Emigrating to Sweden

Emigrating to Sweden | Hints & Tips From Swedish Removal Experts

Emigrating to Sweden

Emigrating to Sweden? Our Top Tips for an Easy Transition

Assuming you’ve already made the decision to move to Sweden, you don’t need us to sell the idea to you! Having assisted with hundreds of relocations to Sweden over the years, the Schepens team is well aware of the extraordinary appeal of relocating to this particular corner of Europe.

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What’s more, we’ve also amounted a rather extensive list of essential tips and guidelines for the smoothest transition possible. So if you have made the decision to emigrate to Sweden, ensure you’ve given sufficient thought and priority to the following:

1. Plan the Logistics Early

Trust us when we say that the earlier you begin planning the logistics, the better! From the moment your decision to move becomes official, we can begin establishing a smooth and seamless transition for everything you own. We’re also highly proficient with last-minute removals, but still – earlier is better!

2. Carefully Consider Schools

Sweden boasts some of the finest schools, colleges and universities in Europe, though standards of course differ from one institution to the next. So before moving, it’s worth not only familiarising yourself with the educational system in Sweden, but also carrying out plenty of research into the specific schools within your chosen area.

3. Get to Know Your Healthcare Options

Of course, healthcare represents one of the most important considerations with any international relocation. The good news being that Sweden has one of the most advanced healthcare programmes in Europe, but there are of course distinct differences from the NHS. Hence the importance of considering your options carefully ahead of time.

4. Consider the Climate

It may sound obvious, but moving home to a region that has a different climate brings with it an extensive variety of considerations. Right down to the very clothes on your back, you need to make sure you’re both aware of and prepared for anything the weather may bring your way.

5. Looking into Work Permits, ID Cards and Bank Accounts

Don’t make the mistake of waiting until you arrive in your new home to begin researching things like work permits, ID cards and so on. Simply because it will make your life far easier if you begin the process before you leave. The more time you have, the easier you’ll to find it to iron out any complications you may encounter along the way.

“I just wanted to say thank you for organising our move to Sweden. We are yet to unpack everything but was great to have our things delivered the day after my arrival. A very special thanks to Tomas and Liam who delivered.
They worked so hard carrying, sometimes as the rain was pouring down and it was warm and sticky. Both very young men, polite and professional and great advertisers for Schepens. Everyone we’ve been in contact with from Schepens has been very helpful. Best regards from Mona – London to Sweden”

6. Transportation and Trips

emigrating to sweden

Driving in Sweden can be an absolute joy and the country’s public transport system is the stuff of legends. That is, depending on which specific region you are moving to and how remote your new home is. In any case, familiarising yourself with driving laws in Sweden and getting to grips with at least the basics of public transportation ahead of time comes highly recommended.

7. Learn the Lingo

Last but not least, Swedish never has been and never will be an easy language to learn…it just isn’t! And while it’s true to say that immersing yourself in a foreign culture is the best way to learn the language, you’ll find your transition so much easier if you at least pick up a few words of the local lingo. English is widely spoken, but this doesn’t mean that the gesture of at least attempting to speak Swedish isn’t highly  appreciated among the locals!

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