Removals to Europe

Removals to Europe | Moving to Europe | European Removals

Removals to Europe

Schepens is a leading international removals company that specialises in performing removals to Europe

We are a family-owned business with more than 100-years experience at providing European removals and place a strong emphasis on customer service to ensure that all clients enjoy a simple and stress-free move

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Moving to France from the UK

Moving to France from the UK | Removals & relocation to France

Moving to France From the UK

France Remains a Popular Destination for Work, Retirement and Second Homes

The Schepens team expected to see far fewer people moving to France from the UK once we left the European Union, but this hasn’t been the case. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • Applying for a visa is very straightforward, although assembling the documentation required can be a lengthy operation.
  • You can still buy a holiday home in France and stay – without a visa – for up to 90 days in every 6 months. For longer stays you can apply for a foreigner’s residence card which allows you to stay for up to a year.
  • You can work in France so long as you have a work permit which your employer will need to apply for on your behalf.

At Schepens we continue to provide stress-free removals to France, and the wine, food and culture remains superb!

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Moving to Switzerland from the UK

Moving to Switzerland from the UK | Removals & relocation to Switzerland

Moving to switzerland From the UK

Thousands of people move to Switzerland from the UK each year for a number of reasons including improved job prospects, a higher standard of living and a world class medical system

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