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Schepens Takes the Stress Out of Corporate Moving

Whatever your location, or size of business, an office move is always a logistical challenge requiring a high quality commercial removals partner. For our clients the key concern is always minimum disruption to clients, systems and employees. Schepens provides a range of corporate moving services which have been designed to streamline your office move, and keep stress at a minimum!

As an experienced office removal company, we are well-equipped to manage office relocations, refurbishments or expansions. Every single corporate move brings unique challenges, but we have a proactive professional team who will support you with the aim of achieving a seamless transition. From initial planning and packing, right through to your first day in your new office, we will be at your side working on your behalf.

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Commercial Removals

Schepens has been managing corporate moves for over 100 years now. Much has changed over that time, but the key to a successful office move is still the initial phase in which our move co-ordinator gets to know your business. We start out by working with stakeholders from the business to scope the project, develop the timeline, determine the services required and create the framework for seamless transition.

  • Packing – one of the initial decisions a business will need to make concerns what the business wants to include in the move. Schepens professional packers can help with a staged packing schedule, accurate labelling and detailed inventory maintenance.
  • Furniture – if you have office furniture which requires dismantling and assembling, Schepens’ commercial removal teams will manage the process efficiently. Our aim is always to cause minimal disruption to your business.
  • Storage – dependent on the purpose of your corporate move, you may need secure storage in place to streamline the process. Schepens’ managed storage facilities provide a heat and humidity controlled environment with 24 hour security, and access controlled electric gates.
  • Security – the GDPR requires that any personally identifiable information is tracked and kept secure at all times. Your move co-ordinator will locate all sensitive hard copy documentation and seal it in identified units for transportation.
  • Removals Vehicles – our fleet of removals vehicles maintain a controlled temperature and humidity for the duration of the move. The vehicle is sealed and secured at all times whilst in transit, and we endeavor to provide BAR trained drivers who are local to the business’ location.

Planning for Office Removals Business Continuity

An office move creates a range of risks to business, with ‘employees inability to continue working with clients’ being the most concerning. Schepens’ professional removals team seeks to minimimize all risks to business as a result of the move. That’s why we collaborate with businesses to create and maintain:

  1. Risk Assessment Documentation – recognising the impact a poorly managed removals process could have on the business.
  2. Risk Mitigation Planning – itemising the actions being taken to mitigate against recognised risks to business.
  3. Risk Management Documentation – inviting everyone involved in the move and regularly updated to ensure that risks are minimised.

Professional Office Removal Company

We are a commercial removals company that has learnt from over a century of experience how best to manage the corporate moving process. We pride ourselves on being able to work collaboratively with clients in the best interests of the company, and we understand the importance – at every stage – of listening to customer feedback, and making improvement a driver of everything we do.

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