Bournemouth Removals and Storage

Bournemouth Removals and Storage

Bournemouth Removals and Storage

Bournemouth is fast building itself a reputation as one of the gems of the south coast and, as a result, we get to visit this beautiful town regularly. Stunning Victorian architecture dominates the town centre and is a reminder of the town’s popularity as a holiday resort stretching back over a century. Now, however, its growing tech industry is providing 21st century residents with a great place to live and work, outside London.

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Removals Salisbury

Salisbury Removals | Best Places to Live in Wiltshire | UK Removals Company


Friendly and Experienced Removals to Salisbury

2018 was a testing time for the ancient city of Salisbury. It will always be remembered for being the year of the Novichok poisoning attack which claimed a life, and closed down the town centre twice. A less community-focused city might have crumpled in the face of such adverse circumstances. But Salisbury weathered both the traumatic events, and the global press attention, admirably and is now virtually back to normal as one of the leading UK tourist centres.

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Moving Company Southampton

Moving to Southampton | Southampton Removals | Relocating to Southampton

Moving Company Southampton

Looking for a Second-to-None Moving Company in Southampton?

Schepens is a local moving company in Southampton. For over a century, we’ve moved students, retirees, young professionals and families escaping the city to this lively and endlessly diverse city. All port cities have a whiff of adventure about them, and Southampton more than most. It’s probably best known for being the port from which the doomed Titanic sailed, but it’s maritime history goes back to Roman times, and it remains one of the UK’s busiest ports in the 21st century.

Whatever your reason for moving to Southampton, it’s a city with a huge amount to offer. Here’s 4 reasons why Southampton should be top of your moving list:

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European Relocation Services

European Moving Service | European Removals

European Relocation Services

Schepens Offers European Relocation Services

More and more UK businesses are currently having to make decisions about whether to maintain their operations in the UK, or relocate to location across Europe. Periods of uncertainty have a huge impact. It’s not only business profits, but also the well-being of employees who don’t know whether they’ll be required to undertake a relocation to Europe.

Schepens European removals is a company ideally placed to provide continuity, and efficiency in times of turbulence. We’re a 4th generation family business that has been moving families and companies to a range of European destinations for over a century.

Our goal has always been to minimise the anxieties of European removals, and this applies to families, businesses, and professionals working abroad:

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Moving to Wiltshire

Storage Service Wiltshire | Removals Service Wiltshire

Moving to Wiltshire

Moving to Wiltshire? Schepens Can Help.

As a local Wiltshire removals company, the Schepens’ team can completely understand why more and more Londoners are thinking of moving to this beautiful county. Our clients tell us that they’re looking more sky, more room for the kids, and easier access to beaches, woodlands and riverside walks. Given those criteria, Wiltshire has an embarrassment of riches, and – to top it all – it’s a commutable distance from London.

But how do you make the decision where to live when you’re leaving the big city? Having listened to the stories of movers who have already gone through the process, here’s our top 5 tips for choosing the Wiltshire location for your new home.

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Removals Company Salisbury

House Removals Salisbury | Moving to Salisbury | Wiltshire Removals Company

Removals Company Salisbury

Removals Company Salisbury

Located in the scenic southern English county of Wiltshire, Salisbury is famously known for its historic medieval cathedral that dates back to 1220. It’s a highly popular tourist location because of its history, its range of architecture, its blend of High St brands and independents and the great range of restaurants on offer. Salisbury is also just a few miles south of the ancient stone circle at Stonehenge, which stands on the grassland of the Salisbury plain.

Families thinking of moving to Wiltshire tend to have an image of Salisbury in their heads when they think of the county.

Here are 5 reasons that this historic city is such a popular destination for movers:

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Movers Winchester

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Movers Winchester

Schepens are Movers in Winchester

Another year, another ‘Happiness Index’ under its belt! This year, Winchester came top in the Royal Mail Happiness Index. It’s topped the Sunday Times ‘Best Places to Live’ index a number of times and it’s easy to see why. Winchester is one of those cities you fall in love with at first sight. It’s easy to walk from end to end, the streets still follow the Saxon layout, giving it a pleasingly higgledy-piggledy structure, and everywhere you look there’s signs of a prospering community.

But what’s it like to live in Winchester? Schepens is a Winchester removals company, and we’ve been moving clients there for over 100 years now! We often get to hear how families are getting on, a few months down the line. We thought we’d share the comments that come up most regularly.

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Relocating to Portsmouth

Moving to Portsmouth | Removal Company for Portsmouth


Relocating to Portsmouth is Stress-Free with Schepens

We’ve been relocating clients to Portsmouth for over 100 years now. Over the past century we must have moved thousands of families to this beautiful part of the world. We’re a local Portsmouth moving service located in Hampshire and, even when the move is completed, we’re always fascinated always like to hear from movers how they’re getting on in their new home. Many of them have moved from London, and are eager to pass on information to others thinking about taking the leap.

Here’s some useful advice we’ve heard from clients we’ve moved to Portsmouth over the last couple of years.

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Wiltshire Removals and Storage

Storage Service Wiltshire | Removals Service Wiltshire

Wiltshire Removals and Storage

Schepens Provides Wiltshire Removals and Storage

A story we hear a good deal from our movers is about moving out of London to seek a simpler, and more expansive way of life. Whilst choosing London for their home made sense to them in the early stages of their career, a decade or so on they feel the need to connect with a slower pace of life. Often this decision is aided by being able to work more from home, and/or the desire to start a family.

Knowing you want to leave London is one thing. Knowing where you want to move to is quite another. There are all kinds of unique criteria determining this choice, but the desire to retain efficient transport links with the capital is important for most people. This makes Wiltshire one of the prime locations that London professionals consider when moving from London.

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Move to Bournemouth

Move to Bournemouth

5 Reasons to Move to Bournemouth With Schepens

The south west coast is one of the UK’s major success stories. Every year we support increasing numbers of families who are moving to this beautiful part of the country. We hear from movers that they choose Bournemouth because there’s great career opportunities, in an area that offers an excellent quality of life.

Many people move to Bournemouth from London because they want more living space for their growing family. And they love the idea that the glorious south coast beaches are on their doorstep! Winchester, Southampton and Salisbury are close by, and the journey to Waterloo takes just under 2 hours.

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