Best Cities to Live in Finland

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Best Cities to Live in Finland

Exploring the Best Cities in Finland for Work and Life

Moving to a new country for work is an incredible adventure. The thrill of fresh experiences mixes with the practical question: where will I make my new home? With its unique culture and reputation for exceptional quality of life (it’s currently ranked as the happiest place on earth for the 7th consecutive year), Finland might be less familiar to people from the UK.

Fortunately, Schepens, your experts in removals to Finland, are here to guide you! We’ve been helping UK families, professionals and students move to Finland for over a century now, and we’ve come to know its cities very well over that time. So, let us introduce you to the best cities to live in Finland – those places where work opportunities meet a welcoming lifestyle.

1. Helsinki – The Dynamic Heart of Finland

Located on the southern coast of Finland, Helsinki is the country’s capital and largest city. With its unique blend of modern amenities and natural beauty, Helsinki offers a rich cultural life and a welcoming atmosphere for international professionals.


Helsinki’s diverse population reflects its status as Finland’s economic and cultural hub. This creates a stimulating environment perfect for networking and career development. The city enjoys excellent public transport, making commutes easy, and access to the nation’s biggest airport ensures easy connections to the rest of Europe.

While living costs might be higher than elsewhere in Finland, professionals often find the salaries and opportunities make it worthwhile.

Insider’s Perspective

“Helsinki provides an ideal work-life balance. I have a fulfilling career, but also have time to explore the city’s lively arts scene or escape into nearby nature.”

– Laura Virtanen, Marketing Director

Those with an entrepreneurial spirit will find Helsinki particularly appealing. The city has a dynamic business environment, offering ample support for startups and innovation.

Is Helsinki Right for You?

If you crave a cosmopolitan lifestyle, exciting career prospects, and the convenience of a well-connected city surrounded by stunning nature, Helsinki is a strong contender for your new Finnish home!


2. Espoo – Modern Comfort on Helsinki’s Doorstep

As Finland’s second-largest city, Espoo offers a compelling alternative to Helsinki’s urban bustle. Located directly adjacent to the capital, Espoo provides professionals with a blend of modern living and a more relaxed pace. It’s a thriving tech hub, with ample job opportunities, and convenient access to all that Helsinki offers.

Espoo appeals to those seeking a balance between city life and natural beauty. With its beautiful coastline and proximity to stunning national parks like Nuuksio, Espoo provides an escape for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.

The Appeal of Espoo

Espoo is ideal for me. I work in a tech company with easy access to Helsinki, but I come home to the tranquillity of the suburbs and the coast.”

– Mikko Salonen, Software Engineer

Espoo is a city of innovation, home to Aalto University and numerous technology companies. If you’re a professional seeking a dynamic environment with a focus on research and development, Espoo delivers. Plus, its well-developed infrastructure and public transport make getting around effortless.

Is Espoo Your Finnish Home?

If you want the career opportunities of a major city without the constant intensity, Espoo might be the perfect fit. Here, you’ll find a welcoming community, modern amenities, and the chance to unwind in beautiful surroundings after a fulfilling workday.

3. Tampere: A City with Industrial Roots and a Modern Edge

Located in southern Finland between two picturesque lakes, Tampere has a unique heritage as the country’s former industrial heartland. While its working-class roots remain visible, Tampere has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years, emerging as a hub for business and innovation.


This blend of tradition and progress gives Tampere a distinct appeal. Professionals will find a growing job market, a buzzing startup scene, and a relaxed, functional atmosphere. And after work? Explore the city’s rich cultural offerings or relax in beautiful natural surroundings woven right into the urban landscape.

A Resident’s Viewpoint

Tampere captured my heart. Its size is perfect – big enough for opportunities, small enough for that cosy community feel. And being between two lakes? Amazing for outdoor adventures year-round!

– Anna Lehtonen, Project Manager

As the “Sauna Capital of Finland” and a major ice hockey centre, Tampere offers a unique lifestyle that balances work with Finnish passions. The city’s growing cosmopolitan nature and excellent student life add to its dynamic appeal.

Is Tampere Right for You?

If you’re looking for a centrally located city with excellent services, a strong sense of community, easy access to nature, and a touch of historic charm, Tampere is worth serious consideration. Professionals looking for a dynamic environment with a slightly lower cost of living than Helsinki or Espoo will find plenty to love in this evolving Finnish gem.


4. Hämeenlinna – A Hidden Treasure Among Finnish Cities

Hämeenlinna is Finland’s oldest historic city, situated in southern Finland. It often flies under the radar for those considering a move to the country, however, savvy professionals seeking an authentic Finnish experience with lower living costs should take a closer look.

Known for its medieval castle and stunning lakeside setting, Hämeenlinna offers a beautiful blend of history and natural beauty. Residents enjoy a community atmosphere while still benefiting from good job opportunities and urban amenities.

Local Insight

Hämeenlinna might not be the first city that comes to mind, but that’s part of its appeal. It offers a slower pace of life, a strong sense of community, and incredible proximity to gorgeous nature.

– Pekka Nieminen, Business Consultant

While not as bustling as Finland’s major cities, Hämeenlinna boasts a vibrant cultural scene and an excellent location for exploring other parts of the country.

Is Hämeenlinna Your Finnish Home?

If you’re looking for a charming city with scenic surroundings, a welcoming atmosphere, and a more affordable lifestyle, Hämeenlinna could be the hidden gem you’ve been searching for!

Turku – A Blend of Historic Charm and Coastal Allure

Finland’s oldest city, Turku, has a distinctly European feel and a distinctly Finnish cultural scene. Situated on the southwest coast, Turku offers a captivating mix of history, stunning archipelago landscapes, and a laid-back yet sophisticated atmosphere.


With a reputation as Finland’s “queer capital,” Turku is a welcoming and inclusive environment. Its rich history is evident in its architecture and museums, while its thriving arts scene and picturesque riverfront add to its unique personality.

Insider’s Take

Turku surprised me. It has that air of old wealth, but also a youthful, creative energy. The parks are stunning, and summers by the sea are unforgettable.

– Emilia Salo, Graphic Designer

Those seeking a city with a slower pace of life, without missing out on cultural offerings will find Turku appealing. The proximity to the archipelago makes it a nature lover’s paradise, especially during the warmer months.

Is Turku Right for You?

If you appreciate historical cities with a modern edge, value inclusivity, and enjoy the beauty of coastal living, Turku is worth exploring. While winters might be quieter, the city’s unique character and natural surroundings offer year-round appeal.

Partner with Nordic Specialists for a Smooth Finnish Relocation

While the excitement of starting a new life in Finland is undeniable, the logistics of a European move can feel overwhelming. Partnering with a Nordic specialist removal company like Schepens ensures your belongings arrive safely and you navigate Finnish customs and regulations with ease. Experts in this specific region, they offer streamlined processes and invaluable local knowledge, making your transition as smooth as possible.


The cost of your move to Finland will depend on several key factors:

  • Volume of Belongings – The more you need to ship, the higher the cost.
  • Distance – Longer distances naturally result in increased transportation costs.
  • Part or Full-Load Shipping – We offer both. Part-load shipping is more cost effective but takes longer to arrive at its destination.
  • Additional Services – Services like packing, storage, or unpacking at your destination will add to the overall cost.

Schepens – Your Partner in Cost-Effective Relocation

To provide the most accurate and transparent pricing, Schepens offers a free pre-removals audit, either in person or online. This thorough assessment allows us to understand the specific details of your move and develop a detailed, no-obligation quote. Our expertise in European removals means we can offer invaluable guidance on the most cost-effective ways to manage your move, ensuring you get the best possible value without compromising on service quality.

Schepens understands that timing is crucial when relocating internationally. That’s why we offer weekly shipping runs to destinations all across Finland. This frequent service allows us maximum flexibility in scheduling your move. We’ll work closely with you to find a departure date that aligns with your needs and ensures a smooth transition to your new Finnish home.

Yes, Schepens provides comprehensive door-to-door relocation services designed to minimise stress and ensure a seamless move. Our experienced team will handle every aspect of your move:

  • Packing and Loading – We’ll carefully pack (optional) and load your belongings directly at your current home.
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  • Transportation – Our reliable fleet of removals vehicles ensures secure and timely transportation to your new home in Finland.
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Yes, Schepens understands the importance of peace of mind during your move to Finland. That’s why we include in-transit insurance as a standard part of our service. This provides coverage for your belongings in case of unforeseen loss or damage during transportation.

Furthermore, for those seeking even more comprehensive protection, Schepens can also arrange Extended Liability or Accidental Damage insurance. This additional coverage offers an increased level of financial security for your valuable items throughout the relocation process.

Schepens aims to make your move to Finland as smooth as possible. In addition to our core removals services, we offer a range of solutions to address every aspect of your relocation:

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We understand that every move is unique. Contact us to discuss your specific needs, and we’ll tailor a package of services to ensure a seamless relocation experience.

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