12 Tips for move to Finland

Removals to Finland from UK | Useful Information for Moving to Finland

12 Tips for move to Finland

Descriptions of Finland always emphasise two specific colours that dominate the Finnish imagination. Green, for the rolling hills and majestic forests that dominate the natural landscape. And blue, for the 188,000 crystal clear lakes that are scattered across the length and breadth of the country. The seaside capital of Helsinki is known for being laid back, eco-friendly, and culturally dynamic.

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If you’re thinking of looking for work in Finland, the dominant industry is currently tech. Nearly 700,000 Finns work in the sector in one way or another and 70% of the country’s investment is technology based. Other areas where skill shortages are leading to current job vacancies are: social work, teaching, business, and healthcare.

Is Finland an Option?

If you’re still at the stage of considering whether Finland is the right option for your move to the UK, Schepens may be able to help. We’ve been moving people to this beautiful country for over a century and we have a wealth of local knowledge. We’re always happy to share our experience and talk through the removals process. Our Move Co-ordinators can also provide information about the things you should be putting in place early on to ensure stress-free removals.

Useful Tips For Planning Your Move to Finland

  1. Find an Experienced Removals Partner – this comes top of our list, because getting it right is important. A removals company with years of experience, and a great track record, is the equivalent of employing an ace project manager. It could save you time, money and heartache.

  2. Draft Your Removals Plan – Our Move Co-ordinators make this a priority. It’s a list of all the deadlines which have to be met to ensure that your move to Finland is trouble-free. We also recommend that you decide on the range of removals services you will choose to support you as you manage your removals.

  3. Packing  – Schepens provides professional BAR trained packers who will pack up your house, clearly label all your boxes and provide a detailed inventory. If you decide to self-pack, make sure you leave plenty of time for it. Schepens helps out by providing clients who take on their own packing with professional moving materials.

  4. Storage – Deciding what will stay and what will go to Finland with you, helps you to make decisions about containers for shipping. Schepens can streamline door-to-door storage services into your Finland removals. We have secure, Schepens owned storage facilities in a range of locations.

  5. Shipping – Ideally, you want your household items to arrive on the same day that you move into your new home in Finland. The Schepens removals team always aims for perfection, but it takes planning. We ship regularly to Finland, so we can offer flexible scheduling and a choice of shared, or dedicated containers.

  6. Insurance – You want to know that your goods are insured in transit. Schepens offers this as a matter of course, but not all removals companies do. For extra peace of mind we can also arrange additional insurance polices to cover accidental damage and extended liability.

  7. Inform HMRC – It’s important to let the HMRC tax office know about your relocation plans. Leaving the UK without filling in the appropriate paperwork leads to complex reparation and even penalties down the line. It’s also worth visiting the Finnish tax website before your arrival, so you can get started on paperwork you’ll need to complete when you move.

  8. Finnish Residence Permit – As members of the EU, British citizens are able to move to Finland without applying for a residence permit. After 3 months you will need to register your right of residence. Once this is done, you’ll receive an identity code will will make your stay in Finland legal.

  9. Population RegisterThis organisation promotes the digitalisation of society and electronic services in Finland. It keeps citizens up to date with all the ways in which their data is being used and how to access it. You’re required to register within 3 months of moving to the country.

  10. Driving in Finland – Winters are extreme in Finland with snow covering most of the country for 3-5 months. If you’re taking your own car to Finland, or you’re planning to drive once you get there, it’s worth taking at look at the Finnish Ministry of Transport website to orientate yourself.

  11. Healthcare – Public healthcare is available to all Finnish citizens. Whilst services are not free, the fees are very reason. When you move to Finland you will need to apply for a Kela card. This allows you to access all healthcare services. It also provides price reductions on medication purchased at pharmacies.

  12. Education – The Finnish education system is rated as the best in the world by the United Nations’ Human Development Index. All residents of Finland are entitled to free education from the age of 6-17. Finnish schools aim for bi-lingualism, which means that students are helped towards a command of Swedish or Finnish while maintaining their native language.

Schepens move to and from all the major towns and cities in Finland including: Helsinki, Espoo, Tampere, Vantaa, Turku, Oulu plus many others.

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