learn here about French Festivals, Christmas and Bastille Day
Healthcare in France
Learn about how the French healthcare system differs significantly from the UK
Household Bills in France
Read the various issues around household bills in France
Importing Your Car to France
Car registration, tax and insurance
Personal Finance in France
Learn about RIB, bank accounts and tax returns in France