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Schepens is a ‘A Company That Lives Up to Its Promise’ says The Mover

Every industry has its flagship magazine and for the global moving industry it’s The Mover. There are two important reasons why it’s such an influential and trusted news source for moving companies worldwide; first, its editor Steve Jordan has 40 years of experience in the industry behind him, so his observations are based on a practical knowledge of the field, and second, The Mover is an independent publication which is subject to absolutely no publishing restrictions so it’s able to tell it like it is.

A Phone Call Out of the Blue…

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Given the prestigious reputation of The Mover and its global readership, a company the size of Schepens doesn’t expect to get a phone call from its feature writer asking if he could come and conduct an interview… but that’s exactly what happened earlier this year and we were delighted to read his profile of the company which was published in the September 2016 issue.

Why us? He says it himself in his introduction; our website suggested to him that we were a company that could very well prove to be both extraordinary, and in possession of a great story – his article confirms that he was right in both his assumptions. We take pride in our website, as in every element of our business, and our clear, visually arresting style featuring regularly updated news stories for our readers and detailed SEO analysis ensuring that we remain current in internet searches was what drew our reporter’s eye. Our website alone placed us in the top 5% of global moving companies our reporter notes in his intro – and that was before he’d even met us in person!

We Know Our Business and We Care About Our Customers

The Schepens team was delighted, and genuinely moved to read such a detailed and accurate portrayal of the company, its ethos and our shared values. From the evolution of the family business – started over a hundred years ago – to our belief that doing the best job possible for every customer is what gives true value to the company. Our reporter obviously understood when we talked to him about the importance of working with a small and dedicated team, and he praises the professionalism of our approach, from the way we run our headquarters, to the quality of our removal fleet, to the care we take of each customer’s personal possessions, as if they were our own.

Being featured in The Mover has reminded us of why we should be proud of what we’ve achieved so far, but we’re not a company to rest on our laurels – we’re already thinking about how we’d like to be reported on two years on from now…