Best Places to Retire in the UK

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Best Places to Retire in the UK

Five Best Places to Retire in the UK

We all love to daydream about where we’ll move to once we’re free of the daily grind, but it seems that there are areas of England and Wales that offer a better lifestyle – and life-expectancy – for retirees than others. The challenge of finding the right place to live in retirement is one which is being faced by more people each year in our ageing population; a record 10.6 million people reached the milestone age of 65 in 2017!

City or Country for Retirement?

Most people currently reaching retirement age will have lived most of their lives in towns and cities because of work, so they may have a long-held desire to make for the country in retirement. This is borne out by ONS research which shows that the areas hugging our beautiful coastlines tend to be the most popular, with Dorset, Norfolk, East Sussex and West Somerset proving the most popular.

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What to Consider When Choosing Where to Retire in the UK

Favourite holiday spots tend to come to mind when thinking about retirement, but there are also a number of other criteria to consider that become important only when you are thinking about putting down roots. These include:

  • Attractiveness of area to other people over 65
  • Crime levels
  • Life expectancy
  • Air quality
  • Access to healthcare
  • Weather
  • Cost of living
  • Neighbourliness

Whilst the priorities may differ for each individual, these are all things that have proven to be important decision making components for people of retirement age deciding where to live. Each year the Quality of Retirement Index is published by Pudential, using these criteria to determine which areas of the country offer the best quality of life.

The Five Best Places to Retire in the UK

The results shift each year, but the fives counties listed below regularly appear high in the rankings:

  1. West Sussex – There’s a range of vibrant seaside towns in West Sussex, such as Horsham and Chichester as well as huge tracts of stunning countryside and miles of beaches. The county enjoys high ranking for good weather, and for life expectancy – it’s also the number one destination for people over 65.
  2. Dorset – The runaway success of the TV series Broadchurch has served to amplify the historic grandeur of the Jurassic Coastline for retirees. Dorset has in the past topped the list of desireable retirement destinations and comes a close second this year, with a high density of older people in the population, and a higher than average expectation for good weather.
  3. East Sussex – This is the retirement destination of choice for the baby boomers generation, who have enjoyed city life and don’t want to lose the buzz of urban living once they hit 65. For erstwhile city dwellers East Sussex offers ‘London-by-the-Sea’ Brighton as well as providing great weather, fabulous cliff walks, and easy access to London.
  4. Devon – This stunning county in the south west has the highest inward migration of retirees in England and Wales. Its mild climate and riviera-style coastal scenery make it a regular contender for the top spot. Devon’s crime rate is consistently low, and whilst it’s not the cheapest place to live, it certainly offers a huge range of advantages for over 65s.
  5. Norfolk – It’s good to see an eastern county nudging into the list. Norfolk certainly ticks a number of the boxes for retirement well-being; it has a low crime rate, a high population density of retired people, and good weather. Beyond that, Norfolk is steeped in historic sites, churches and houses, Norfolk is an exciting centre to explore, and the beaches are second to none.

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