Case Study – Piano Removal and Storage in Cranbourne Chase

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Case Study – Piano Removal and Storage in Cranbourne Chase

3 Pianos Moved From Mezzanine Floor to Schepens Storage

You know that saying about waiting for a bus, only to have 3 arrive together? Well, in this case, it was 3 pianos that turned up. They were all stored on a mezzanine floor, and our client wanted them removed to a Schepens storage facility, for delivery to Cheltenham at a later date.

Moving the Piano From the Mezzanine to the Floor Below

Fortunately, there was an aperture in the mezzanine floor which had been used to lift the pianos into place originally. We were able to set up a hoist lift, in order to manoeuvre the 3 uprights into place, and then down to the garage space below.

Each of the pianos were carefully packaged in preparation for the operation, and we used a 6-man team to complete the job. Once the pianos had been painstakingly lowered onto the trolley below, they were wheeled to a removal truck and secured for their journey to the storage facility.

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Piano Storage

Each of the pianos were protected with bespoke packaging for the journey. A space was prepared in advance at our storage warehouse, and we had ensured easy access given the weight and necessity for care when placing them.

The pianos are now securely stored, at an appropriate temperature, with CCTV protecting them 24/7. Once we get the delivery date for the next stage of our piano removals to Cheltenham, we’ll have them ready for transport to their next home.

Schepens Piano Removals

Schepens is a leading provider of piano removals in the UK, Europe, and international destinations. Our team of specialist piano movers ensure bespoke packaging, handling and shipping in order that your piano is fully protected at every stage of its journey.

We are a 4th-generation, family-owned company that has been in operation for more than 100 years. During that time, we have moved grand pianos, baby grands, uprights, and electric pianos. A move co-ordinator will oversee your piano removal by creating a detailed plan for tailored handling and shipping of your piano.

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