8 Benefits of Living in Norway

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8 Benefits of Living in Norway

8 Reasons for Living and Working in Norway

Norway is a land of breathtaking mountain landscapes, and untamed coastlines, offering the well-being that comes with being surrounded by nature in all its grandeur. One of the Nordic countries, Norway is situated with Sweden and Finland to the east, and Denmark just across the Skagerrak Strait to the south. Its remarkable location is just one of the many benefits of living in Norway.

As a nation with a population of only 5.3 million, Norway offers a sense of space and a freedom to roam that is rare in the contemporary world. Imagine sailing along the rugged North Atlantic and Barents Sea coastlines and plunging inland to explore legendary fjords. These majestic inlets, shaped by ancient glaciers, create a striking backdrop for a life that embraces the outdoors.

While the vibrant capital of Oslo, with its 628,000 residents, stands as a hub of culture and innovation, other cities like the historic port, Bergen offer a gateway to Norway’s innovative cultural scene. Towns such as Trondheim and Tromsø stretch far into the north, where the Arctic Circle marks a gateway to a land of snow, home to the ancient Sami people.

Schepens has been providing stress-free removals to Norway for over a century. We’re the UK specialists for Nordic relocations, and we love spending time in this extraordinary country. Over the decades we’ve learned from movers about the numerous benefits of living in Norway, and in this article, we’re sharing 8 reasons for living and working in Norway.

8 Benefits of Living in Norway

1. Access to Healthcare Offering Excellence and Efficiency

While debates over the extent of government involvement in healthcare rage on in the UK, Norway has quietly pursued its own successful path. Norway requires individuals to cover the cost of prescriptions and doctor appointments, but only until they reach an annual limit of 2200 NOK (£182).

Beyond that threshold, all healthcare expenses are fully covered for the remainder of the year. This system allows individuals to select their preferred general practitioner and change twice annually, while public hospitals are managed by regional health authorities.

2. A Working Culture Based on Trust

In Norway, the working culture is founded on trust and flexibility. Workplaces rely on employees to be efficient with their time and record daily hours accurately. If you have children to drop off or pick up from school, there is the option to start work earlier or finish later to accommodate this. Norwegian employers place importance on time with the family and recognise the need for a healthy work/life balance.

A Working Culture Based on Trust

The responsibilities you have outside the workplace are recognised and support is available; if your child falls ill, you’ll receive 100% of your salary for the days you spend with them, up to a specified yearly limit.

3. An Unbeatable Quality of Life

With a life expectancy of 81 years, surpassing the OECD average and exceeding that of the UK, Norwegian citizens can expect a longer lifespan. It could be that the country’s focus on environmental preservation contributes to this longevity, as efforts are made to minimise carbon footprint and pollution.

The air quality in cities is outstanding, and Norway boasts numerous clean beaches and coastal areas, including some in Oslo. Furthermore, nearly all Norwegians express satisfaction with the quality of their drinking water. In terms of life satisfaction, Norwegians rate themselves at 7.3 out of 10, significantly higher than the OECD average of 6.7.

4. Outdoor Living is a Way of Life

In Norway, the proximity to wild nature is integral to everyday life, whether you life in the countryside or in major cities like Oslo, Trondheim, or Bergen. Even from the heart of Oslo, a quick journey of just 20 minutes by bus, boat, or metro can transport you to ski slopes, lakes, forests, or the fjords.

Outdoor Living is a Way of Life

Norwegians place great value on the solitude of nature, either alone or with friends and family, a concept known as “friluftsliv” which lacks a direct translation. While Norwegians enjoy modern amenities like iPhones, heated bathroom floors, and luxury travel, there is a national and personal joy in spending time in nature, skiing for hours, and staying in a fire-heated cabin without modern conveniences.

Wild camping is permitted across Norway which means that a night under the stars is available to everyone.

5. Parents Enjoy Generous Parental Leave

While some countries may offer longer parental leave, one of the benefits of living in Norway is a parental benefits system that is highly favourable for both mothers and fathers, as well as for parents in same-sex relationships. The parental leave system in Norway is structured into three parts, including a dedicated quota for mothers, fathers, and a shared quota that can be distributed according to the couple’s preference.

In total, couples can enjoy 49 weeks of parental leave at full pay or 59 weeks at 80% pay.

Norwegian labour laws safeguard the rights of parents on parental leave, ensuring job security and protection of workplace benefits during their absence. In practice, Norwegian employers and colleagues respond positively to the news of a team member taking leave, and individuals typically return to work after 6 to 10 months of leave.

6. Norway Leads the Way With Electric Cars

Norway leads the world with the highest per capita rate of electric cars; an astounding 79% of vehicles bought in 2022 were electricThis achievement is down to the government’s proactive approach, offering incentives like tax breaks and free parking to electric car owners. The impact has been substantial, with a notable decrease in air pollution levels.

Electric car owners also enjoy the privilege of using bus lanes, contributing to the smooth flow of traffic. Remarkably, these eco-friendly vehicles account for an impressive 85% of the traffic in bus lanes, ensuring they do not congest the roads.

7. Beautiful Housing – Outdoors and In

Norwegian housing embodies the Norwegian passion for design, architecture, and meticulous attention to detail. Homeowners and landlords in Norway prioritise the comfort and well-being of residents, reflecting their pride in their homes. This emphasis on quality is evident in the fixtures, furniture, windows, heating systems, and appliances found in Norwegian homes, ensuring the latest and highest standards.

Beautiful Housing – Outdoors and In

8. Norwegians Speak English

Of course, a major benefit of living in Norway is the fact that Norwegians study English in school, so the majority of people you meet will be happy to have the opportunity to try out their language skills with you. English is used across the country, though Norwegian is very much the primary language. Having said that, the tax return form is available in English, which offers an indication of the country’s language inclusivity.

While English suffices for social interactions, it’s advisable to take some lessons in Norwegian if you’re planning to live there, as most people prefer to use it for social events. You’ll find it much easier to get to know people outside work if you know some of the basics.

Stress-Free Removals to Norway

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