Expat Country Guides

See below for out country expat guides, written exclusively for Schepens Removals. The guides contain advice for people moving or thinking of moving to a new country, such as France or Germany. They contain advice for new emigrants in areas such as driving, property, education and health. Feel free to share these guides with your friends, they are meant as free help for those looking to start a new life abroad.

Moving to France? Know somebody who is? Read our France Expat Guide, written by Francophile and freelance journalist Maggie Wakefield:

Education in France – Info about nursey, primary and secondary schooling in France

Finding Work in France – Info about job centres, private employment agencies and contracts

French Traditions and Celebrations – Learn here about French Festivals, Christmas and Bastille Day

Healthcare in France – Learn about how the French healthcare system differs significantly from the UK

Household Bills in France – Read the various issues around household bills in France

Importing Your car to France – Car registration, tax and insurance

Personal Finance in France – Learn about RIB, bank accounts and tax returns in France

Moving to Germany? Know someone who is? Check out our Gemany Expat Country Guide, written by Germany lover Ian Jamieson:

Banking in Germany – Contains adivce about banking and finance in Germany, residence registration, bank accounts, taxation and property taxation.

Driving in Germany – Contains advice about vehicle registration, winter driving, low emission zones, insuring your car in Germany, traffic laws.

Household Issues in Germany – Advice on utility accounts, insurance, electricity, oil and gas, stove heating, water, telephone and internet.

Education in Germany – Contains info about kindergarten, secondary education, vocational education and training, higher education and international schools.

Employment in Germany – Info about employment contracts, management culture and health insurance.

German Holidays – A short guide to holidays and celebrations in Germany, such as Oktoberfest and of course, Christmas.

Moving to Sweden? Know someone who is? Check out our Sweden Expat Country Guide, written by travel writer Shannon Brubraker:

Driving in Sweden – Contains advice on driving licences, speed limits, alcohol rules, road rules, congestion charges, and aprking laws.

Education in Sweden – Contains advice on schooling options in Sweden including public schools, private schools and international schools.

Finding work in Sweden – Advice on finding work in Sweden including job offers, work permits and salaries.

Healthcare in Sweden – Contains information about healthcare in Sweden including privtae hospitals, public hospitals, health insurance and pharmacies.

Holidays in Sweden – Information about holidays and culture in Sweden including new year’s eve, christmas and midsummer.

Paying the bills in Sweden – A short guide to paying the bills in Sweden.

More guides to follow, watch this space….