Shipping to Eindhoven

Shipping to Eindhoven

For more than 100-years, Schepens have been providing a professional international removals service.  During that time, we have performed dozens of removals to Eindhoven, to and from a wide variety of locations.  Our shipping to Eindhoven service is reliable, cost-effective and extremely efficient.

Our company is a 4th-generation, family owned enterprise that has a significant amount of experience in the removals industry.  We have a very strong focus on customer service and treat our clients as if they were a part of the Schepens family — with care, dignity and respect.

Because we move a high volume of cargo throughout Europe, we are able to offer our clients discounted rates that are very cost-competitive.  Even though we are usually better value-for-money than our competitors, we will never compromise on the quality of service that we provide.  We offer a regular removals service to the Netherlands with a wide range of delivery schedules.

If you are moving to Eindhoven or another part of the Netherlands, contact us today on 02380 070071.  You can also read on to learn more about Schepens and why we are the best choice for Eindhoven removals. 

Why Use Schepens for Shipping to Eindhoven

The combination of our experience, knowledge, customer service and professionalism combine to make us the perfect choice for removals to Eindhoven!

  • Years of Experience with shipping to Eindhoven
    We have been performing removal to and from Eindhoven for many years and understand the logistics involved with the journey. We love traveling to the Netherlands and helping people move to Eindhoven!
  • Fleet of Modern Removals Vehicles
 for removals to Eindhoven
    Our fleet of specialist removals vehicles feature air ride suspension to reduce the movement of freight during the move to Eindhoven. They also feature an adjustable barring system which can reduce the risk of cross-contamination between cargo. All vehicles have security alarms, are driven by experienced drivers and are fully insured.
  • Talented Move Co-ordinators for shipping to Eindhoven
    Clients have access to an experienced move co-ordinator who oversees the entire moving process. They can also provide advice to clients on various matters including selecting insurance, dealing with customs and much more. During the day of the move, they are constantly available to provide updates and answer any questions you may have.
  • Experimented Removers Trained to British Association of Removes Standards

    All movers are trained to British Association of Removes Standards (BAR) standards, which means you are assured they will act in a professional manner and perform the job well.
  • A Family Owned Business You Can trust

    We are a proud, 4th-generation, family owned business. Over the past 100-years, we have established our business as being trustworthy, professional and reliable. We have thousands of satisfied customers and are looking forward to helping you move.
  • Exceptional Customer Service
 when shipping to Eindhoven
    At Schepens, we take customer service seriously! We aren’t just happy to be the best international moving company servicing the Netherlands, we want to be the best in the world and that requires exceptional customer service.

“We wanted to say that it has been a pleasure dealing with Schepens from start to finish! Everyone has been so helpful, and certainly made the move less stressful.”

Useful Resources For Moving to Eindhoven

Eindhoven is one of a stunning parts of the Netherlands — a bustling municipality, surrounded by a pristine natural environment. If you have never lived in this part of the world before, the links below could be very handy!

Schepens Removal Services

We are a full-service removals company that takes care of every aspect of your move including:

  • Professional Packing Services

    It is important that your fragile possessions are correctly packed for the long journey to Eindhoven. Our professional packing service ensures that they will be packed appropriately and make it to the destination in one piece
  • Customs Handling

    Let out move co-ordinators take care of the paperwork for you!
  • Storage Facilities

    Schepens have a number of storage facilities located throughout Europe. Our storage rates are very competitive and all facilities are highly secure.
  • Various Insurance Options

    We have a wide range of insurance options available to suit all budgets. We also offer optional extended liability cover, which covers damage to third-parties caused by your possessions.

Schepens run removals to and from all major towns and cities in the Netherlands including: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, UtrechtTilburg, Almere, Groningen, Breda, and Arnhem.

We can help make your move to Eindhoven a simple and stress free experience. If you would like to learn more about removals to Eindhoven, please Contact us today on 02380 070071 to get a free, no-obligation quote.