Creative Fun for Kids During Lockdown – From Schepens

It’s great to know that in times of crisis, Schepens is helping out harassed moms and dads looking for ways to keep their kids entertained at home.


These great photos were sent to us by clients who we moved to Northampton a while back. A few days into the COVID-19 lock down, they were scratching their heads, looking for ways to get their kids away from their screens and into the garden. That’s when they remembered the dismantled Schepens packing boxes. Out they came, and within minutes they were being transformed into boats, houses and cars.

Sharing these photos has given the Schepens team a real lift. It’s great to see our packing cases being given a second life thanks to the amazing imagination of these kids – and a roll of parcel tape! It got us remembering that on Christmas mornings, when we were kids, it was often the boxes and packaging that provided the most long-lasting fun, rather than the fancy stuff inside!

So, parents everywhere, if you need to get your kids active and into the garden, search out those boxes that are sitting into the garage or the loft. From the photos it looks like children don’t need too much encouragement to start turning their imaginations into reality.

Schepens Packing Materials are Durable

At Schepens we always pride ourselves on providing only the best quality packing materials to our customers. Even though our boxes will normally only be used once, we want to be sure that they’ll withstand any unexpected challenges that arise in the course of UK removals. We take a professional delight, therefore, in seeing those same boxes withstanding the rigours of becoming a range of different objects, and still coming back for more!

Many thanks to our clients for sharing these photos with us, and for giving us permission to share them more widely.

Northampton parents find a way to entertain their kids during lock down, using Schepens packing materials to create boats, trains and houses.