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European Relocation Services

Schepens Offers European Relocation Services

More and more UK businesses are currently having to make decisions about whether to maintain their operations in the UK, or relocate to location across Europe. Periods of uncertainty have a huge impact. It’s not only business profits, but also the well-being of employees who don’t know whether they’ll be required to undertake a relocation to Europe.

Schepens European removals is a company ideally placed to provide continuity, and efficiency in times of turbulence. We’re a 4th generation family business that has been moving families and companies to a range of European destinations for over a century.

Our goal has always been to minimise the anxieties of European removals, and this applies to families, businesses, and professionals working abroad:

How Can Schepens Help With Business Relocation to Europe?

The earlier you get the Schepens team on board in your decision making prcoess, the more we can help. It’s often instrumental for businesses planning a move to know the logistics of employee relocations. Knowing exactly what’s involved, and the budget required, can help businesses to make decisions about how extensive the relocation will be.

If you know that your business will be relocating, and you’ve factored in employee relocation services as part of it, Schepens can start work.

We offer a range of services which include:

1. Removals

Our dedicated Move Co-ordinators will help employees to create a detailed removals plan, including checklists and deadlines for submission of paperwork. Our professional removals team can provide professional packing, and we also offer local storage facilities. We’ll manage:

  • Detailed inventory
  • Insurance of goods in transit
  • Bespoke packaging and handling of fragile goods

2. Housing

This is an imperative for employees who are moving their families abroad. We provide detailed questionnaires which allow us to match requirements with our local European knowledge. Schepens Move Co-ordinators work with local teams to source suitable housing, provide viewings, and manage the letting process.

3. Utilities

A major anxiety we’ve encountered is the smooth transition of utility services in a new country. Schepens will ensure that local providers are informed of the date you’re moving in. We can also arrange for internet services, and satellite TV installation should you require it. Our aim is always to have everything in place for your family from the moment you move in.

4. Schooling

We’ll provide details of the range of appropriate schools for employees’ children. Our local teams can talk through the options in detail and arrange for visits to specific schools to experience the environment. We can also provide lists of clubs offering sports and activities that may not be available as part of the school curriculum.

5. Support & Guidance Throughout

We prize the local knowledge our removals teams offer extremely highly, and we make it accessible to our European movers. The Schepens removals teams will be able to offer information on registration bureaucracy, healthcare, local shopping, expat amenities and the cultural facilities offered by your new location.

Schepens Provides Personalised European Relocation Services

Whatever the scale of your proposed move to Europe, whether it’s one family or 100 employees, Schepens has the expertise to support you. We offer tailored responses to each unique relocation, and provide a detailed personalised service to everyone involved. Most important, we’re always willing to go the extra mile to ensure stress-free European removals for our clients.


Are you relocating to Europe? Schepens has over 100 years of experience supporting families and businesses with their European removals. Call us on 01794 323558