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European Removals

Schepens have been providing a professional and cost-effective European removals service for more than 100-years

Our 4th-generation, family-owned business is dedicated to delivering European removals and international removals of the highest quality, with the world’s best customer service.

We have highly-trained and experienced staff who understand the logistics involved with European removals

They will make your European move simple, fast and stress-free! Our talented removals co-ordinators will oversee all aspects of the journey, keeping you informed about the progress of the move.

Schepens regularly perform removals throughout Europe and transport large volumes of cargo. These large volumes allow us to provide very cheap rates for international removals to most destinations.

 Our European Removals Services

Schepens provide a wide range of removals services to make your European move simple. We can perform the difficult tasks associated with moving for you, giving you the peace of mind that professionals are taking care of your valuable possessions.

The removals services that we offer include:

European Removals Packing Service 
Our experienced movers understand how to correctly pack fragile items so they are not damaged during the long journey. The Schepens packing service gives you confidence that your valuable possessions are well-packed for any long journey, because it has been performed by professionals.

Our movers use very durable packing boxes and high-quality packing materials. Because we regularly perform European removals, we understand the kinds of stress that items may be placed under when traveling long distances — why risk incorrectly packing your prized possessions yourself? Let a professional do the job for you.

European Removals Customs handling
Schepens have decades of experience dealing with the customs regulations, import duties and import regulations of different countries. When can help clients understand the customs requirements for transit and destination countries. Our move co-ordinators will help you organise any paperwork to ensure your European or international move is as smooth as possible.

Insurance and Extended Liability Cover for European Removals
All European removals and international removals include insurance on your possessions. Our staff and vehicles are also fully insured. We also offer extended liability insurance, which will cover damage to third parties.

Our insurance options have been designed to offer a great deal of protection to clients and their possessions while remaining great value-for-money. In the event of an accident, Schepens will immediately deal with any paperwork and the claims lodgement with the insurance company. You won’t have the hassle of dealing with insurers.

Exclusive or Shared Loads
 for European Removals
Because Schepens perform regular overseas removals and European removals, we are able to offer the option of exclusive or shared loads (consolidated loads). An exclusive load allows you to have a dedicated vehicle for your move, while shared loads include items from multiple clients being shipped at the same time. Clients have the option of deciding how and when their possessions are shipped, allowing them to find the best service to match their schedule and budget.

Storage Services for European Removals
Because of the large amounts of freight we move throughout Europe, we have a number of depots and storage facilities. We can store your possessions until you are ready to move into your new home. Our storage facilities are great value-for-money and can provide you with additional time to organise your home.

Range of  Transit Options
 for European Removals
We have a range of transit options designed to suit any budget and preferred delivery window. We can move your consignment via air, road or sea. Clients also have the option of a dedicated or consolidated service.

Piano removals and small moves specialists

Schepens are skilled and experienced at small moves. We offer the ideal small moves service for moving just a few items, such as a student move, or for moving specific large items such as a piano. We understand how to safely move pianos over long distances and how to store them appropriately. Our movers will assess the piano’s condition, construction and timber before planning how to move it to your new home — we understand how fragile these large instruments can be and always take great care with them. We recently moved a Steinway Piano to Copenhagen!

Contact us today on 01794 323558 to learn more about out European removals service or read on for some moving tips and more information about Schepens


Schepens — A family run company with over 100 years experience

Schepens are a 4th-generation family-run company that has been performing European removals and international removals for more than 100-years. The family was originally from Belgium and moved to the United Kingdom in the 20th-Century. Schepens removals really took off after World War II when the business branched out into international removals.

Three generations on and Schepens has become one of the leading removals companies in the United Kingdom. We have a vast amount of experience with European removals and international removals. All clients are treated as if they were a member of the family — with great respect, dignity and care. We love our work and enjoy giving our clients a stress-free move!

Why Use Schepens When European Removals?

Schepens are a family-run company with a huge amount of experience

We have established a reputation as one of the leading international removals companies in the United Kingdom. Our experienced movers have helped thousands of clients move domestically and internationally over the years. Schepens can move cargo by rail, land, air or sea and have a great deal of experience organising overseas removals. We take pride in the Schepens name and will always go out of our way to make sure you are happy.

Excellent customer service

At Schepens, we place a huge emphasis on customer service. Our move co-ordinators are there to help you plan the trip, organise your possessions and keep you informed throughout the journey. Our movers are friendly and professional — they can even provide you with some tips on what life is like in your destination country! Schepens staff will do whatever it take to make European removals and international removals clients happy.

Uniformed staff, all trained to BAR standards

Our movers are all very experience and well-trained. We strictly comply with British Association of Removers standards and all movers are trained in these standards. All BAR members must abide by the code of practice which includes:

  • The use of high quality packing materials
  • The requirement that vehicles and storage facilities are of a high quality
  • Training requirements for staff training
  • Emergency procedure requirements
  • The requirement of insurance options and very clearly worded contracts

Clean and reliable vehicles that are alarmed for added security

Our fleet of modern vehicles are specifically designed to carry cargo over long journeys — perfect for international removals. These state-of-the-art vehicles having an adjustable load barring system which allows movers to segment off sections of the truck and balance the load. They also have air ride suspension to greatly reduce the risk that any fragile possessions being damaged during the journey.

Extremely strong, specialist packing boxes

Our movers arrive with all of the packing materials necessary to keep your possessions safe, including high-grade packing boxes. We also have all of the necessary moving blankets and straps to appropriately pack your possessions into the truck. Our experienced movers understand exactly how to pack freight so it does not move during transit.

Experienced and talented move co-ordinators

Our move co-ordinators are staff who have spent years working as movers and understand all of the logistics involved. When you have contacted Schepens to discuss your European removal destination or international removal, a move co-ordinator will discuss all of the options with you — how quickly you require delivery, what kinds of transport you would prefer, if you want a dedicated load or consolidated and so on. 

They will discuss any customs paperwork which needs to be filled in and talk with you about insurance. Once the move has commenced, the move co-ordinator is in contact with movers the entire way and able to address any concerns you might have. These talented staff have helped thousands of people move internationally and are right on top of the whole process. They will help ensure the move is a stress-free experience for you ad your family.

FREE no obligation quotes

Unlike some other movers, we are happy to provide an obligation-free quote and answer any questions you may have about the removals process. Simply contact us today, we are keen to have a chat!

Tips and Resources for Moving to Europe

Moving between countries is much more complex than simply moving within a town or interstate. There is usually more paperwork to deal with and getting set up in the destination country can take a great deal of planning. Here are some quick tips to make your international or European move easier!

  • Only pack the essentials!
    Sell, give away or store items which you haven’t used for a few years. Be as harsh as you can — you’ll save money on the move and you
  • Keep important items with you

    Don’t pack medications, important documents, essential baby’s toys in with your household items. Keep them with you as they may be required during your journey.
  • Sort the utilities before you move
    Make sure your phone, Internet and electricity are connected and waiting for you in your new home, well in advance of the move. Delays can happen, so organise your utilities as early as possible.
  • Get expert help!

    There are specialists who help people deal with the logistics of moving internationally. If you feel overwhelmed get some help!
  • Use government help

    Most governments have a range of resources which help people who are interested in working or living abroad. Look for help from the websites of the country where you currently live and the destination country. The UK government has a very useful travel and living abroad web site
    Talk to ex-pats in the destination country

    Seek out ex-pats and people who have lived in the destination country, then ask them for advice. They will have a deep understanding of what it is like to live in the destination country.

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Schepens has the experience, skills and local knowledge to provide you with a smooth and trouble-free move to Europe. Contact us today on 01794 323558 to get an free, no-obligation quote.