Commercial Relocation to London

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Commercial Relocation to London

Commercial Relocation to London

London is one of the world’s most successful cities, with a large economy and low unemployment rate. It is considered the world’s leading financial centre for international business and is an important city for global trade. London has a high level of prosperity, with residents enjoying high wages and high levels of disposable income. These favourable economic conditions attract many entrepreneurs and businesses each year.

If you are relocating your business to London in the coming year, make the process easier by using professional business movers like Schepens. We specialise in commercial relocation to London and will help your enterprise begin operation very quickly.

Our talented removers will make your office relocation easy. They have been trained according to British Association of Removers (BAR) standards — the leading standard for European removals companies. Our adherence to BAR standards helps us provide London removals that are safe, efficient, and reliable.

The Economy in London

London has the fifth largest metropolitan economy in the world, which generates approximately 22% of the UK’s total gross domestic product. It has a very strong financial centre, which is home to many of the world’s largest banks and financial institutions. London is also home to the London Stock Exchange and more than half of the top 100 companies listed on the exchange are headquartered in London.

The success of the economy is partially driven by access to a very highly skilled workforce and a large population of almost 8.68 million people. More than 840,000 private sector businesses are based in London — a number that is rapidly increasing each year. Some of the many advantages gained by setting up a business in London include:

  • Access to a highly skilled work force – 
London is home to millions of experienced and highly trained workers. Businesses can easily find more skilled workers whenever they require them.
  • The public transport infrastructure is world-class – 
London’s infrastructure is world class, including high speed Internet and an excellent transport network.
  • London is well located
 – London’s location makes it easy to do business with customers in the most profitable parts of the EU.
  • London is located in a central time zone – London’s time zone sits between the Unites States and Asian markets. This helps international customers and investors deal with London businesses.
  • London is politically stable and the legal system is well-established – 
It is a safe and stable location to conduct business

London has an advanced industrialised economy with many successful industries including financial services, media, tourism, professional services, technology, retail, manufacturing, construction.

Business Districts in London

Businesses have a lot of choices when choosing an operating/ location in London. London has five separate business districts to choose from and more than 27 million m2 of office space is available. The main business districts include:

  • The City of London
 – This is the largest CBD in London. It is mostly consists of businesses in the financial services, retail, banking and professional services industries. Rents are usually high in this part of the city.
  • Camden and Islington
 – Located to the north of the River Thames, the boroughs of Camden and Islington are home to many fashion, retail, media, IT, finance, architecture and design businesses.
  • Canary Wharf
 – Located just to the East of the City of London, Canary Wharf is home to many banks, media companies and legal firms.
  • Westminster
 – A very short distance from the City of London, Westminster is home to many company headquarters, real estate offices, private banks, hedge funds and government offices.
  • Lambeth & Southwark – 
This part of London is home to mostly retail, consultancy and accountancy firms.

Why Use Schepens for Commercial Relocation to London?

Schepens has the skills necessary to make commercial relocation to London easy. Our team has performed countless London removals during the past 100-years and we know the city well. Here are a few more reasons why Schepens are the best business movers in London.

Schepens is a name you can trust

We are a 4th generation family owned business that has performing London removals for over 100 years. Our company has built a reputation for reliability, honesty, and affordability over the years. When you choose Schepens for an office relocation to London, you are choosing a business that you can trust.

The most affordable business relocation London

Schepens is one longest serving European removals company in the world. The large scale of our operations allows us to deliver a UK removal service that is very affordable. Although we are one of the cheapest business movers available, we never compromise on the quality of our service.

Professional packing service

Business clients can make use of our optional packing service. When you select this service, our highly skilled removers will pack your smaller items for you. This service will help you move more efficiently and ensure your assets are adequately protected for the move to London.

100% free quote for business relocation London

All clients interested in a UK removal to London will receive a free quote. You quote will contain all of the information you require, including the pick up date, delivery window, cargo itinerary, and total cost. Unlike some other business movers, the total cost listed on our quotes is the final cost. There are no unexpected extras when you choose Schepens for commercial removals to London.

Commercial storage services

If your new business premises isn’t ready to receive your cargo, you can store it with Schepens. We have multiple storage facilities across the UK. They are high-security facilities which are monitored 24 hours a day.

Experienced at commercial relocation to London

Our team has helped hundreds of business set up shop in London. We understand the logistics of removals to London and will get you set up very quickly. Because we often perform commercial removals, we are well aware of the time constraints involved. We always work very efficiently.

If you are interested in commercial relocation to London, give Schepens a call on 01794 323558 for a free moving quote. We have the experience and local knowledge necessary to provide you with a smooth and trouble-free move!